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5,522 movie reviews
  1. Unfortunately, the screenplay contains little real wit, with the result that the various plot machinations have a strained quality that tends to reduce the proceedings of their intended giddiness. On the other hand, the performers are attractive; there's plenty of nudity; the setting is scenic, and the musical numbers -- well, they're pretty bad.
  2. Repellant to look at and fairly inscrutable, the film does at least offer vivid if at times overly broad performances from the three leads.
  3. Crudely shot and edited, the film is most notable for the strong performances by its two leads.
  4. Aims for whimsy and poignancy and mostly comes up empty.
  5. When under water, the action-adventure Into the Blue has genuine thrills. Above water or on dry land, this is one dead fish.
  6. Does a fairly good job of laying out the basic political motives behind Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, as a drama, it has its narrative peak in the middle and quickly runs out of story afterward.
  7. Though the concept serves as a soul-stirring showcase for contemporary inspirational performers, the writing and direction (both attributed to Rob Hardy) commit a multitude of sins.
  8. Doesn't serve up enough laughs to build a theatrical following but could find life on video as a takeout item.
  9. Director Rupert Wainwright fails to bring any style to the material, not producing a fraction of the suspense or wit generated by Carpenter in the original even while working with a far lesser budget.
  10. There's really not much of an audience for this picture. The movie demands that its viewers put the fragmented images and information together like an intellectual jigsaw puzzle, but it never gives those viewers a good reason to do so.
  11. Well-meaning but woefully unconvincing.
  12. A textbook example of how not to mess with success, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is every bit as forced, synthetic, banal and mawkish as the first edition.
  13. Hoodwinked occupies some considerably shaky turf situated uncomfortably between "Shrek" and dreck.
  14. Ice-bound black comedy boasts strong cast for an indie but can't quite decide what it wants to be.
  15. The film doesn't have much in the way of genuine laughs despite a plethora of attempted gags, but it does have a geniality that makes it hard to entirely dislike.
  16. Unfortunately, there's little wit or genuine suspense to elevate the proceedings above the level of a cheesy comic book.
  17. If state-of-the-art cross-gender fat suits and drunken Chihuahuas were the stuff of comic genius, Big Momma's House 2 still wouldn't be very funny.
  18. Nothing von Trier presents here, whether real or imagined, is fresh or new.
  19. Alternately tedious and bombastic, the film never achieves a consistent tone, and the characters and situations, while seemingly played on a realistic level, are neither remotely credible nor satisfyingly surreal.
  20. Telling an obviously lived-in tale, this small-scale indie drama suffers from a compendium of cliches.
  21. Even with the inspired choice of Steve Martin in the Clouseau role, this "Panther" picture is more bumbling and fumbling than the blissfully oblivious, accident-prone Inspector.
  22. Proves to be a disappointing turn-off. The film deliberately works against most cinematic expectations.
  23. Everything today's young audiences are conditioned to want: incessant noise, jumpy editing, torrential music, shallow, overblown characters and sheer emptiness at its core. Imagine yourself trapped inside a two-hour video game, and you've got the Night Watch experience.
  24. Strictly for the small-fry set, lacking the visual style, wit or imagination necessary to entice adult viewers.
  25. A romantic and philosophical muddle.
  26. Has an impressive visual style that reveals its director's music-video experience. Unfortunately, that's about all it has going for it because its sluggish pacing and confusing story line will prevent it from appealing to all but the most rabid J-horror fans.
  27. Few films have ever ended on such a low, anti-climatic note as The Zodiac.
  28. A well-meaning but hopelessly stilted melodrama, Hate Crime sacrifices good intentions with its mediocrity of execution.
  29. A painfully earnest but dramatically inert film.
  30. Morrissey gives a stiff, awkward performance, while Stone moves dangerously close to overplaying the femme fatale. There is little if any intrigue in the story or the characters. Even the murders don't even seem to matter much.

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