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  1. It's like watching Nancy Drew grow up into Wonder Woman.
  2. While prolonging the inevitable, and potentially blunting whatever narrative momentum still exists in a most inelegant and desperate-seeming way, it's no wonder the often dazzling opening episode--titled Time Zones, in a nod to the firm's now-bicoastal focus--is so preoccupied with time.
  3. This could and should be the season when Orphan Black graduates from cult curiosity and is adopted by the pop culture at large as the watercooler sensation it deserves to be.
  4. A creepier, freakier Resurrection, in which the returned are almost human but just "other" enough to cause problems, Flesh aims high as an allegory of social prejudice and political extremism.
  5. Who the real animal is here remains to be seen, with surprising and mostly satisfying fallout in this taut legal thriller.
  6. Skepticism turns to pleasure as Greg reveals himself to be a wide-eyed charmer (think a less smarmy Greg Kinnear) and Sweden becomes an unexpectedly welcome and disarming diversion in a summer cluttered with noisy mediocrity.
  7. So generous in its jolts that you barely have time to dwell on the plot holes, The Strain may not be the most original thrill ride, but it's among the summer's most enjoyable, elevating its genre clichés with a pulp urgency that, like the monster's icky wormy offspring, gets under your skin and stays there.
  8. WGN America's bold new period drama Manhattan goes even further [than AMC's Mad Men], eschewing the romantic veneer altogether in a gritty story of scientific mavericks operating in extreme circumstances.
  9. The Knick is compulsively, crudely riveting, even when your natural instinct is to avert your eyes and demand to be released from this hellhole, stat.
  10. Far a more escapist and pleasurable time, look to Starz, which travels the high (or Highlander) road of historical-romantic fantasy in the appealing and gorgeously filmed Outlander.
  11. No complaints from this corner after attending an advance screening a week ago of the gorgeously entertaining premiere.
  12. The competition element is an intriguing twist, but what makes The Chair so compelling, beyond the usual monetary and production crises you'd expect during a four-week shoot in wintry Pittsburgh on a $600,000 budget, is watching two distinct personalities shape the material in such thoroughly different ways.
  13. The heightened tone, pungent dialogue, extreme characters, twisty plotting and dizzying pace reflect the Shonda philosophy of entertain-at-all-costs, providing a sizzling showcase for Viola Davis as Annalise Keating
  14. This disarming winner has you instantly rooting for basketball prodigy Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher).
  15. As Carrie ruthlessly, recklessly pursues answers to how they got into this mess, at peace only when she's at war, Homeland regains much of its dramatic power by taking us far from home and making us wonder that if someone like Carrie is our best hope, should we just abandon hope?
  16. The CW's The Flash is one of the most enjoyable, agreeable and infectiously exuberant new shows of the fall, a welcome respite from the angst-heavy gloom that burdens so many comics-inspired superhero action shows these days.
  17. The grueling season premiere should satisfy anyone pining for graphic action, nerve-wracking suspense and unsparing savagery from all sides, including the incessant flow of zombie "walkers" who have upended civilization, exposing humanity at its most monstrous. (The episode will also help viewers understand how Terminus got so twisted, but as often happens in these morality plays, the theme is overstated at least one too many times.)
  18. An infectiously enjoyable confection of outlandish telenovela-inspired soap opera (think Ugly Betty) grounded in lovably fractious family dynamics.
  19. An eclectic and enthralling documentary travelogue that follows the band on a musical journey to explore the rich cultural heritage of eight iconic music meccas.
  20. Watching Nick (Peter Krause), family lawyer and honorary Darling, struggle to preserve his soul while fixing the family's messes is such fun you can almost forget the show's such a gaudy anachronism.
  21. With relative rookies Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson solving the crimes and scrappy Linus Roache leading the prosecution (with Alana de la Garza) and butting heads with his boss, Law & Order rarely feels like a show entering its 19th season.
  22. A funny/sad Office-style mockumentary depicting a year in the life of an Australian public high school, this wildly talented writer-star loves making you squirm (à la Gervais) while submerging himself inside the skin of characters so diverse (à la Ullman) you can hardly believe it's the same guy.
  23. There are times when you don’t whether to scream with fear or laughter. Being Human is frighteningly good.
  24. An offbeat show that veers between wacky and truly poignant extremes.
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  25. This remake achieves an Avengers-like balance of cheeky wit amid the cheesiness.
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  26. As with Monk, the crime is largely an afterthought. Psych similarly serves up murder as a fluffy soufflé, but what a tasty way to end the week.
  27. There's enough to enjoy in Weeds that you could get a contact high just by tuning in.
  28. Jerry Bruckheimer's latest fun-to-watch procedural.
  29. Reminiscent of 24 but about a dozen times more realistic (though dramatically more uneven).
  30. You'll root for these inept amateurs, but sustaining this premise won't be easy.

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