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  1. Throughout, Spies delivers the vicarious pleasures of old-fashioned spy movies with the bold contemporary frankness of the best of cable.
  2. Ted is a seriously wacky show and deserves to be seen.
  3. Witty and wacky--but emphasizing the wacky above all--this sharp-tongued, sweet-souled sitcom picks up without losing a (heart)beat.
  4. Heartfelt and rarely schmaltzy, call this one a winner.
  5. The actresses' chemistry makes up for an earnest predictability in the storytelling.
  6. Bear in mind that if Men were any more low-key, it might evaporate in front of you. This seriocomic slice of life is best when we're at the diner or on a hike with these superbly acted smaller-than-life not-quite-heroes (Braugher, Ray Romano and Scott Bakula).
  7. Mirren... hits a dazzling career high.
  8. The juxtaposition of surface banality and the high-octane spy intrigue of their shadow identities gives The Americans a suspenseful kick.
  9. While things invariably and hilariously go wrong, Party Down’s appeal comes from the interplay of these endearingly delusional wannabes—now including Megan Mullally, replacing the irreplaceable Jane Lynch as a perky single-mom new recruit.
  10. This tribute to the pioneering comic's life and legacy, with TV clips and audio excerpts (enhanced with crude animation) from her many comedy albums hold up surprisingly well. A rich roster of admiring celebrities weighs in.
  11. Inside Amy Schumer is triumphantly raunchy as it toggles between stand-up vignettes, person-on-the-street interviews and barbed sketches with a gamy sting.
  12. While prolonging the inevitable, and potentially blunting whatever narrative momentum still exists in a most inelegant and desperate-seeming way, it's no wonder the often dazzling opening episode--titled Time Zones, in a nod to the firm's now-bicoastal focus--is so preoccupied with time.
  13. This show lives up to its franchise's reputation for suspenseful action.
  14. If the season premiere is heavier on atmosphere than plot, by the second week, stories begin to kick into full gear, and you’re caught up again in the turbulent marriages, personal secrets and caustic office politics that make Mad Men so madly, marvelously mesmerizing.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The result is a combustible cocktail of explosive action and sly intrigue, which provides an ingenious showcase for Spader to work his inscrutably enigmatic magic.
    • TV Guide
  15. By the time the sing-along version of High School Musical 2 airs Sunday (8/19, 8/7c), two nights after the first screening, many kids already will have memorized the lyrics--and probably many of the dance moves. It's going to be that addictive.
  16. Tension runs high throughout this densely layered story, which is well worth your time. Hope all the Super Bowl exposure pays off for this one.
  17. Hostages piles on twists upon complications upon secrets with enough breathless zeal to keep us wondering what will happen next, even when it challenges our disbelief.
  18. The CW's The Flash is one of the most enjoyable, agreeable and infectiously exuberant new shows of the fall, a welcome respite from the angst-heavy gloom that burdens so many comics-inspired superhero action shows these days.
  19. Richly plotted and totally absorbing, one of summer TV's best surprises.
  20. The show has found its footing again after a scattershot second season. The dramatic focus is very tight, not to mention topical
  21. Hit & Miss, the fun is just beginning, and I can't wait to see where this twisted but strangely affecting story goes next.
  22. These young Chicagoans are seriously, but amusingly, Underemployed--the title of a disarmingly scruffy new MTV hour-long dramedy from Six Feet Under's Craig Wright that nails the confusion (sometimes sexual) and disappointment (usually economic) of a generation raised to expect more than today's society is offering.
  23. This movie comes most alive in those scenes when all the well-cast women (including Jill Scott as an unusually reserved Truvy) are bouncing off each other, biting but never drawing blood.
  24. Primeval mixes elements of "Jurassic Park” and "Stargate," rarely taking itself seriously while also warning of the consequences of not confronting these threats to mankind.
  25. Damages' endgame is on, and so far it's a doozy--with a fatalistic framework suggesting not everyone emerges alive.
  26. This appealing and emotionally engaging series about life in a weight-loss summer camp comes with high expectations
  27. An unsparing and sobering documentary by Marina Zenovich.
  28. The first two episodes feel like the rebirth of a recharged series, with Dobrev taking the reins with gusto as she emotes.
  29. Law revels in reckless, rude antiheroics. But Margulies also excels in giving her character emotional depth, with a tragic backstory and a rocky personal life involving a long-suffering husband (Aidan Quinn) and a hot private eye (James McCaffrey) on the side.

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