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  1. Savannah does attempt to tell the story of the friendship of those two accomplished men, but does so in a manner that is so astonishingly tone deaf, confused and narrowly focused that it leaves you almost amazed at the lack of vision behind the entire enterprise.
  2. What’s obnoxious is that it’s never in doubt where Assault On Wall Street is headed, and it seems to believe there’s a certain poetry to taking its time turning Baxford into a non-verbal Travis Bickle.
  3. Chloe And Theo should have been a film about Theo: a complex man taking on an unfamiliar world he is not particularly fond of, with little more than conviction and principle to help him along. Instead, we get another film where a hapless foreigner teaches white people how to better themselves.
  4. It's a found footage movie that feels instantly dated, even with its supposed political undertones. It's creaky, laborious, and not, in the least bit, scary.
  5. Return to Sender proves to be nothing but dead air, an entirely too predictable, slow-paced, and misguided genre effort.
  6. With some films, you can tell where one or two things went wrong — perhaps a decision in script, or a performance that’s off base — but The Snowman is the rare movie where for every choice, there was a better way to go.
  7. The film’s dismal action staging and over-complex story can’t seem to overcome Mr. Fairbrass’s lo-fi presence.
  8. From the cloying, ever-present score to the complete lack of narrative momentum, it all adds up to a film that's easily Van Sant's worst, and is a sad black mark on McConaughey's mostly excellent recent run. Ultimately, Sea Of Trees feels like an entirely appropriate title: it makes you feel like you're drowning, and it's full of sap.
  9. The highest compliment that can be made of the movie is that it is harmless: never laughably bad, never painful, just pure mediocrity, from start to finish.
  10. While the idea is original, it's also ridiculous, and the story is not close to clever enough to put it into any kind of context that is compelling, interesting or believable.
  11. Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers is a flabby, goofy, comically inert cartoon.
  12. Not only is not even a single character more than one-dimensional, but every line falls flatter than a witch dispatched with a Gatling gun.
  13. Despite the valiant efforts from the two leads, the only thing of value that gets robbed in American Heist is our time.
  14. It’s just as predictably mind-numbing and tedious as any other comedy Sandler has attached his name to post-“Funny People.”
  15. Given how good the cast often are elsewhere, it doesn’t seem unfair to put this at Armstrong’s door, and the film has a very first-time-director feel to it.
  16. Martyrs is only eighty minutes long, sans credits, yet still it manages to cram four bad horror films into its meager runtime.
  17. A movie so ugly and woeful that you'll wish you had superhuman strength to pluck your own eyeballs out of your head.
  18. It's understandable that larger scale movies will want to spawn sequels, but this is about two degrees away from being a movie that premieres on Cinemax on a Friday night, sandwiched between two soft core porn movies with funny titles. Getaway is stuck in neutral. And that's where it'll stay.
  19. Eventually settles into a dull routine much like the dissatisfied characters of the film, which will make for an easily dissatisfied audience.
  20. At its worst, the film is a panoply of ersatz camera placement and terrible scene blocking, actors having no clue how to interact with their surroundings as they rifle through dialogue that stands as a series of historical checkpoints rather than a cohesive story.
  21. Rarely competent, unintentionally hilarious and borderline reprehensible in both its politics and its take on gender roles.
  22. Tedious and painfully miscalculated, Dirty Grandpa is never as filthy or funny as it thinks it is.
  23. Bafflingly witless, The Clapper is an oblivious non-starter with myriad deficiencies. Artless and clueless at every turn, writer/director Dito Montiel’s inane movie is a one-note half-gag somehow stretched into a painful 90-minute movie.
  24. We strongly insist that any pain you experience while watching this movie will never be useful, anytime or anyplace.
  25. Whatever Branded is selling, we aren't buying.
  26. Anyone watching Assassin's Bullet will be gripped with a similar sensation -- to be anywhere but watching this movie.
  27. Basically, it’s a film made for brainless grunts who like to hang out all day making sub-literate jokes about boobs and gays while watching the game. No wonder the first movie was such a success.
  28. While there are a few intriguing themes and ideas at play in The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, once the viewer perseveres through the over-editing the final product is disappointing.
  29. Momentum is a confused, bland, and wholly unoriginal action/thriller that tries its best to ripoff the mid-budget international action formula of Luc Besson’s Europacorp productions.

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