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  1. It may be a cliche to say that New York is an essential character and component of the Law & Order brand, but it's true. The distinctive grit and energy of the urban metropolis are lacking in the sprawl of L.A., which is also so overexposed on TV in its sun-drenched glamour that LOLA feels old hat before it even arrives.
  2. The procedural stuff is mostly drab, but John's institutional memories of the Big Apple (dating back to when it was still a big jungle) make New Amsterdam more intriguing than it initially appears.
  3. As a pitiless, biting satire of the debauched state of American big business, it's no lie to call this one of the smartest, funniest shows of the new year.
  4. Hostages piles on twists upon complications upon secrets with enough breathless zeal to keep us wondering what will happen next, even when it challenges our disbelief.
  5. A high-concept guilty pleasure that comes as a bit of a creative relief after a dreary season of derivative spin-offs, reboots and retreads.
  6. The pilot is enjoyable, but it's hard to know where it's heading.
  7. Miss/Guided is silly but sweet and would be more embraceable if it would drop the misguided (sorry) gimmick of having everyone deliver jokes right into the camera.
  8. [Touch is] emotionally compelling but wildly fantastical and undeniably manipulative.
  9. It's the best original comedy TBS has yet produced--which may not be saying much, but given the mostly lousy track record among broadcast sitcoms this fall, it's hardly bargain basement.
  10. There are some giggles here and there.... But mostly, Vicious is a creepy, in style and attitude, retro serving of tea and hostility that's unworthy of the talents on board.
  11. Substantive without being stuffy, workmanlike but something less than a wow, the show often seemed indistinguishable from his Nightly News gig, albeit with longer stories and more opportunity for in-studio banter.
  12. The first chapters are compelling enough, but after Hostages, it's hard not to be skeptical when we've just seen how quickly this sort of heightened situation can lapse into overheated nonsense.
  13. What Mob City may lack in originality it compensates for in atmosphere and sharp characterizations.
  14. Wilson and Marino are a winning duo, but I'm not sure Annie and Jake's turbulent relationship is enough to sustain a show that lacks distinction in its supporting cast.
  15. Comedy isn't pretty, but in the Short run, it can be painfully hilarious, even when it feels like Gervais is retreading some awfully familiar material here.
  16. The characters and situations may be different, but creator/executive producer Cherry's signature tone of arch cattiness leavened with sentimental schmaltz is unmistakable.
  17. It's like the biggest-budget USA Network show you ever saw, fun to watch but rather forgettable, because the stakes just don't feel all that high. Still, for those who've had their fill of dark drama, Undercovers may be just the ticket for a good snuggle.
  18. While sporadically and quietly amusing, the entire enterprise has the whiff of an in-joke vanity production.
  19. Besides the location, there's little about Detroit that is particularly new or groundbreaking, but it should easily satisfy the millions who seem to have a bottomless appetite for this genre. There are plenty that do it worse.
  20. This is assembly line rom-com TV.
  21. AMC's sprawling but heavy-handed attempt to revive and redefine the Western (a newly hot TV-development trend) is solemn business indeed, with precious little wit or originality.
  22. The enjoyable if less-than-inspired two-hour pilot introduces us to the warehouse, its bizarre inventory and the mismatched new agents in charge.
  23. The frantically violent mayhem, including a tasteless cannibalism gag, is paced swiftly enough that you can almost ignore the silliness of a show that isn’t above resurrecting characters long thought dead. Still, it beats last year’s miserable detour in a Panamanian sweatbox.
  24. The show almost lost me early on with a clumsy gag when Molly's workout routine is upstaged by mom and sis eating chocolate cake right in front of her. (Who would do that?) But it gets better from there, although the whole enterprise seems like a lot of empty (for now) calories.
  25. Poorly acted, drearily written, Siberia is just the thing for those who've tuned into a new reality show and, while watching the same old beats play out, muttered to the screen, "I could have written this."
  26. Realizing that my pleas for viewers to seek out the original will only go so far, I'll say that after watching the first seven episodes of Gracepoint, it's worth a look. If it's your first look. Otherwise, perhaps not. It takes many episodes for the plot ever to diverge, and for the most part, any changes aren't for the better. (And that's especially true for most of the casting.)
  27. The chats are amusing, quirky and strangely obsessed with monkeys (which, granted, is always a funny topic), but the illustrations tend to overemphasize the throwaway moments, draining them of spontaneity and often of their original humor.
  28. The mysteries of the mythology--Where were they for the last half-century? Who's pulling their violent strings?--are more compelling than the plodding mechanics of the weekly manhunt.
  29. Having peaked a few seasons back in the amazing John Lithgow season, Showtime's hit Dexter at least seems to be enjoying itself as year six kicks off.
  30. Rake's uneven tone (which makes Ally McBeal seem grounded in reality) left me numb.

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