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10,277 movie reviews
  1. This sort of thing was indulgent enough the first time around; transplanted to the mumblecore milieu, it's intolerable.
  2. As one bloody encounter treads on the heels of the next, all that remains is a tiny indie undone by its own vicious ambitions.
  3. As tightly plotted as a standard French farce.
  4. Overabundant diffuse lighting and wide-angle perspectives only compound this horror movie’s deficiencies in plot and dialogue.
  5. Ultimately as sycophantic as it is needling.
  6. The film calls attention to its own artificial status. It actually knows it’s a movie! What a clever, tricky game! What fun! What a fraud.
  7. An exhaustingly pretentious heave of artistic self-involvement, The Time Being takes an exceptionally handsome journey to nowhere at all.
  8. Whatever thoughtful instincts Mr. Castellitto might possess are undermined by his addiction to cinematic prettiness.
  9. This dreary spy drama is as flat and airless as the concrete bunker in which it unfolds.
  10. A supernatural soap opera.
  11. Like many of the nonpolitical terrorist-as-villain spectaculars that have been held back after Sept. 11, has the whiff of something gone stale. Though it may have sat on the shelf for a while, this project had gone bad long before it was released.
  12. In a culture apparently defined by lap dancing, ersatz architectural sublimity and the virtual contact of cyberspace, how do we know what is real? The Center of the World, for example, is as phony as can be.
  13. Poor computer-generated effects give the movie an unsettling, two-layered feel.
  14. Throughout Happy Hour, observations that mean next to nothing are presented as nuggets of profound enlightenment.
  15. The film, a sleepy, low-budget affair, merely enacts a series of horror movie clichés, as if that were enough. Its bland actors and wit-free script do nothing with the familiar elements but present them.
  16. Fusty research, aging interviewees and decades-old advertising campaigns offer background to the uninitiated, but Mr. Warrick's muddled, undisciplined approach destroys even the possibility of a cogent overview.
  17. It's the central story that's lacking.
  18. For a film that's so innocuous, Teen Wolf is aggressively boring.
  19. The film strains mightily to be flashy and hip but finishes more in the realm of the merely distasteful.
  20. Shot in smeary video, it sports the static, by-the-book camera work of a daytime soap-opera.
  21. No one expects realism from a movie called Teen Wolf Too... still, the film makers could pretend to know what college is like, might try to liven up the kindly werewolf formula.
  22. Monotonously paced and too long, Jersey Guy also suffers in its early scenes from attempts at humor that probably read better on the page than they play on the screen.
  23. You might be tempted to say, "Huh?" Or, if you're in the theater, to leave. But wait -- there's less.
  24. The action is the best thing in the picture.
  25. After several scenes of this tacky nonsense, you'll be wistful for the testosterone-charged wizardry of Jerry Bruckheimer productions, especially because Half Past Dead is like "The Rock" on a Wal-Mart budget. And the marked-down price tags are incredibly visible.
  26. Plays more like a nightmare than a dream, and an exceedingly unnerving one at that. Sam isn't just a prisoner of her parents' ambitions; like nearly everyone else in this film, she's a zombie, sleepwalking through life while Rome burns.
  27. May lead to a new axiom: success has many fathers, but failure has "Project Greenlight."
  28. An awkward “Lord of the Rings” knockoff, it features both elaborate battles and bumbling humor, though it’s never quite clear when you should be laughing.
  29. Missing no stops on the road from cloying to annoying, Harlem Aria has waited more than 10 years for domestic release. Maybe its destiny has been written.
  30. At a certain point this would-be shocker suddenly jerks into high gear and becomes a blatant, incompetent rip-off of "Psycho."

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