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  1. Though his Barry is a bit of a stiff, Rayner among the least of the show’s problems. There’s not a fleshed-out character in the show.
  2. Whatever potential The Lottery has to look at the connection between fertility and power, or the timely issues of women’s reproductive autonomy--or a simple dramatic fight over the future of the species--is wasted with flat characters and flimsy political intrigue that plays like a duller version of Scandal.
  3. Sorvino is wholly unconvincing as an Indy Jones type--which might actually work if the story went in a parodic, quasi-farce direction. But the whole production is hobbled by an uneven tone; it's not frightening enough to work as a conspiracy-adventure, not funny enough to work as light romantic comedy.
  4. After nine tepid episodes (and a subpar season of Grey's) last year, there's less reason than ever to care about the dramedies and quirky cases of sexy doctors at a ritzy "wellness center," and the return episode trudges along like a 44-min. chore.
  5. The show is weak, sometimes plain creepy, when it moves from fantasy football to male fantasy.
  6. The series hopscotches to so many locations (the Carolinas, the Antarctic, the ocean trenches) that you briefly forget that it gives you no reason to feel afraid or intrigued or anything else.
  7. The show is a warped copy of CBS' How I Met Your Mother... except that it's cynical, smug and utterly charmless.
  8. The most God-awful mishmash of a comedy-variety show to lead into local news on NBC since immediately before the Olympics.
  9. It's a stale sitcom right out of the early '90s, and like Mike, it seems to believe it can just harangue the world into changing back with it.
  10. It should be called We Hate Every Character on Our Own Sitcom.
  11. It's a cheap, stale, stereotype-addicted sitcom where no one, male or female, comes off especially well or likeable, excepting possibly the babies.
  12. For all its soap-opera slickness, Beverly Hills 90210 manages to tap into real concerns of contemporary teens: dating, parents, friends, sex. Melrose Place thus far is tapping into nothing more than worn plot lines from The Young and the Restless.
  13. A phony-to-the-core twentysomething sitcom. ... This earnestly flaky show from the creators of Dream On runs the gamut from '30s romantic farce to Seinfeldian trivia... without being believable for a moment.
  14. It's a lame premise burdened with even lamer jokes.
  15. This is the same kind of odd-couple pairing that TV has been trying to sell for decades, and, like most every odd-couple concept after the actual Odd Couple, the premise has not even Twenty Good Minutes of humor in it.
  16. Woo, dog, is this miniseries bad--quite possibly worse than "Tin Man."
  17. They truly do not make them like this anymore. And thank God for that.
  18. It's sneering and unwatchably badly written; it shoots at fish in a barrel and still manages to miss.
  19. Momma's Boys is produced by Ryan Seacrest--who also proudly brought us "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"--who is seemingly trying to perpetuate a final stereotype: that reality producers are willing to stoop as low as necessary for a hit. Good work on that one.
  20. Work It is bad dumb, memorably bad dumb, the kind of bad dumb show you will use in years to come as a benchmark for other bad sitcoms.
  21. Rob! is playing at a meta game in which it transmutes lame jokes about Hispanics into clever commentary by putting them in Rob's mouth, but that kind of strategy only works when the sitcom's world outside the lead character is not equally lame.
  22. Lindsay Lohan cannot make a movie this bad by herself. There's an ample assist from the screenwriting, which strings together soap-opera lines ("I won't live without you!" "No more LIES!" "You haven't lost me, I've lost you") into a production you might expect to see Jenna Maroney in on 30 Rock.
  23. We’ve seen this over and over again: a series built around an elaborate concept, dressed up with a spooky mythology, then filled in with characters so poorly conceived, they may as well be called Kidnapped Wife Lady.
  24. As it turns out, Does Someone Have to Go? is exactly bad as you would think.
  25. Bridalplasty, on the other hand, is an example of a reality show that sounds absolutely, soul-killingly awful, and then turns out to be precisely as absolutely, soul-killingly awful as you expected.
  26. What was one of the worst drama pilots of the fall is now one of the worst for slightly, superficially different reasons.
  27. Dads is the new season at its worst: dated, cheaply provocative, and laboriously unfunny.
  28. The sexist typecasting--the “naughty” one, the self-described “bitch,” the “fairy tale” references--is more or less typical of many dating shows, but with the added, gross dimension of money. What Harry doesn’t have that the original Joe Millionaire did, at least so far, is any real sense of shame.

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