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9,841 movie reviews
  1. Has shockingly little to say.
  2. Mr. Lee gathers together a lifetime of hurt without conveying that there's something personal at stake.
  3. Brain-dead.
  4. Looks like a Saturday morning cartoon (the characters all wear color-coded costumes) and unfortunately feels like one, too, with its thin characterizations, largely arbitrary action and feeble jokes.
  5. The Ledge, it should be noted, is not dumb. What undoes it is its mechanical structure: a stale dramatic formula of the sort taught in elementary playwriting classes.
  6. This claustrophobic mess of a movie offers only carnage.
  7. A new, not very engaging movie featuring a lot of blue skin and household-name voices.
  8. Premature bops along with a wiseacre self-awareness and a nimble cast... But Mr. Beers and his fellow screenwriter, Mathew Harawitz, also have a numbing Seth MacFarlane-esque weakness for purely attention-getting crudeness and unfunny stereotypes.
  9. May be humorless, paranoid nonsense, but its biggest failure is its inability to scare.
  10. Plays like a middling episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” drawn out an extra half-hour and embellished with pretentious literary and cinematic flourishes.
  11. Predictability and clichés get in the way of comedy here, especially with a lead character who rarely comes across as more than blandly sweet.
  12. The re- enactments, however fascinating they may be as history, are too crude to serve the work especially well.
  13. Mr. Girod is a fish out of water in the after-hours clubs and deserted industrial districts that constitute the sexual underworld of Brussels. His film feels more like what one would see from the top of a double-decker tourist bus than the work of someone who has immersed himself in a sexual subculture and its particular values.
  14. Makes no psychological sense. Even within the convoluted realm of film noir, the development of the relationships defies any logic.
  15. It’s all just so much empty eye candy.
  16. This messy blend of silly slapstick and oversentimentality probably won't please children, teenagers or adults.
  17. Angels in Stardust ends up being too tidy to be a great coming-of-age movie, but it’s a decent one.
  18. Dim in wits and lighting, The Possession of Michael King strains our eyes, spits on our intelligence and saps our generosity of spirit. Relatively untaxed, however, is the part of the brain that processes new experiences: There’s scarcely a shot or an idea in this first feature from David Jung that we haven’t seen many times before.
  19. Unevenly directed by Isaac Feder, Sex Ed droops.
  20. It is funny, unpretentious and fast-paced. It has a kind of comicbook appreciation for direct action and no time whatsoever for mysticism or for scenery for its own sake, though most of it was shot in Morocco and is fun to look at.
  21. Despite Ms. Janssen's fine taste in music - it's lovely to hear Jorma Kaukonen's "Genesis" on the soundtrack - her film's downfall was ensured by a leading lady who will always be more credible chasing zombies than the American dream.
  22. Sparing with scares and judicious with gore, the director, Ben Ketai (working from a screenplay by Patrick J. Doody and Chris Valenziano), proves better at summoning atmosphere than developing characters.
  23. This saga, set in Berlin, is more committed to its bloodletting than to any of its characters.
  24. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett direct with competence but a dispiriting lack of originality.
  25. Yet the movie sustains a mood. It passionately believes in itself and in the value of the messy artistic lives it glosses, and some of that belief rubs off on you.
  26. You might be tempted to say, "Huh?" Or, if you're in the theater, to leave. But wait -- there's less.
  27. If you're looking for laughs, give "Valley of the Dolls" another read instead.
  28. As much fun as that is for the choir being preached to, it would have been even more persuasive with a little less hammering and a little more historical perspective.
  29. Though the film's final, disturbing image forces race to the forefront and belatedly raises wider issues of persecution, its most controversial suggestion is not that Jesus might have been black but that he might have been a really terrible actor.
  30. ATM
    Mr. Brooks capitalizes on antiseptic, fluorescent interiors, while the score, by David Buckley, nicely accents stress points.

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