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  1. It’s Backstrom, with Rainn Wilson as a cranky, insult-spewing cop imitating the House formula with diminishing results.
  2. Almost none of [the characters] shows signs of becoming an actual person rather than a high-concept joke.
  3. It's the sort of talky tedious drama that is far less intelligent than it clearly thinks it is.
  4. Lil' Bush is too lame to be taken seriously, or, more important, taken humorously.
  5. It's a weird, tone-deaf mismatch of talents, styles and genre.
  6. Campily depicting high school as a den of sluts and predators, Secret achieves the noble goal of making sex thoroughly unsexy.
  7. Even the contestants seemed to be trying too hard, screaming and making wisecracks for the camera, as if coaxed by the producers or, more likely, their agents.
  8. I Survived a Japanese Game Show took a simple enough concept—importing Americans to compete on a bizarre game show in Tokyo—and turned it into a boring, American-style reality show, complete with confessional segments and backstage scenes.
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  9. While I know the show has avid fans, this version leaves me cold much like the original does.
  10. Simultaneously gross and sanctimonious, this histrionic science procedural is mainly a warning against the cloning of TV concepts.
  11. Hellcats, set at a Tennessee college, can do nothing more with the material than a stale story.
  12. The original pilot had funny moments, but also some pacing problems and dead spots-which the final version, unfortunately, if anything made worse. And a second episode that Fox just sent out is no more encouraging.
  13. There is no reason Outsourced needs to be bad. Outsourced, however, is bad. It is full of jokes about sacred cows and funny names and how funny certain American things sound when you say them in an Indian accent.
  14. There are also, unfortunately, a stiff performance by star David Lyons, as a cop, on the run for A Crime He Did Not Commit, who becomes the eponymous superhero, and the kind of dialogue that gives comics a bad name ("One man can still make a difference!").
  15. The Kennedys is also--in case anyone cares--pretty bad TV: melodramatic, rote and grim.
  16. The episodes sent to critics relied on so many middle-aged-buddies tropes (the competitiveness, the family obligations, the sudden drop-ins) that watching was just a chore.
  17. Man Up!, to its credit, is the better of the three: it's at least scantly funnier than the retro Last Man Standing, and the upcoming cross-dressing comedy, Work It, will make Last Man Standing look like Mamet.
  18. Bravo's newest attempt at a cooking-competition franchise took some quality original ingredients and made them into a hash.
  19. The West Wing gave us rich characters, a sense of proportionality and an infectious feeling of romance with the country and the people who want to make it better. The Newsroom, after four exhausting, smug episodes, gives us none of that: just Aaron Sorkin writing one argument after another for himself to win.
  20. For a bizarre comedy with the potential for some really pointed wackiness, this alien vehicle doesn't get off the ground.
  21. '80s is full of unlikable stereotypes who were already well-parodied cliches two decades ago.
  22. The problem is, those aspects of the show that are not about lesbianism are tedious, and those that are, are predictable.
  23. The show lacks the vision of The Simpsons, the snappy rhythm and the kind of far-reaching humor that keep it dizzyingly smart even after a decade on the air.
  24. Caroline lacks the quirkiness and edge of its fellow NBC sitcoms. It also depends on the sort of hoary comedy devices that have made decades of TV sitcoms embarrassing to watch.
  25. Though his Barry is a bit of a stiff, Rayner among the least of the show’s problems. There’s not a fleshed-out character in the show.
  26. Whatever potential The Lottery has to look at the connection between fertility and power, or the timely issues of women’s reproductive autonomy--or a simple dramatic fight over the future of the species--is wasted with flat characters and flimsy political intrigue that plays like a duller version of Scandal.
  27. To be generous, the pilot of Mysteries is bad in ordinary ways that might eventually be fixed by better scripts. The inaugural mystery is forgettable. There are stereotypes galore.
  28. Making Marco Polo dumb fun would be just as legitimate as making it weighty historical realism. But the show tries to be both (sort of, though producers freely admit to playing with facts and the timeline), lurching between modes without warning.
  29. Sorvino is wholly unconvincing as an Indy Jones type--which might actually work if the story went in a parodic, quasi-farce direction. But the whole production is hobbled by an uneven tone; it's not frightening enough to work as a conspiracy-adventure, not funny enough to work as light romantic comedy.
  30. After nine tepid episodes (and a subpar season of Grey's) last year, there's less reason than ever to care about the dramedies and quirky cases of sexy doctors at a ritzy "wellness center," and the return episode trudges along like a 44-min. chore.

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