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  1. It could work with better writing and a more grounded characterization, but instead the show just lurches between tones, and the lead performance, between Smits having a lark as a rascally rebel and Smits in high-dudgeon mode
  2. The show seems sympathetic to them as far as it goes, but the fat humor is just predictable and lame.
  3. Sadowski, recast in the role of Henry, has better delivery and chemistry with Shatner. And the show may well please fans of throwback insult comedies, longing for the days of The Ropers and C.P.O. Sharkey. But why anyone needed to buy the rights to a Twitter feed to base a sitcom on the concept "Cranky Old Man Makes Wisecracks" is beyond me.
  4. V may be giving us more aliens, but I'm still looking for the people.
  5. In practice, Off the Map plays like a rote example of "It's _____, but set in _______!" school of programming, in which the background is much more interesting than the foreground.
  6. Her character, a hard-drinking, pistol-packing liberal with a lot to say about how the legal system is stacked against the average guy, is as outsized a figure as you'd expect, but Bates manages to ground her in reality. But she's surrounded by thinner-than-thin supporting characters: loopy coworkers, arrogant legal adversaries and clients who are the kind of caricatures of Troubled Urban Street Youth that, I guess, are supposed to not be offensive as long as your legal drama is taking their side.
  7. Even on the level of it's-just-entertainment, Camelot is exceedingly silly.
  8. You might watch Teen Wolf and find a diverting if familiar, brooding teen drama, and that's fine. I found myself watching it and thinking: I want my MTV.
  9. If the story-through-backstory becomes more compelling, and in the process Bridget and Siobhan become well-enough developed to give Gellar something to do, Ringer might turn around. So far, though, it's just twice as much of a disappointing thing.
  10. What we lose in the US Free Agents pilot is the sense of emotional commitment to the situations of the characters.
  11. It also has hints--just hints--of a fascinating show about the implications of technology and the limits of knowledge. But I don't know if it really wants to, or will be allowed to, become that more interesting show.
  12. The movie seems to want to make a larger point about modern politics from the way Palin's nomination was used by the flagging McCain campaign--as a shiny object to "change the narrative" and shift the buzz from Barack Obama--but the movie itself gets distracted by its own shiny object, Palin.
  13. If you can say that Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp is about anything, it's about being on the reality show Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp.
  14. Overall, the first installment was yet another overbloated, two-hour NBC reality marathon, The Biggest Loser with live ammo and C-list celebrities.
  15. For now this show is much more normal--read: mediocre--than it seems to think it is.
  16. In essence, SEAL Team Six plays like a slightly longer, much cheesier version of a Homeland episode.
  17. There are no aliens, no teleporters and no lasers. And sadly--given creator Joss Whedon's track record with Buffy the Vampire Slayer--no laughs or thrills.
  18. Ally's self-involvement can make the viewer wince because of the writing and because she hasn't earned our sympathy--her predicaments often seem so false. ... And yet, because Flockhart really is a fine actress and the writing can rise to a higher level, the show has its winning moments.
  19. Third Rock's creators, veteran Saturday Night Live writers Bonnie and Terry Turner, have described the show as "Carl Sagan meets the Marx Brothers." In reality, it's Maude meets Mork & Mindy.
  20. The show has some nice touches. Joel's Jewishness is refreshingly up-front, and it's good to see a few Native Americans on TV for a change. But this domesticated Twin Peaks is too precious by half.
  21. The device generates some laughs but starts wearing thin before the first episode is even finished.
  22. As long as all you ask of it is more familiar twists and backstabbing, you’ll probably be happy with it. If you felt (like I did) that the series had said all it had to say after eight years, the reboot looks skippable.
  23. The miniseries is leaden and slack. Part of the problem maybe simply be bloat.... But the greater problem is Rosemary and Guy, who are as anesthetically generic as a couple in a credit-card commercial.
  24. It’s in John Mulaney’s standup bits, thus far much funnier and authentic-feeling than anything in the scripted parts of Mulaney, that you get a hint of what that might be.
  25. Almost none of [the characters] shows signs of becoming an actual person rather than a high-concept joke.
  26. It's the sort of talky tedious drama that is far less intelligent than it clearly thinks it is.
  27. Lil' Bush is too lame to be taken seriously, or, more important, taken humorously.
  28. It's a weird, tone-deaf mismatch of talents, styles and genre.
  29. Campily depicting high school as a den of sluts and predators, Secret achieves the noble goal of making sex thoroughly unsexy.
  30. Even the contestants seemed to be trying too hard, screaming and making wisecracks for the camera, as if coaxed by the producers or, more likely, their agents.

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