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1,686 movie reviews
  1. Courteney Cox is good as a sexy, hard-pressed single mom, but she alone can't redeem the prevailing stupidity.
    • Time
  2. If this retro crime comedy had been a Broadway play, it would have closed out of town.
  3. Too many special effects, many of them stomach churning; too much pornographically arranged death.
    • Time
  4. One of the worst messes in years.
  5. Few movies have spread their fibs or facts as clumsily as this one. There's not an emotionally plausible moment in the picture.
    • Time
  6. An intellectual and a sensualist, Cronenberg graces Crash with philosophical musings, acres of pretty flesh and even more penis talk than on some 8 o'clock sitcoms. For all that, Crash doesn't work.
  7. Director Joe Johnston's elaborately dressed kids' movie--about a board game that sucks its players into a perilous jungle overrun by lions, rhinos, monkeys, crocodiles and spiders--spends so much time on the how of special effects that it neglects the why of characterization.
  8. What must be said is that the new movie is simply awful: poorly structured, vulgarly written, insipidly directed, monotonously performed.
  9. Conan is a sort of psychopathic Star Wars, stupid and stupefying.
  10. Beverly Hills Cop III is just going through the motions, without comic conviction, surprises or suspense. [6 June 1994, p.66]
    • Time
  11. Judged purely by what director Walter Hill has put on the screen, Another 48 Hrs. is a movie mainly about the several pretty ways that glass shatters when bullets or bodies are propelled through it. [25 June 1990, p.77]
    • Time
    • 58 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    Every character, every scene, is marred by the film's double view, which oscillates between sympathy and farce.
  12. Coming to America seems to be more career move than movie. After the raucousness of Beverly Hills Cop II and the raunchiness of Eddie Murphy Raw, the star apparently wants to assert his claim on the currently vacant title of America's Sweetheart. His aspirations must be bigger and badder than that. We want -- may actually need -- something more from this gifted man than Eddie Murphy Tame. [4 July 1988 p.66]
    • Time
  13. The movie veers uneasily from not-funny comedy to not-persuasive melodrama. Murphy forgets that the dialogue in old-fashioned crime pictures was as highly stylized as the settings. In place of sharply polished wisecracks, he gives us the steady mutter of the witless, unfelt obscenities that are the argot of our modern mean streets. [27 Nov 1989, p.88]
    • Time
    • 47 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    This movie could induce terminal boredom in adults and rot the minds of the young. [26 August 1985, p.64]
    • Time
    • 36 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    The bad news for everyone else is that the colorfully named characters from Clue remain flat enough to be stored in a box, and that all three endings are unpersuasive. [23 Dec 1985, p.79]
    • Time
  14. Director John Huston offers production numbers full of empty extravagance, a host of familiar characters (like Punjab and the Asp) with little to do - and a chorus of baby Mormans knowingly strutting their stuff, breaking the sound and charm barriers.
  15. Worst-in-breed not only for this year, but very likely in living memory.
  16. Suffice it to say that these morons have, quite simply, turned The Day the Earth Stood Still on its head and what's falling out of its pockets in that upended state is a stream of junk.
  17. Was Red Riding Hood masterminded by a cadre of particularly silly 11-year-olds undergoing withdrawal from Twilight? That's the only excuse for a movie this dopey.
  18. Occasionally curious moviegoers will discover an especially rotten specimen of the genus Cinema stinkibus... a work of ur-awfulness, counterbrilliance and antigenius. Your Highness, the new medieval-fantasy farce starring and co-written by Danny McBride, is such a movie.
  19. New Year's Eve may be the ugliest movie of the year, from the garish lighting to the heavy make up and bad costumes.
  20. This eighth Madea movie is pretty lame even by Perry’s slapdash standards.
  21. Massively stupid: preposterous yet boring.
  22. The worst movie in living memory.
    • Time
  23. Obscene level of incompetence, excessive inanity in the story line, gross negligence of the viewer's intelligence, a prurient interest in the quick buck. [2 Oct 1995]
    • Time
  24. One of the most execrable movies ever made. [6 March 1995, p.100]
    • Time
  25. Wearying, stupefying, dumber than dumb, When Nature Calls would be a career ender for Carrey--except that a zillion people have seen it. Stop this, folks. It'll only encourage him.
  26. A stupefying shambles, Two of a Kind just noses out "Staying Alive" for Worst Picture of the Year.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    Talk about off-casting: brittle-romantic Nora Ephron writing a high-concept comedy about a Mafioso's troubles when the Federal Witness Security Program plunks him down in white-bread suburbia; humorless Herbert Ross directing it; Steve Martin playing the gangster. Talk about miscalculation. [3 Sept 1990, p.72]
    • Time

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