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  1. The randomness of the action and the sense of futility (most notable in Lydia's dealings with a male rape victim) distinguish Southland from run-of-the-mill cop dramas.
  2. When resting between thrilling action scenes, it's all very earnest, never campy or cheesy--but not particularly sophisticated or deep, either. It doesn't really have to be as long as it's entertaining. By those standards, Falling Skies succeeds.
  3. There's gorgeous fun to be had here.
  4. So generous in its jolts that you barely have time to dwell on the plot holes, The Strain may not be the most original thrill ride, but it's among the summer's most enjoyable, elevating its genre clichés with a pulp urgency that, like the monster's icky wormy offspring, gets under your skin and stays there.
  5. Whether riffing on the show's past, unruly present ("re-piloting" as an act of reinvention) or unpredictable future, Abed is always hilariously self-aware of the TV and sitcom clichés Community excels in upending.
  6. The Killing is deliberately paced, but creepily engrossing in a way that may take the audience by surprise.
  7. In these quieter moments, Dead reinforces its claim as TV's greatest horror drama by making us care so desperately about the characters' humanity.
  8. Worth the price of admission? Absolutely.
  9. As enjoyable and exciting as the pilot is, it’s undeniably more simplistic than either Lost or FlashForward in its us-vs.-them setup. But I was instantly seduced and hooked by its lavish production values, the immediately gripping storyline and a strong cast.
  10. This is the rare crime drama that revels in actual mystery, its dark, paranoid tone embodied by two damaged heroes.
  11. A treat for the faithful.
  12. Bloom is both hilarious and kind of scary as she cavorts in lavishly absurd imaginary production numbers--like Smash on acid.... Recklessly enjoyable. [12-25 Oct 2015, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  13. Mars is an entertaining collision of bare-knuckled police-procedural realism and mind-blowing surrealism.
  14. Jane is [not] playing it safe, with subplots in the second season opener about a kidnapped infant, a stolen sperm sample and a drunken Vegas wedding officiated by a Cher impersonator.... Recklessly enjoyable. [12-25 Oct 2015, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  15. Extras captures the stifling boredom and raging egotism of life behind the camera.
    • TV Guide Magazine
  16. Klondike delivers its dramatic bounty more effectively and compactly [than Black Sails], capitalizing on some of Discovery's favorite obsessions: dangerous vocations, gold prospecting and harsh Alaska-adjacent terrain, in a fictionalized account of the 1897 gold rush.
  17. This is the sort of classy entertainment we used to find on A&E before that channel got bit by the reality bug.
    • TV Guide Magazine
  18. This darkly engrossing and quietly suspenseful six-hour miniseries packages its chilly, cynical overview of international Cold War espionage in a brisk parade of sumptuously produced historical set pieces.
  19. The first few episodes after tonight's sensational pilot struggle to find the right balance between the musical and the dramatic, but by the fourth hour, as the new leading lady makes things difficult for the also-ran during the tense rehearsal process, Smash finds its footing.
  20. The competition element is an intriguing twist, but what makes The Chair so compelling, beyond the usual monetary and production crises you'd expect during a four-week shoot in wintry Pittsburgh on a $600,000 budget, is watching two distinct personalities shape the material in such thoroughly different ways.
  21. In its mix of the caustic and the compassionate, Jackie is as electrifying as its star.
  22. Intensely stirring.
  23. An infectiously enjoyable confection of outlandish telenovela-inspired soap opera (think Ugly Betty) grounded in lovably fractious family dynamics.
  24. A revealing and entertaining career retrospective.
  25. It's sexy, funny, hip and heartfelt.
    • TV Guide Magazine
  26. The channel may have hit pay dirt with a gritty project that feels like the real McCoy.
  27. A creepier, freakier Resurrection, in which the returned are almost human but just "other" enough to cause problems, Flesh aims high as an allegory of social prejudice and political extremism.
  28. Even if you're not as crazy about Psycho as I am, Bates Motel has a delirious allure, and its name is Vera Farmiga.
  29. WGN America's bold new period drama Manhattan goes even further [than AMC's Mad Men], eschewing the romantic veneer altogether in a gritty story of scientific mavericks operating in extreme circumstances.
  30. This is how you honor show-biz legends, by hiring authentic actors to deliver sensitive interpretations (not caricatures), evoking the essence and burden of stardom without becoming a voyeuristic sideshow.

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