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  1. Seriously, everyone, Luther is no joke.
  2. Elementary brings edgy new life to CBS' procedural formula, and is just different enough from the Masterpiece Mystery! version (and Benedict Cumberbatch's Emmy-nominated spin) to prove yet again just how versatile this legendary character is.
  3. In an effort to (one hopes) broaden the show's appeal, Human Target immediately welcomes two new regular female characters, a rare example of tweaking a formula and making it even more fun to watch.
  4. An artfully engrossing remake. [9-16 Mar 2015, p.13]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  5. A near-perfect companion piece to the similarly creepy-quirky Grimm, this lavish adaptation of the DC Comics Hellblazer series is the freakiest and most stylized fantasy pilot since Sleepy Hollow, and Ryan's instant grasp of this cocky but battered hero will make it easy to forget that Keanu Reeves ever went there.
  6. Top of the Lake is reminiscent of AMC's The Killing in ways both good (its moodiness) and unfortunate--Robin has a fiancé back home who keeps pleading for her to return--but its world is so specific and transcendently trippy, haunted by mythic legends rooted in this unforgiving geography, that it feels wondrously fresh, alien and unforgettable.
  7. Rescue Me is going into its twilight fully locked and loaded.
  8. Brodie's cases tend to dwell as much on mysteries of the heart as on the usual blood-and-guts. It's a nice change and a great start to a delightful franchise.
  9. The women are the main event here, including the wonderful Audra McDonald (also a Tony winner) as Walter Lee's long-suffering wife and Sanaa Lathan as his spunky sister. It would take a hard heart not to root for this family, to cry with them or to rejoice when they finally get their moment in the sun.
  10. Sunny gets its ninth season off to a strong start with a typically perverse episode.
  11. The Night Manager has been adapted and updated into a thrillingly suspenseful Mission: Impossible playing out on a grand international canvas. [18 Apr-1 May 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  12. ABC has done well in filling the time period with a show that's both sassy and smart, singing a tune we can name in three words: It's a winner.
  13. An eclectic and enthralling documentary travelogue that follows the band on a musical journey to explore the rich cultural heritage of eight iconic music meccas.
  14. This dishy delight is a guilt-free pleasure. [6-19 Jun 2016, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  15. It's a treat for anyone who loves a good call-back to classic sitcoms.
  16. The randomness of the action and the sense of futility (most notable in Lydia's dealings with a male rape victim) distinguish Southland from run-of-the-mill cop dramas.
  17. When resting between thrilling action scenes, it's all very earnest, never campy or cheesy--but not particularly sophisticated or deep, either. It doesn't really have to be as long as it's entertaining. By those standards, Falling Skies succeeds.
  18. There's gorgeous fun to be had here.
  19. So generous in its jolts that you barely have time to dwell on the plot holes, The Strain may not be the most original thrill ride, but it's among the summer's most enjoyable, elevating its genre clichés with a pulp urgency that, like the monster's icky wormy offspring, gets under your skin and stays there.
  20. Whether riffing on the show's past, unruly present ("re-piloting" as an act of reinvention) or unpredictable future, Abed is always hilariously self-aware of the TV and sitcom clichés Community excels in upending.
  21. The Killing is deliberately paced, but creepily engrossing in a way that may take the audience by surprise.
  22. In these quieter moments, Dead reinforces its claim as TV's greatest horror drama by making us care so desperately about the characters' humanity.
  23. Worth the price of admission? Absolutely.
  24. As enjoyable and exciting as the pilot is, it’s undeniably more simplistic than either Lost or FlashForward in its us-vs.-them setup. But I was instantly seduced and hooked by its lavish production values, the immediately gripping storyline and a strong cast.
  25. This is the rare crime drama that revels in actual mystery, its dark, paranoid tone embodied by two damaged heroes.
  26. A treat for the faithful.
  27. Bloom is both hilarious and kind of scary as she cavorts in lavishly absurd imaginary production numbers--like Smash on acid.... Recklessly enjoyable. [12-25 Oct 2015, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  28. Mars is an entertaining collision of bare-knuckled police-procedural realism and mind-blowing surrealism.
  29. Jane is [not] playing it safe, with subplots in the second season opener about a kidnapped infant, a stolen sperm sample and a drunken Vegas wedding officiated by a Cher impersonator.... Recklessly enjoyable. [12-25 Oct 2015, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  30. Extras captures the stifling boredom and raging egotism of life behind the camera.
    • TV Guide Magazine

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