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9,417 movie reviews
  1. Little of it is funny or genuine, and the benefits and beauty of real faith are nowhere in evidence.
  2. For a film that's so innocuous, Teen Wolf is aggressively boring.
  3. No one expects realism from a movie called Teen Wolf Too... still, the film makers could pretend to know what college is like, might try to liven up the kindly werewolf formula.
  4. Lullaby, the directorial debut of Andrew Levitas, a jack of all artistic trades, is the kind of manipulative, cliché-infested hokum that alienates moviegoers by its insistence on hogging all the tears.
  5. Among Ravens claws itself to death with sophomoric symbolism.
  6. Come Back to Me has seamier goals, employing a quasi-religious conceit to justify its shocks of gore and sexual assault. In that regard, at least, it is grotesquely predictable.
  7. Jake Squared combines the most grating tendencies of meta navel-gazing with the sexism of reality television — pushing the limit of viewer tolerance to zero.
  8. Dim in wits and lighting, The Possession of Michael King strains our eyes, spits on our intelligence and saps our generosity of spirit. Relatively untaxed, however, is the part of the brain that processes new experiences: There’s scarcely a shot or an idea in this first feature from David Jung that we haven’t seen many times before.
  9. Watching it means waiting for the other shoe to drop: anticipating the moment when this already tacky weepie will resolve itself in horrific, exploitative fashion.
  10. Even without Mr. Rice in the news, No Good Deed would be damaged goods: an inert “Cape Fear” rehash that can’t seem to choose its favorite contrivance.
  11. Strands one of the most gifted casts assembled in some time. Sadly, though many of the actors throw off a spark or two when they first appear, they can't generate enough heat in this cold vacuum of a comedy to start a reaction.
  12. Ludicrous, impenetrable and headache-inducing.
  13. So minimally plotted that not only does it lack subtext or context, but it also may be the world's first movie without even a text.
  14. It is the kind of film that only a certain breed of cinematic cultist could tolerate. Its grade-school-level acting, for instance, is so rudimentary that it makes the cast of "The Blair Witch Project" (which Ice From the Sun seems to be consciously parodying at times) appear Stanislavskian.
  15. Snow Dogs is, even by the standards of a tradition that includes "Son of Flubber" and "The Shaggy D.A.," remarkably inept.
  16. Amateurish and incoherent.
  17. Brilliant film of nature has been warped into something jarringly unnatural.
  18. A film that desperately wants to be a music video circa 1983.
  19. A desperate, broad comedy.
  20. A preposterous, prurient whodunit.
  21. Although the concept seems promising enough, it is undone by disastrous casting decisions and an utter lack of ensemble unity.
  22. The whole business has a breathless, determined, student-film quality that makes it especially hard to watch. Mr. Cunningham and his cast are clearly trying to do something they feel is important, and there is no pleasure in watching them do it so ineptly.
  23. It's the element of condescension, as the filmmakers look down on their working-class subjects from their lofty perch, that finally makes Sex With Strangers so distasteful.
  24. Not only is it excruciatingly boring -- but its central premises are so banal and dubious as to border on offensiveness.
  25. Suffers from clumsy exposition and uneven acting, except in the case of Eddie T. Robinson.
  26. By the end, even the irrepressible Mr. Foxx seems tired and defeated, and we can only hope he perks up in time for his next movie.
  27. So poorly written, badly acted and ineptly directed that it denies you even the modest pleasure of making fun of it.
  28. A youth comedy so relentlessly sordid and depressing that it's likely to send its audience straight into the arms of the nearest psycho-pharmacologist.
  29. Has nothing on its mind besides the squirming discomfort of its audience, the achievement of which it holds up as a brave political accomplishment.
  30. Beneath its studiedly ugly surface, this bargain-basement answer to "Thelma and Louise" is as loathsome as any mindless, blood-drenched Hollywood action-adventure yarn.

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