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611 tv reviews
  1. A show that's every bit the equal of the best of cable.
  2. That's Mad Men in a woozy nutshell: intoxicating, sophisticated, demanding, uncompromising and always seductively satisfying. Even after a stupefying 17-month absence that somehow hasn't dampened our ardor for this one-of-a-kind series.
  3. Easily the best and most original entertainment too few are watching, Daisies dazzles and delights with a sensory overload of perfectly surreal whimsy that juggles screwball fairy tale, romantic comedy and mystery.
  4. The deft, resonant satire that helped make Judge's Office Space a cult hit takes on farcical new dimension in Silicon Valley.
  5. [Silicon Valley is] paired with the third season of the savagely hilarious Veep, this combo promises to be HBO's most robust and certainly most entertaining comedy hour in years.
  6. Teeming with anger, sorrow, passion and purpose, this powerful and harrowing movie is part tragic love story in plague times, part agitprop manifesto and tribute to tireless activism.
  7. As leaps of faith go, yes. And faith--in visions both magical and musical--has everything to do with Eli Stone's divine appeal.
  8. AMC's dazzling Mad Men, returning this weekend for a third season of rich and provocative drama poised at the brink of cataclysmic cultural change.
  9. I can attest there’s no such thing as too much Larry. Or, more to the point, too much Curb. Weak with laughter, I couldn’t be happier to welcome it back.
  10. Embracing with raw, unsettling honesty the random absurdities that regularly befall this urban dweller, Louie brilliantly mines the all-too-human comedy of anxiety, insecurity and disappointment--in himself and others.
  11. [A] quietly creepy and profoundly unsettling supernatural mystery.
  12. There's always a surprise in baseball," says one of the game's biggest fans, Boston scribe Mike Barnicle. His lifelong emotional roller-coaster as a Red Sox loyalist--years of disappointment turned to rapture by the team's 2004 World Series victory--is one of the most enjoyable narrative threads in the glorious four hours of Baseball: The Tenth Inning.
  13. It's hard not to be moved by Rectify's unique approach to a redemption story, with an aching tenderness cloaked in a suffocating sadness.
  14. If you can handle it, The Walking Dead is grade-A terror.
  15. This could be the start of something great. In just a handful of episodes, it's already powerfully terrific.
  16. Satire doesn't get more satisfying. [2-8 May 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  17. Rectify is touching in so many ways, and the only drawback is that six hours is not nearly enough to tell this story, with an open-ended conclusion that's more disturbing than satisfying.
  18. John Adams, based on David McCullough's acclaimed biography, is as sumptuous and satisfying as TV gets: gorgeously produced, marvelously acted and written with a sense of high drama amid generous displays of wit.
  19. Danny Glover's Atlanta is steeped in an urban hard-knocks authenticity. [5-18 Sep 2016, p.22]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  20. Surreal and harrowing.
  21. It's a brisk, naughty little show, among the freshest of genre parodies. Despite its vintage look, Archer feels very modern.
  22. Transparent's transcendent empathy and wry, raw realism make most of this fall season's new batch of network sitcoms seem even emptier than usual.
  23. The summer's most wildly original new series. [27 Jul - 9 Aug 2015, p.12]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  24. Richly human and ruthlessly plotted--though overeager in repeatedly stating its existential theme of bad choices and worse consequences--Ozark is a triumph for Bateman. [24 Jul - 6 Aug 2017, p.14]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  25. There's a solemn fascination in the details of soulless ritual depicted in the Handmaid's Tale ... A deadlier game of rebellion seems to be brewing, promising thrilling twists to come in this already terrific Tale. [17-30 Apr 2017, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  26. Broadchurch sets a high bar for the British mystery, sustaining its mournful suspense over eight hours without ever lapsing into cheap sensation or shock. [26 Jun - 9 Jul 2017, p.12]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  27. [A] terrific dynastic saga, a darker-than-dark "Giant" [1956 film directed by George Stevens]. [3-16 Apr 2017, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  28. Sherlock is the rare reinvention that's likely to enchant purists as well as those yearning for a new look at an old favorite. Should you bookmark it now on your DVR? The answer, my dear reader and viewer, is elementary.
  29. This is a gorgeous piece of storytelling that requires and rewards patience.
  30. Indian Summers comes close to achieving that Nirvana [1984's The Jewel in the Crown]. [21-27 Sept 2015, p.16]
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