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  1. The supporting cast is diverse, but uniformly bland. Three Rivers isn’t as laughably awful as NBC’s "Mercy," but it’s possibly more forgettable.
  2. This reimagined version, which feels a bit old hat in a post-Matrix fantasy landscape, is more leaden, pretentious and solemn, a tone embodied by Caviezel’s brooding Six, who’s more dour than dashing.
  3. If you’ve never seen a legal show before, maybe you’ll get something out of this; otherwise, it’s about as refreshing as wading in a kiddie pool on a scorching summer day.
  4. Spartacus is derivative as entertainment and primitively pandering as a diverting spectacle of campy historical fiction.
  5. The show isn’t as self-important and whiny as Hung, or as precious and smug as Bored to Death, or as repulsive as Eastbound and Down (to name a few of HBO’s recent comedy misfires, all of which were renewed). Sadly, this one’s just a bit threadbare.
  6. The problem is that Scoundrels is never as funny as it thinks it is.
  7. Unclear and, at first glance, very uneven, but it's still a lot more inviting than ABC's DOA "Happy Town."
  8. There's nothing about Haven that isn't derivative at best and dispiriting at worst.
  9. There's not much there here, as Chase engages in violent cat-and-mouse pursuits between a team of U.S. Marshals (led by Giddish's Annie "Boots" Frost) and psycho criminals on the lam.
  10. When Steve and Emmy reconnect in the mansion where they grew up, sparks are meant to fly. But the chemistry is lacking, maybe because the creators are too busy loading up so many elements of the bizarre around them.
  11. There's no surprise to this, just a sense of resignation that such a hokey climax is the way these shows are supposed to work. Which doesn't make V a terrible show, just a terribly ordinary one.
  12. This isn't a catastrophe, mind you. It's not Knight Rider-Bionic Woman awful. It's merely forgettable. Which is just sad.
  13. The conditions at the clinic and surrounding villages are unnervingly primitive, which adds to the drama and the stakes of many of these emergency triage cases. But it's the painfully earnest dialogue that could really make you ill.
  14. What in the original incarnation was shockingly cheeky, in its graphic and profane depiction of teens indulging in sex-and-drug debauchery, has been neutered and tamed in a remake that is unconvincing, amateurishly produced and very poorly acted.
  15. This is assembly line rom-com TV.
  16. Mr. Sunshine never really comes into focus. I'm regarding this as a work in progress, and am hoping it finds its way in weeks to come the way Cougar Town quickly did.
  17. You say potato, I say dramatic arsenic. This actors' exercise is what it's like finding yourself trapped in a pretentious, self-important off-Broadway "experience," wishing you'd chosen to go to a movie or stay home with TV instead.
  18. It's business as usual on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, an uninspired spin-off of the undistinguished (except in its degree of gruesomeness) long-running hit.
  19. This one pushes the zany aspects too hard, trivializing the missions while neglecting such elements as grit, wit and heart.
  20. It's ploddingly earnest when it isn't crudely scurrilous....There is some fine acting.
  21. Rarely has the story been rendered so dreary and insipid.
  22. This isn't a terrible show, because that might make it memorable. Instead, it falls into that category of being fairly clever without really being funny or all that amusing.
  23. Your enjoyment of Franklin & Bash may depend on your tolerance for frat-boy antics and smarmy whimsy.
  24. Saving the least for last, Entourage feels awfully washed-out and washed-up, kind of like Vince Chase's dormant career, as the show counts down to the end.
  25. To say Secret Circle isn't spellbinding is an understatement. Originality and surprise are the main ingredients missing from this tepid witches' brew.
  26. An insipid and unconvincing attempt to position bunnies at the forefront of a social and sexual revolution.
  27. Some are embracing this as a juicy guilty pleasure, a return to Dynasty times by way of The Count of Monte Cristo. I found it all a bit predictable and thick, like I was choking on Crisco.
  28. AMC's sprawling but heavy-handed attempt to revive and redefine the Western (a newly hot TV-development trend) is solemn business indeed, with precious little wit or originality.
  29. This Bag is sadly empty of surprises.
  30. Even host Ben Bailey (of Cash Cab) can't seem to get too worked up about it.