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For 9,639 reviews, this publication has graded:
  • 49% higher than the average critic
  • 4% same as the average critic
  • 47% lower than the average critic
On average, this publication grades 3 points lower than other critics. (0-100 point scale)
Average Movie review score: 59
Highest review score: 100 The Deep Blue Sea
Lowest review score: 0 September Dawn
Score distribution:
9,639 movie reviews
  1. A shallow yet empty action extravaganza.
  2. This picture is mostly a lump of run-of-the-mill profanity sprinkled with a few remarks so geared toward engendering audience sympathy that you might think he was running for office -- or trying to win over a probation officer.
  3. Amusing one-joke film.
  4. Weightless. It is also, unfortunately, without much point at all... A movie of random effects and little accumulative impact.
  5. Wants to be everything and adds up to nothing. "War" is a film that tries to excel on several levels and falls flat on all of them.
  6. Mr. Cattaneo restricts himself to the smiling blandness that has become the stock in trade of British comedies made for export, turning in a film that is forced, familiar and thoroughly condescending.
  7. This clunky juvenile comedy lurches among multiple story lines without fully realizing the comic potential of any.
  8. In trying to be both bold and nonthreatening, the movie ends up seeming tame and mildly offensive.
  9. If you're looking for a 90-minute post-teen soap opera with pretty people, ludicrous hairpin turns and a whopper of an ending, the movie will keep you mindlessly off balance.
  10. This may be the first movie that runs under two hours and yet has no attention span. Characters are abandoned and picked up; narrative threads dissolve before your very eyes.
  11. Has some funny, dirty-minded jokes, a few amusing cameos (including Julianne Moore in clown makeup) and a soundtrack loaded with juicy cuts of mid-70's vintage soul and funk.
  12. May have had the unintended effect of obscuring the original it meant to honor.
  13. Remains a sadly earthbound thing, mired in a dismal realism that lies far from its natural environment.
  14. A chilly machine-tooled comedy.
  15. As A Rumor of Angels reveals itself to be a sudsy tub of supernatural hokum, not even Ms. Redgrave's noblest efforts can redeem it from hopeless sentimentality.
  16. For much of the movie, the kinetic furor of the game sequences helps camouflage the weaknesses of a screenplay that is a mechanically contrived series of power struggles.
  17. Couldn't be more artless.
  18. The film dissolves into a series of diminishing anticlimaxes, ending on a note of portentous ambiguity. To the last, Mr. Levin maintains his uneasy balance of reportage and melodrama.
  19. Sergio's urban melodrama Under Hellgate Bridge suggests the contemporary equivalent of any number of 1930's B movies.
  20. Metamorphoses from a character study into a confusingly edited sampler of sexual possibilities that feels both programmatic and old-hat.
  21. Despite its sociological tidbits and flashes of musical vitality, Saudade do Futuro never goes anywhere.
  22. The product is so synthetic it has only attitude where its heart ought to be.
  23. Overplotted, hollow thriller.
  24. I don't know how much The Score cost, but it's pretty close to worthless.
  25. The re- enactments, however fascinating they may be as history, are too crude to serve the work especially well.
  26. Its bone-deep willingness to do anything to entertain is exhausting.
  27. Seems both overplotted and underimagined, though there is at least some creativity and a dose of realism, evident in the hairstyles themselves.
  28. Dramatically as well as visually, The Musketeer conflicts with itself by trying to blend grand old- school costume drama and MTV- style rhythm and attitude into the same movie. The juxtapositions are often preposterous.
  29. So narratively garbled and its screenplay so underwritten that you have to strain to piece together the story.
  30. A washout.

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