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9,694 movie reviews
  1. Admirably high-minded and visually gorgeous but fatally anesthetized by its own grandiosity.
  2. The movie works so diligently to convey a spirit of heroic uplift and fails so completely that it feels like a tragic misfire.
  3. Such few assets aren't enough to alleviate the film's shallowness.
  4. Rob Schneider runs an obstacle course of taste and emerges remarkably unsullied, considering the choices he faces.
  5. Unfortunately, the movie's real setting is a sentimental fantasy world, and its story is a spectacularly incoherent exercise in geopolitical wish fulfillment.
  6. Little more than a loose- jointed succession of goofy "Saturday Night Live"-style sketches and sight gags inspired by an actual event that is nearly half a century behind us.
  7. The home-movie crudeness of Dead or Alive: Final indicates it was made on the cheap with minimal preparation.
  8. Like a zombie picture directed by one of the undead.
  9. Affirms that soft-core porn is alive and well in cyberpunk.
  10. As long on adrenaline and special effects as it is short on genuine novelty and intellectual content.
  11. In the end the elaborate gimmickry of Inspector Gadget cannot conceal its very ordinary storytelling.
  12. Quickly collapses into an overloaded, slow-moving series of predictable jokes and forced situations.
  13. Although there is the germ of a very sharp comedy in the intersection of real mobsters and make-believe thugs in a Hollywood mob comedy, Analyze That is far too lazy to do much with it.
  14. Perhaps the directors are under the delusion that the dodging and leaping can make up for an ending that leaves the cast members of "Killer" adrift and nearly scratching their heads in puzzlement.
  15. The movie has a frantic staccato style that is more game-oriented than cinematic.
  16. Ultimately seems naïve. In developing the comparison of sex and cannibalism, it never goes beyond the standard Draculian symbol of blood to include other bodily substances.
  17. Even the imaginative gore can't hide the musty scent of Todd Farmer's screenplay.
  18. For all its intimations of fire and brimstone, the film isn't remotely frightening, and the high-school-level acting doesn't help.
  19. This mistaken-identity picture is so film-culture referential that the final product is a ghost.
  20. Many of the faces that emerge through the murk appear bug-eyed. And much of the dialogue, which is frequently shouted, is only semi-intelligible.
  21. Murky, third-rate martial-arts film.
  22. As the film loses its grip on its multiple stories, the title begins to suggest an overheated stew bubbling out of its pot. By the end of the film, the intersecting dramas and histrionic performances have spilled all over the floor, so to speak.
  23. In the end you have to wonder why the highly reputed director Michael Apted ("Coal Miner's Daughter") and the gifted screenwriter Nicholas Kazan ("Reversal of Fortune") chose to go slumming in territory like this. They must have been offered wads of money to do the dirty job.
    • The New York Times
  24. Breezing along on gusts of stale air and perky inanities, Two Weeks Notice is a romantic comedy so vague and sadly undernourished that it makes one of Nora Ephron's low-cal strawberry sodas seem as tempting as a Philip Barry feast.
  25. Even the handful of moments that are amusing feel recycled from old sketches of Mr. Murphy's.
  26. The lip movements of the animated figures are slightly slow, so you feel as if you're watching a badly dubbed Japanese creature feature from the 1960's. The dialogue is almost as stilted, and after a while you drift into that half-dream state that inert movies can create.
  27. There is little here to hold the attention of anyone older than 9. For families in search of entertainment, it may be time to find Nemo again.
  28. The documentary doesn't get near the prowess of its subject; it passes through your life like a minor daydream.
  29. The unfortunate thing is that children will probably waste their summers indoors watching "Recess" over and over again.
  30. Lazy would-be horror film.

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