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  1. It comes off as an unpleasant, unrealistic morality tale. Loaded with music and pretty bodies, the film has a chance to lasso a young, indiscriminate audience of Kutcher fans.
  2. Respectably crafted but short on invention and serious scares.
  3. Generally succeeds -- in hit-and-miss fashion -- at bridging the gap between unlikable jerk and misunderstood good guy, though it's still something of a leap to leading-man territory.
  4. Every triumph registers low on the emotion meter, and most of the supporting characters are two-dimensional at best.
  5. It relies too heavily on shock value rather than solid facts.
  6. That outrageous third-act reveal proves to be a major deal-breaker.
  7. An amiable but wholly unnecessary movie that plays like a feature-length version of those reels one watches while eating rubber chicken at a banquet honoring a much-loved artist.
  8. An innocuous -- to the point of blandness -- look at the "hardships" of a recent college grad.
  9. It should be a sturdy player upon its release in home video formats, assuming that its target audience knows how to operate their DVD players.
  10. Crudely shot and edited, the film is most notable for the strong performances by its two leads.
  11. Heavy-handedness prevails, with the schmaltzy original score as unconvincing as the script. An over-reliance on song, from pop to Puccini to Ellington to hip-hop, doesn't compensate for what's lacking in the storytelling.
  12. As detrimental as anything to the film’s effectiveness are the visuals, which are murky, lack compositional interest and do the actors no favors.
  13. Although directed in effectively creepy fashion by Roberto Buso-Garcia, the film’s leisurely pacing and overall restraint will likely leave genre fans dissatisfied even as its lack of depth will turn off art-house patrons.
  14. Mixing soap-opera melodramatics with pithy one-liners, the film never achieves a coherent tone, with the uneven performances by the ensemble adding to the problem.
  15. A mockumentary obviously inspired by his landmark 1990 series The Civil War, misses the Christopher Guest mark by a mile.
  16. A coming-of-age story without any clear epiphany, Goats meanders rather aimlessly through 92 minutes of running time.
  17. The film ultimately fails to satisfy because of the limitations of both the format and subject.
  18. A soggy, listless affair, this would-be fun-in-the-sun sunken-treasure frivolity starts taking on water from the get-go, thanks to drawn-out exposition and languid pacing.
  19. Trying to be amusing and respectfully serious at the same time, Austrian director Wolfgang Murnberger's film remains in limbo, saddled with an over-worked story, characters and setting.
  20. A shrill, far-fetched thriller.
  21. It's disappointing the film is so sketchy and underdeveloped. The filmmakers may have sold their story short.
  22. Designed as a family film adventure promoting positive values, it’s a sort of teenage "Raiders of the Lost Ark" that will provide mild diversion for very young audiences.
  23. Making a vampire movie without any bite is like removing guns from a Western.
  24. Any film that tries to revive this technique needs a clever story or unusual filmmaking ingenuity to stand out from the crowd. The Gallows has neither. It has enough mild scares to captivate the under-25 crowd.
  25. Generic B-level horror marked by numerous dull patches, long stretches of expository dialogue and, save for Astin’s admirably intense turn, uninspired performances.
  26. Even assuming the best possible motives by its makers, Beyond Borders runs the risk of making human suffering exotic while glamorizing white disaster relief workers in the Third World.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Dramatically, the film is a shambles, with whiplash-inducing lurches in tone and pacing that make it seem as if portions were edited out of sequence.
  27. Squanders its timely illegal alien theme with a predictable and unconvincing story line that makes "Green Card" seem a classic by comparison.
  28. When in doubt, the director cranks up the assaultively reverberant score from po-faced '80s rockers The The (aka Matt Johnson, the director's brother), which at least provides intermittent pep to this increasingly torpid wallow in the moral mud.
  29. An ineffective indie variation on the sort of generic romantic comedy that should be starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.

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