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  1. If you consider what the exalted quartet of Branagh, Pinter, Caine and Law might have done with the project, and what they did to it, Sleuth has to be the worst prestige movie of the year.
  2. The skitcom format soon becomes tiresome.
    • Time
  3. At some low, what's-next level, Sleepers works like, well, gangbusters. [28 October 1996, p. 113]
    • Time
  4. It is the movie's uneven writing-half funny and daring, half punishing and senseless-that proves to be Lola's biggest opponent.
  5. For us dog saps, it is especially nice to see cuddlesomely real pooches instead of drawn ones doing smart-pet tricks.
  6. You are hereby absolved of all guilt when you laugh your ass off in the first half of the film.
    • Time
  7. After a while, Nine plays like some Hollywood charity revue.
  8. For a soul-sucking 83 minutes, you're trapped inside the film's tiny, ugly mind.
  9. Even in a predictable horror film like Silent House, Olsen draws empathy like a magnet.
  10. May leave viewers emotionally disconnected from this distinctly unchipper Mr. Chips.
  11. The goofy hysteria of something like "A Summer Place" was infinitely more entertaining and emotionally authentic than the distant smugness of this failed clone. [7 April 1997, p. 76]
    • Time
  12. Quick, capable, thoroughly bloody action film.
  13. A little less agreeable and way more aggressive than its better begetter, Rio 2 has the overstuffed agenda of a movie that’s been focus-grouped to death.
  14. Like Martin Scorsese’s "The Departed," a bloated Americanizing of the Hong Kong cop movie "Infernal Affairs," the Lee Oldboy will startle newbies with its story ingenuities and morbid revelations, while leaving connoisseurs of the source film wondering why Hollywood couldn’t have left great enough alone.
  15. It's mostly an ordeal--for actress and audience.
  16. At this late stage in a long career, Allen might consider not trying to make films like the early, funny ones. Instead he should aim simply to match "Match Point."
  17. Its tone swings violently from pratfall to preachment, from an indictment of featherbed laziness to an extended beer-commercial celebration of the mythical American worker.
  18. When it shifts into action mode, the movie can be a spectacular rush.
  19. Dolman's comedy isn't exactly a barrel of emotional surprises, but its great cast underachieves admirably. There are worse ways to pass 94 minutes.
  20. After “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Hulk,” there's something refreshing about this movie's complete lack of intellectual pretense.
  21. Fresh inspiration is sparse here; the sequel is less an extension than a remake. Holmes says of one of his lamer disguises, "It's so overt, it's covert." And the shadow in this game is the imposing penumbra of Ritchie's very satisfying 2009 film. It's overt and overwhelming.
  22. The film also serves as the clearest statement of Glee's sacred mission. Through it, we can see how the entire multimedia phenomenon - the show, the albums, the iTunes hits, the recent concert tour and now this movie - has accrued the odor, say the incense, of a secular religion.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    For a film that supposedly celebrates freethinking, there’s a woeful lack of it here.
  23. The Counsellor is neither an outright disaster nor misunderstood masterpiece: it’s just a very bad idea for a film, proficiently executed.
  24. In this bad-better-best movie, the Flik story is the bad, the choir singing much better and Peters the soul-stirring best.
  25. Until a vigorous climax, the action scenes have little punch.
  26. Coming to America seems to be more career move than movie. After the raucousness of Beverly Hills Cop II and the raunchiness of Eddie Murphy Raw, the star apparently wants to assert his claim on the currently vacant title of America's Sweetheart. His aspirations must be bigger and badder than that. We want -- may actually need -- something more from this gifted man than Eddie Murphy Tame. [4 July 1988 p.66]
    • Time
  27. Hopelessly overwrought and deeply dopey movie.
  28. For all the energetic milling, Rise of an Empire proves superior to its predecessor by making war a game both sexes can play, on nearly equal terms. In comparison, the R-rated "300" seems as innocent as Adam in the Garden before the delicious complication of Eve — or Eva.
  29. Star Trek is, finally, nothing but a long day's journey into ennui.

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