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1,698 movie reviews
  1. The first Lynch film in which his motives -- to hang a haberdashery of bizarre incidents on the merest hook of plot -- are apparent... What's lacking is the old sense of delicious, disturbing mystery. [20 Aug 1990, p.63]
    • Time
  2. Maybe kids will like the movie; their lust for dinolore appears to be insatiable. But the rest of us will yearn for Robin Williams' giddy goofing in "Aladdin."
    • Time
  3. This is not necessarily an improvement, but it's not a total disaster either.
  4. Blow works for a scene or two, then stalls.
    • Time
  5. What it doesn't have is a central figure you can give a hoot about.
    • Time
  6. This is soft-gore porn, obvious in its strategies, witless in the play of its ideas, absurdist only in its pretense to seriousness.
  7. A grim and draggy romance in which even the clothes and sets are dismal.
  8. But this is a sloppy job, both in little goofs...and in the cast's gung-ho amateurism. It's like Shakespeare done by the "Fame" kids.
  9. You will simply want to shoot yourself by the third inning.
    • Time
  10. The tone is cloying, the running time bloated.
    • Time
  11. So muted it disappears from your view even before it recedes from your memory.
  12. There's neither intricacy nor surprise in the narrative, and these dopes are tedious, witless company. Mostly you find yourself thinking, "How long until dinner?"
  13. We [Farrellys'] mock, they say, because we care. But that doesn't make the film elevating or amusing.
  14. In the end, everything about this glum and self-important adaptation of Anne Tyler's upper-cute novel is dim. [26 Dec 1988, p.83]
    • Time
  15. All its desperate plot maneuvers (Ben and Sandra making like Tarzan on a train roof) can't give the film wit; all the slo-mo sleet, rain and confetti can't give it style. [March 22, 1999]
    • Time
  16. Redford underacts, Gandolfini overacts, and this movie is directed with the same air of unreality, the same grim passion for cliches, both cinematic and emotional, that Lurie brought to his first film, "The Contender."
  17. Agresti's just out to give us a sentimental good time. Which some people, heaven help us, will have -- while the rest of us choke on the cutesiness.
  18. Writer-director Shainberg seems to be aiming for a dark comedy, but mostly his movie is coy without being funny, ugly without being truly transgressive, stupid when it needs to be smart.
  19. May leave viewers emotionally disconnected from this distinctly unchipper Mr. Chips.
  20. A bad movie that a lot of people will like... Though director Jerry Zucker wants his necrophiliac romance to be sensitive, he pumps up its feelings fortissimo so the dimmest viewer will get the point. [16 July 1990, p.86]
    • Time
  21. Tedium overwhelms caring well before this endless film finally concludes.
    • Time
  22. In this film we learn that it takes 8,000 lbs. of pressure to crush a car but only one credited screenwriter (Scott Rosenberg) to pound out such a lame script.
    • Time
  23. Yet how can one possibly recommend The Salton Sea? If it could, this nasty film would make you smell the disgusting food on the table. And that says nothing about its casual sadism.
    • Time
  24. Braveheart is too much, too late.
  25. It's great to have the Moose back, but it would be greater still to see him in a humorous context fully worth of him.
    • Time
  26. As rigged as a casino slot machine, preying on people's hopes but paying off only for the house.
    • Time
  27. It's a brilliant idea, for about 10 minutes. Then the bare set is elbowed out of a viewer's mind by the threadbare plot and characterizations.
  28. It's pretty awful.
  29. An uninvolving muddle.
  30. Crude and inept.
    • Time

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