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  1. When the music stopped, the sound of Underwood was underwhelming: drab, devoid of energy or passion, creating a vapid hole at the center of a charming and diverting production. Her chemistry with a similarly stiff Stephen Moyer, as an awkwardly gaunt Capt. Von Trapp, felt like wilted edelweiss.
  2. This is Texas, y'all. And you may very well feel like you've been to this rodeo before.
  3. Some of the stylistic touches are amusing, including a bombastic theme song belted by Steve Lawrence, but the strain shows as Babylon's sketchy premise is elongated to miniseries length.
  4. Never as heightened or melodramatic as Queer as Folk (British and Showtime versions), Looking also isn't terribly distinctive and is only sporadically engaging.
  5. Rake's uneven tone (which makes Ally McBeal seem grounded in reality) left me numb.
  6. Black Sails opens promisingly enough with a sea battle, followed by threats of violent upheaval aboard the Walrus, captained by the arrogant, aloof Flint (Toby Stephens). Too soon, though, the action moves onto land. And while Starz staples like graphic sex and savagery are hardly uncommon occurrences in the bustling debauchery of New Providence Island, Sails becomes stubbornly becalmed by its landlocked third and fourth hours, as tiresome wheeling and dealing triggers a bout of Restless Sea Legs Syndrome in the impatient viewer.
  7. While sporadically and quietly amusing, the entire enterprise has the whiff of an in-joke vanity production.
  8. [A] stubbornly bland potboiler.
  9. Atmospheric and overheated, it's often as lurid and messy as American Horror Story and almost as indulgent and incoherent, with characters from Dracula, Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray and assorted other legends of yore intersecting in an occultist brew.
  10. An uneven yet at times emotionally engrossing series that hasn't quite figured out an appropriate or clear tone to dramatize this mystifying meditation on loss, sustained grief and tested, twisted faith.
  11. I'm still waiting for this overqualified cast to get material that allows them to act like grown-ups as opposed to squabbling, whiny, gossipy, neurotic, sex-obsessed nimrods.
  12. A fresh approach can take you only so far when the material is this tired.
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  13. The very definition of generic.
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  14. The cast is strong... But the characters come off as icky, wretched backstabbers.
  15. Improv techniques aside, I'd just settle for a funny script.
  16. Uneven.
  17. The Riches is hard to believe and not much easier to embrace.
  18. The first three episodes of this peculiar series bored me silly with its pretentious mannerisms, and I can't help thinking that many HBO subscribers will tune in and wonder: They dropped Deadwood for this?
  19. The pilot is neither thrilling nor funny enough to earn notice.
  20. This feels like the kind of show ABC used to churn out in its sleep.
  21. This contemporary remake is cheerfully B-movie cheesy--watch an alien attack a bowling alley--but also stubbornly flat, settling for cute when sublime camp would be preferred.
  22. The gimmick's in the scheduling of this tediously claustrophobic though sometimes searing half-hour drama, set almost entirely in a psychotherapist's office.
  23. We know Ullman has range. What this Union needs is focus.
  24. No one is more than skin-deep, so there’s little in the way of irony or metaphor to disguise the fact that Swingtown is so determined to be shocking it seems a little quaint.
  25. Suspense should be nerve-tingling fun, not necessarily punishing, and most of what I’ve seen so far has been about as enjoyable as taking a sledgehammer to the temple. And just about as cheesily predictable.
  26. As often happens in this genre, the more you learn about the lurking evil... the less scary it gets.
  27. The animation is primitive, and so is the straining-to-be-hip writing in this deadpan sitcom.
  28. The only moment anyone’s likely to remember from the colossal dud of The Jay Leno Show's opening night--which felt more like an off night of the old Tonight Show--was a moment where no joke was cracked, indeed where no word was spoken.
  29. An odd tonal mix with uneven casting that never quite produces the intended magic, it feels like a misfire to me.
  30. Hank does fill a network void where family-friendly comedy is concerned, but Grammer is just going through the paces here. And I’m not sure a void actually deserves another void.

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