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  1. A fine--but not entirely uninteresting—mess. [2 Jun 1997, p. 74]
    • Time
  2. This movie exists wholly in the realm of metaphor, whose messages stick out like placards: Find joy through pain. Reunite with estranged loved ones. Keep hope alive.
  3. The film manages to be both sensational and stodgy, like a guided tour that goes on until it drones.
  4. Bettany's Darwin always has a chill or a case of the sweats, tummy ache or trembling hands. He has our sympathy initially, but the movie bathes us in such general despair that the natural instinct soon becomes a desire to tell him to buck up. We do believe in survival of the fittest, after all.
  5. Starsky & Hutch has moments of hilarity a little greater than you might expect of a movie that is just out for a lazy good time.
  6. You don't quite believe that a smart woman would spend so much time on such a dumb mission.
  7. It renders passion dispassionate and turns murder into a kind of fashion statement, something we observe without really caring about.
  8. Simultaneously diverting and annoying.
  9. The pitch is enough to make you swoon, but the movie itself is curiously limp.
  10. Nowhere Boy is a surprisingly conventional film - adroit at weaving a time-and-place mood but way too rigid dramatically to bring the Lennon family dynamic to life.
  11. To Western eyes, this meandering parable registers as a perplexity and a disappointment.
  12. Is comedy a young man's game, like skateboarding or sex? Writing jokes, creating droll characters -- these take ambition, ingenuity and energy, and after decades of devotion to this voracious muse, a fellow can get pooped.
    • Time
  13. Not bad, but certainly not good; classify the movie as lazy fun.
  14. Slick and senseless.
  15. The technology is undeniably there to make a credible beanstalk fly into the heavens, and giants that are utterly grotesque and vividly threatening. But how about something we can take our kids too? Doesn’t anyone want them to be there?
  16. The picture is action-packed but mindlessly so, and it’s neither light enough to work as a coltish entertainment nor smart enough to cut beyond anything but the most rote notions of masculinity.
  17. A pretty but utterly misleading picture in which cheap sentiment is used to supply easy, false resolutions to agonizing issues.
  18. While Hathaway and Gyllenhaal have good chemistry, and director Edward Zwick moves the narrative along nicely, the film is too self-satisfied to be genuinely touching.
  19. As with most animated films today, there’s lots of boring bromides about “family” and “belonging” that you have to suffer through to get to the good stuff.
  20. Seeing Fincher's version is like getting a Christmas gift of a book you already have. This edition has a nicer binding and prettier illustrations than your beloved old paperback, but it's essentially a reproduction of the same old dragon. Dragon Tat-two.
  21. But it IS a movie about dopes: goofy guys, born without the ambition gene, and who would not survive a minute in the drug world, or the real one, without the guardian angel of a scriptwriter hovering to think them out of scrapes.
  22. Raimi directs the film at Maguire's pensive pace. Some scenes are just inert.
    • Time
  23. Sometimes intelligent, often cuddlesome and ultimately bland.
  24. Deadpool, intended as a spiky antidote to superhero oversaturation, ends up impaling only itself.
  25. The movie proved to be an exasperating, fitfully enjoyable jumble of Perryana, full of insult humor, a gospel choir and, not to give too much away, plot elements borrowed from "Chinatown," "Precious," "Imitation of Life" and "Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke" - all restitched and Tyler-made.
  26. Other than Baldwin, Allen and Eisenberg - who is delightful - few of the performances are memorable. Page is miscast as a femme fatale, but adroit with Allen's lines, but the other women, Cruz, Pill and Gerwig hardly register.
  27. The better class of moviegoers will love Billy Elliot. And I loved hating it.
    • Time
  28. The enterprise is sluggish when it's not grinding toward the preposterous.
  29. Ultimately, Titanic will sail or sink not on its budget but on its merits as drama and spectacle. The regretful verdict here: Dead in the water.
  30. There is more to the intertwined stories of Murrow and McCarthy than this simpleminded, rhetorically driven movie begins to encompass.

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