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  1. The overstuffed pilot piles on a few too many weepy crises, many involving Adam’s young son (who may have Asperger’s syndrome), but the strong cast’s considerable charm breaks through.
  2. An entertaining mishmash that uneasily juggles jargony sci-fi theories with elements of military conspiracy, action-adventure, disaster movie and surreal psychological suspense.
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  3. Cheerfully cheesy.
  4. There are worse ideas. And far worse shows this fall.
  5. Even when Freak Show collapses under its undiluted excess, it does remember at least one essential truth of terror: Nothing's scarier than a mean, ugly clown.
  6. The disaster-movie clichés pile up in 10.5 Apocalypse.
  7. Gravity may be weighted down by cliche, but it’s not without interest.
  8. An uneven yet at times emotionally engrossing series that hasn't quite figured out an appropriate or clear tone to dramatize this mystifying meditation on loss, sustained grief and tested, twisted faith.
  9. So far so generic, and I'll decide later once my ears stop ringing.
  10. A newspaper writer whose one-night-stand with a baby-faced young-un leads to predictable complications when she gets, you guessed it, knocked up.
  11. As fast-paced as it is preposterous.
  12. Taylor gives a forceful performance as a wronged wife who lapses into hallucinations during therapy sessions, but a bitter tone pervades most of the rest of the show.
  13. Like on House, we go inside the body, zooming from nerve endings to the mind's exotic landscape, where surreal images convey mystery maladies. If only 3 LBS were as provocative.
  14. Too much pretentious hooey about destiny obscures an unfocused saga of normal folks with odd powers.
  15. Their [Matthew Perry and Laura Benanti's] wary cat-and-mouse game doesn't exactly break new comic ground, but it temporarily lifts Go On from its jarring tonal shifts between mockery and mawkishness.
  16. This is what you'd get if Without a Trace somehow turned into a cartoonish conspiracy chase thriller.
  17. Sun aspires to the breadth if not the depth of The Wire. But it's so self-conscious in its existential misery, lacking the leavening humor and humanity of a modern classic like Breaking Bad, that it often feels more punishing than provocative.
  18. Revolution is too convoluted for its own good. Streamlining would have been a better option for a show being thrown to the Wednesday wolves.
  19. The action and whimsy help compensate for an overall flatness in the rest of the ensemble casting and low-budget production.
  20. The mysteries of the mythology--Where were they for the last half-century? Who's pulling their violent strings?--are more compelling than the plodding mechanics of the weekly manhunt.
  21. The frantically violent mayhem, including a tasteless cannibalism gag, is paced swiftly enough that you can almost ignore the silliness of a show that isn’t above resurrecting characters long thought dead. Still, it beats last year’s miserable detour in a Panamanian sweatbox.
  22. Never as heightened or melodramatic as Queer as Folk (British and Showtime versions), Looking also isn't terribly distinctive and is only sporadically engaging.
  23. Legal is fairly banal, and its focus is often as fuzzy and vague as its by-the-numbers title. Thankfully, Shahi has more than enough personal charm and sex appeal to keep this vehicle afloat until it finds its own voice.
  24. When the music stopped, the sound of Underwood was underwhelming: drab, devoid of energy or passion, creating a vapid hole at the center of a charming and diverting production. Her chemistry with a similarly stiff Stephen Moyer, as an awkwardly gaunt Capt. Von Trapp, felt like wilted edelweiss.
  25. Smart fun.... But Report often feels like an overlong, overindulged sketch.
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  26. This is Texas, y'all. And you may very well feel like you've been to this rodeo before.
  27. A good girl’s surprise pregnancy is a strong premise, but creator Brenda Hampton (7th Heaven) undercuts it by surrounding Amy with an uninspired ensemble of precociously cardboard classmates.
  28. [Graceland] is barely distinguishable from USA Network's long roster of crime capers featuring pretty people in gorgeous settings.
  29. The result is a mostly wan workplace sitcom hamstrung by the premise of yoking Williams to a wet-blanket daughter as business partner (Sarah Michelle Gellar, not exactly in her element). The co-star who really pops is James Wolk.
  30. So three cheers for Cristela and a shrug-and-a-half for Cristela, a harmless but so far forgettable addition to ABC's reconstituted mini-"TGIF" lineup. If only the show had the gumption of its leading lady.

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