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  1. Futurama is still firing on all creative thrusters, especially in the second of two back-to-back episodes.
  2. Archer, meanwhile, is all about the funny, and kicks off its fourth season of deranged spy parody.
  3. The circuitous plot is challenging, but the true glory of Deadwood is in its vivid creation of a volatile world where scoundrels, wretches and tormented heroes coexist in an unvarnished time capsule of Wild West history.
  4. The characters, like the show, send off an ingratiatingly kooky vibe, and I look forward to getting to know them better.
  5. Glee finally presents its second act tonight. And yes, it was worth the wait.
  6. Nerdy sweetness and deep silliness flow effortlessly from Andy Richter.
  7. In this clever series of politically and sexually charged Masterpiece Mystery! movies based on books by Michael Dibdin, and beautifully filmed on location, lone wolf Zen finds his reputation for integrity challenged on all sides.
  8. The scenes in which the older and younger versions interact, with Hamm counseling and cajoling the panicked and miserable Radcliffe as a Ghost of Torment to Come, crackle with a surreal bite.... Not for the squeamish, Notebook is worth bookmarking if you've an adventurous streak.
  9. He [David Walton] and About a Boy are at its best in those disarming moments when Will lets down his guard and faces his grown-up responsibilities to teach Marcus how to enjoy the "total exuberance" of boyhood.
  10. The new setting and a fresh, swank look help restore energy and a sense of freakish fun to what had become a morose melodrama.
  11. The high concept of this buddy mystery-comedy is as familiar as it is inviting.
  12. Its third macabre season magnifies every succulent image and sound to its creepiest potential. [1 Jun 2015, p.18]
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  13. The spirit of John Hughes lives on in this rowdy ensemble of insecure spazzes and delightfully fresh mean girls (yes, we're talking about you, Sadie).
  14. This is one of those potboilers where the good guys (Madfadyen as a pious friar, Sewell as a master builder) are impossibly noble, suffering in a lawless time through the murderous machinations of the endlessly scheming villains (most notably McShane hamming it up as a cunningly ambitious church official).
  15. If Around the World doesn't exactly reinvent the genre, it still manages to refine the familiar bits with sumptuous location shooting and a sense of adventure.
  16. BBC America delivers a satirical treat in the uncannily topical Twenty Twelve.
  17. It would all be terribly sad it if it weren't so incredibly funny.
  18. Who's a villain and who's a hero here? Can you tell the pawns from the players? All excellent questions as we become absorbed in FX's latest thrill ride.
  19. It's an awfully good [documentary].
  20. Well, Talking Funny is certainly addictive.
  21. An endlessly curious and unexpectedly intelligent social experiment.
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  22. This is one fabulous ride.
  23. A searing, sizzlingly well acted docudrama.
  24. Manhunt goes beyond the actual raid to explore the CIA's culture of intelligence gathering, including the internal debates on Bush-era "enhanced interrogation techniques." Even though we all know how it turns out, this is as gripping an account as you're likely to find.
  25. [A] macabre gem.
  26. I find I’m even more enthralled by Showtime’s costume melodrama The Tudors than I was a year ago.
  27. As fables go, Bountiful is fairly uneventful yet unexpectedly affecting, thanks to Tyson's unsparing honesty.
  28. This show is shocking in all the right ways. It's monstrously entertaining.
  29. [An] important but hard-to-watch film.
  30. A treat for armchair travelers.

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