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  1. The frantically violent mayhem, including a tasteless cannibalism gag, is paced swiftly enough that you can almost ignore the silliness of a show that isn’t above resurrecting characters long thought dead. Still, it beats last year’s miserable detour in a Panamanian sweatbox.
  2. Reminiscent at times of "The Bourne Identity" or "Face/Off," to name a few movie influences it does not improve upon, the beyond-high-concept Enemy asks us to believe Christian Slater as a cold-blooded assassin named Edward who doubles, when a switch in his brain is flipped, as a milquetoast family man named Henry.
  3. Crash doesn't burn so much as it simmers. It's provocative and intriguing, but leaves you wondering if the whole setup might not simply work better as a movie.
  4. When everything and every moment is studiously and heavy-handedly unpleasant, and each humorless, colorless detail seems designed to impress us with its “edge,” the overall effect ironically becomes somewhat monotonous.
  5. A newspaper writer whose one-night-stand with a baby-faced young-un leads to predictable complications when she gets, you guessed it, knocked up.
  6. Not much interesting going on here, although it can be intriguing to watch an old-fashioned-style sitcom shoehorned into the Gossip Girl age, as ABC Family continues to try to be relevant yet family-friendly.
  7. While there is much talent associated with this show, Parks still feels pretty much like the pits, an uneasy and uneven clone that has yet to achieve a comedic purpose of its own.
  8. I’d like to say the self-consciously literary Bored to Death lives up (or down) to its title, but it really doesn’t even leave that much of an impression.
  9. I simply hope Hot in Cleveland can give us more than the lukewarm pilot promises. Ohio deserves better, and so do these fabulous ladies.
  10. As it wrestles with Big Moral Questions, Rubicon is unquestionably smart but undeniably sluggish.
  11. It's all very fast-paced but relentlessly and annoyingly simplistic, with virtually no dramatic nourishment along the way. The show's other gimmick is to add a reveal at the end of each episode to let us know who was really responsible for the crime and whether justice was served. In the two episodes I watched, can't say I really cared by the end.
  12. It may be a cliche to say that New York is an essential character and component of the Law & Order brand, but it's true. The distinctive grit and energy of the urban metropolis are lacking in the sprawl of L.A., which is also so overexposed on TV in its sun-drenched glamour that LOLA feels old hat before it even arrives.
  13. Moments and characters like these take us out of the reality that Shameless otherwise aims to portray, falling victim to the pay-cable impulse to push the shock envelope just because it can. Which ultimately is less shocking than irritating. A shame, really.
  14. If all of this is new to you, the appealing mix of humor and horror may very well hook you. If you've already fallen in love with the British version, as I have, this uneven carbon copy will seem wildly unnecessary.
  15. Legal is fairly banal, and its focus is often as fuzzy and vague as its by-the-numbers title. Thankfully, Shahi has more than enough personal charm and sex appeal to keep this vehicle afloat until it finds its own voice.
  16. Too bad that's not more wonder in this very familiar show. There's nothing really wrong with Mad Love. There's just nothing new about any of it.
  17. Some of the situations they encounter on the dating and relationship circuit are promisingly wacky, but the tortured jokes lean way too heavily on pop-culture references.
  18. It may be just ordinary enough to work.
  19. Having peaked a few seasons back in the amazing John Lithgow season, Showtime's hit Dexter at least seems to be enjoying itself as year six kicks off.
  20. Though the stories provide plenty of jolts, Bedlam becomes less scary with repetition during its six-episode duration, because we can see these persistent ghouls all too easily.
  21. I wish I were as invested in Amy's journey as she is, but as she blathers on about being an agent of change at her uncaring corporation, I find myself restless to change the channel to something that's actually entertaining or, yes, enlightening.
  22. A more conventionally crass buddy comedy about a Jersey whale-out-of-water (voiced by Book of Mormon star Josh Gad) who moves to the California beachfront with his buxom mom (Debi Mazar),
  23. If only Grimm didn't also feel like we've seen it before, only executed with more verve and humor back in the glory days of Buffy and Angel.
  24. The action and whimsy help compensate for an overall flatness in the rest of the ensemble casting and low-budget production.
  25. The mysteries of the mythology--Where were they for the last half-century? Who's pulling their violent strings?--are more compelling than the plodding mechanics of the weekly manhunt.
  26. With overripe dialogue that sounds like Shakespeare ground through a blender of baroque profanity, punctuated by action sequences of almost comical brutality amid orgies of debauchery, Spartacus is back with a vengeance.
  27. Their [Matthew Perry and Laura Benanti's] wary cat-and-mouse game doesn't exactly break new comic ground, but it temporarily lifts Go On from its jarring tonal shifts between mockery and mawkishness.
  28. This posh address, which could yet become catnip for occultists, looks to be for amateurs only.
  29. This is a family that could use some ruffling, with precious little chemistry between the series leads.
  30. The hour-long pilot of Mockingbird Lane [is] a monster mash of a hot mess.

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