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10,199 movie reviews
  1. This comedy, the first feature by Ms. Bucher, suffers from technical limitations, perhaps imposed by a tough nine-day shooting schedule. The recording sounds muted; the whimsical musical score oversells the jokes; and the lackluster visuals fail to match the pungency of the language.
  2. Like a zombie picture directed by one of the undead.
  3. The Hero of Color City cannily distills the children’s movie to its lowest common denominator: bright colors flashing on screen.
  4. Student Bodies just slowly topples over as you watch it, like a stand-up comedian in the act of failing.
  5. Among the problems with the humorless comedy General Education is that the lead character's sister is more interesting than he is, and she spends much of her screen time as a mute mime.
  6. Strains to sell itself as one crazy ride (raging parties! hot lesbian sex! bare breasts!), and chances are it won't disappoint those looking solely for unadulterated raunch.
  7. It is insight-free and cliché-heavy, with the five sharing obvious reminiscences about the thrill of superstardom, visiting haunts from their youth, shooting baskets and occasionally rehearsing.
  8. Sweetness and whimsy fill the screen to capacity in I'm Reed Fish, a rural coming-of-age tale that's so laid-back that its cast is almost horizontal.
  9. Saving most of its special-effects pennies until the final five minutes, Hangar 10 struggles to build a science-fiction movie from little more than a ghost of an idea and an infamous location.
  10. A shallow commentary on how an artist’s talent can be subsumed by the desire for fame and fortune. Or maybe just by the need to make a movie.
  11. Apparently, because all the good jokes were used up in the first two "Fockers" movies, the wisenheimers behind the latest installment in this unnecessary trilogy decided to bring in some spew, opening a sick toddler's mouth like a fire hydrant and letting it rip.
  12. Mr. Kitamura, an action enthusiast who prefers to show rather than tell, seems unaware that the film’s dialogue is laughable, its characters unfathomable and the acting often less than optimal.
  13. Just when it seems as though the language of insult and humiliation couldn’t get any nastier, the movie escalates the barrage.
  14. Smothered by a storm of visual tics — and the tiniest of nods to “Rear Window” (1954) — any social commentary takes second place to multitasking gimmickry.
  15. The only thing missing is a coherent story -- or even, for that matter, an interesting idea for one.
  16. The film has a bare-bones look that only intensifies its nearly painful sincerity.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The resulting film, directed by Paul Johansson, feels rushed, amateurish and clumsy. It's not just the ideologies that feel oddly out of step with the present day, but the clothes, hairstyles and interiors.
  17. The film, directed by Conor Allyn, is rarely more than a few minutes away from a gun battle or a tedious chase, and soon you cease to care who is shooting at, or running from, whom or why.
  18. The director, as he showed in movies like "After Dark, My Sweet," and "Fear," specializes in conjuring conspiratorial atmospheres in which anxiety and sexual menace hang in the air like a heavy, bitter perfume. Long after you've dismissed the movie's ridiculous, convoluted story, traces of that scent may linger.
  19. What was sometimes charming and funny in "Turnaround" is almost uniformly dreary in "Business," a result of tired humor, a monotonous pace and Mr. Schaeffer's inexpressiveness as an actor.
  20. "Hee Haw” meets “Pulp Fiction” at the meth lab: That describes the style of Pawn Shop Chronicles, a hillbilly grindhouse yawp of a movie that belches in your face and leaves a sour stink.
  21. Oblivion never transcends its inspirations to become anything other than a thin copy.
  22. Quickly collapses into an overloaded, slow-moving series of predictable jokes and forced situations.
  23. Despite Mr. Nakata's track record and the radiant presence of its star, Naomi Watts, The Ring Two is a dud.
  24. A bit too true to a frugal indie philosophy, where winging it beats reshooting, the film gets more woolly and unfocused; many scenes feel improvised and only occasionally hit their marks.
  25. Too busy with limb-severings and gunfire to bother being intelligent.
  26. Affirms that soft-core porn is alive and well in cyberpunk.
  27. Even fans of open-wheel racing, the high-speed, high-stress pastime that is the subject of Renny Harlin's hectic new film, may walk away from it more logy than exhilarated.
  28. This soulless, sterile romantic comedy has slipped under the wire to give audiences a headache and Matt LeBlanc’s reputation a relapse.
  29. Evokes a mood of tenderness. Beyond that, it is a weightless, sentimental and intellectually lazy effort from an independent filmmaker whose movies seem increasingly insubstantial.

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