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12492 movie reviews
  1. So lacking in shame that it finally seems laughable.
  2. The movie is so incoherent that its screenplay, by Mr. Drolet and Mr. Richards, might as well have been scrawled between takes as it was being filmed.
  3. An unsalvageable mess.
  4. You see, this character, who is given no back story, is Life with a capital L. He is the Forneys' guardian angel who rouses them out of their funk. Given the movie's U-turn into allegory, maybe he's supposed to be a punk Jesus. Not even Mr. Gordon-Levitt's unremittingly savage performance can begin to salvage such hokum.
  5. A sloppy, exploitative act of star worship created (if that's the right word for cynical hackwork) around Mr. Lautner, the pouty 19-year-old heartthrob of the "Twilight" franchise.
  6. Told with multiple flashbacks and minimal taste, this exuberantly scuzzy thriller - shot in less than two weeks with a budget as micro as the women's skirts - pits sleazy cops against fun-loving disrobers in the middle of scraggly foliage.
  7. Harlem Nights is not the disaster some people might have been expecting. Mr. Murphy has appeared in far worse films written and directed by people much more experienced.
  8. Backstage isn't as good as the rap documentaries "Rhyme and Reason" and "The Show," but it still casts a keen, observant eye...on this world.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Fails both as arrested-development farce and as teen-age romantic comedy.
  9. It has little story to tell and few ideas to offer. Just a great deal of product to sell.
  10. A misfired attempt at provocation and the exploration of philosophical thought, London is little more than an immature display of male bonding on speed.
  11. Unfortunately, all of these supremely expressive vehicles come equipped with drivers, principally a pair of crash-test dummies played by Paul Walker and Tyrese, whose low-gear dialogue makes the whine of engines sound like the highest poetry.
  12. That Garfield speaks in the supercilious, world-weary drawl of Bill Murray is some small consolation, as are a few of the animal tricks.
  13. It's also not easy convincing the audience. The werewolf, when it finally comes onto the screen, looks less like a wolf than Smokey Bear with a terrible hangover.
  14. The latest bit of damaged goods offered up in the Miramax clearance sale, Underclassman plays like the longest episode of "21 Jump Street" ever made.
  15. Airless, senseless — and seemingly endless — this clumsy heist movie, directed by the prolific schlockmaster Brian Trenchard-Smith, manages to make even the magnificent coastline of Queensland, Australia, feel dreary.
  16. Comes off as noisy and ill conceived, long on morphing monsters, short on storytelling talent and uneven in its efforts at animation.
  17. Ms. Riesgraf, who at times recalls the young Teri Garr, is gutsy and committed, but not even Meryl Streep could make this hokum credible.
  18. A clumsy mixed-nuts comedy.
    • 18 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    The onslaught of optical effects and deafeningly expressive foley suggest a voyage through a pinball machine piloted by the director Tony Scott.
  19. An aggressively noisy exercise in style over substance about nasty people doing nasty things to one another in (sigh) Southern California.
  20. Prostitutes are not the only things butchered in The Lodger, a spooky story ruined by lumpen dialogue, cloddish performances and a director and writer (David Ondaatje) oblivious to both.
  21. Unfortunately, “Ghastly Love” is a fallen soufflé, a spoof enormously pleased with itself but only occasionally entertaining.
  22. There is an explanation for everything, but it is a long time coming and not worth the wait.
  23. A film that tries to be both titillating and suspenseful but is neither.
  24. Not only is the film dreadfully dull: every time something potentially exciting does occur, the scenes are so muddled and chaotic that it is impossible to make out what is happening.
  25. The film falls far short of its goals, but it is a classic of sorts. It belongs in that Blockbuster on Mount Olympus, where pristine new copies of "I Changed My Sex," "Dracula's Dog," "Blackenstein" and "Battlefield Earth" play constantly.
  26. The story is a clever sitcomy contraption, the dialogue is pedestrian.
  27. Bogus on every level, right down to its half-hearted trick ending.
  28. Mostly you root for Mr. Michel’s couple to reconnect simply so the movie will come to an end.

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