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  1. The picture, which fails to achieve its ambitions or to fulfill our expectations, is ultimately worse than a violent piece of hack work, in which the director isn't interested in displaying his integrity -- or taste. You'd be better off downloading the trailer: a much more convincing piece of storytelling.
  2. The entire film seems to be happening on the other side of a dirty window - good news for the dreadful computer-generated effects, if not for our eyes.
  3. Their meeting was arranged by the filmmaker, and their encounters reek of false bonhomie.
  4. Overcompensates for its sloppiness with loud, knockabout farce.
  5. Rehashing characters and plots from the "Law & Order" playbook, the director, Rafal Zielinski, supplements his material with religious iconography and more gauzy close-ups than a Barbra Streisand marathon.
  6. Brian Herzlinger’s How Sweet It Is, an ode to the healing powers of musical theater, misfires so badly at the beginning that it takes a while to notice when it goes from godawful to sweetly awful.
  7. As A Rumor of Angels reveals itself to be a sudsy tub of supernatural hokum, not even Ms. Redgrave's noblest efforts can redeem it from hopeless sentimentality.
  8. This is crudely mounted, earnest advocacy, getting its points across at any cost.
  9. Ms. Mort’s writing lacks psychological texture, and her direction generates little intensity, or even continuity.
  10. What we see on screen is a lumbering, flat-footed fancy-dress melodrama.
  11. This bizarre sort-of satire featuring insane characters doing incomprehensible things might be forgivable if it were even mildly amusing. It's not.
  12. Say Uncle may be trying to address gay persecution and social paranoia, but it mostly comes off as a study of arrested development. The movie's most laudable gamble is its refusal to make either Maggie or Paul sympathetic, but the moral subtleties are obscured by a one-dimensional script and a protagonist as self-centered and lacking in expression as a fetus.
  13. The screenplay is priceless (funny) and it's Mr. Reeve who sets the film's tone. Unfortunately, his unshadowed good looks, granite profile, bright naivete and eagerness to please - the qualities that made him such an ideal Superman - look absurd here.
  14. Pallid compared with the flaming id of television's "Will and Grace," the happy swizzle stick Jack, who's all appetites. When series television is more entertaining than a series of short independent films, that's something to worry about.
  15. It is about as diverting as having a porcelain sink broken over your head.
  16. A disposable trifle of fleeting rewards that - like many a feature built around a "Saturday Night Live" sketch - shows its seams after three minutes.
  17. This banal horror retread involves a couple of critters flailing inside a sticky trap for what is, in effect, the big-screen equivalent of a roach motel.
  18. The writing is so poor and the visual embellishments so few that some of the violence, like the frequent attacks on the base by local villagers, make little sense.
  19. Gives you the creeps, the giggles and the groans in almost equal measure.
  20. Ostensibly about a walk in the woods, this slight, uncertain film spends most of its time off trail.
  21. This crude, inspirational tear-jerker is as sweet as a bowl of instant oatmeal smothered in molasses. It should please those who honestly believe that Santa Claus and God are synonymous; others may retch.
  22. This comedy, the first feature by Ms. Bucher, suffers from technical limitations, perhaps imposed by a tough nine-day shooting schedule. The recording sounds muted; the whimsical musical score oversells the jokes; and the lackluster visuals fail to match the pungency of the language.
  23. Like a zombie picture directed by one of the undead.
  24. The Hero of Color City cannily distills the children’s movie to its lowest common denominator: bright colors flashing on screen.
  25. Student Bodies just slowly topples over as you watch it, like a stand-up comedian in the act of failing.
  26. Among the problems with the humorless comedy General Education is that the lead character's sister is more interesting than he is, and she spends much of her screen time as a mute mime.
  27. Strains to sell itself as one crazy ride (raging parties! hot lesbian sex! bare breasts!), and chances are it won't disappoint those looking solely for unadulterated raunch.
  28. It is insight-free and cliché-heavy, with the five sharing obvious reminiscences about the thrill of superstardom, visiting haunts from their youth, shooting baskets and occasionally rehearsing.
  29. Sweetness and whimsy fill the screen to capacity in I'm Reed Fish, a rural coming-of-age tale that's so laid-back that its cast is almost horizontal.
  30. Saving most of its special-effects pennies until the final five minutes, Hangar 10 struggles to build a science-fiction movie from little more than a ghost of an idea and an infamous location.

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