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  1. I simply hope Hot in Cleveland can give us more than the lukewarm pilot promises. Ohio deserves better, and so do these fabulous ladies.
  2. There is exactly one interesting storyline.
  3. Rudolph is the wacky comic icing on what otherwise is a more grounded and endearingly realistic comedy about two exhausted new parents (Christina Applegate and Will Arnett) who are still adjusting to the loss of their it's-all-about-me, hard-partying lifestyle to make way for adorable baby Amy.
  4. It's sexy, funny, hip and heartfelt.
    • TV Guide
  5. Silverman reminds us how quickly the novelty can wear off while watching a pixie with a potty mouth.
  6. Despite a cliché video-journal gimmick that has everyone talking to the camera Modern Family style, which ends up belaboring each point, and schmaltzy life lessons ("Sometimes you underestimate the ones you love") wrapping each of the three episodes I've screened, the Fox Show has an appealingly unforced rhythm to its humor.
  7. Self-consciously edgy while flirting with cosmic schmaltz, Saving Grace is overdone, but not run-of-the-mill.
  8. Falling Skies has amped up the dramatic stakes this season, even offering a glimmer of hope when an unexpected visitor drops into their midst, balancing the earnest family values with a visceral survival saga that keeps the hokum mostly at bay.
  9. TNT complies with a delightful series version of its Librarian TV-movie franchise, mixing elements of Indiana Jones, The DaVinci Code and even Warehouse 13 in jaunty and fantastical capers extolling the power and allure, and sometimes danger, of magic.
  10. Comedy isn't pretty, but in the Short run, it can be painfully hilarious, even when it feels like Gervais is retreading some awfully familiar material here.
  11. The pilot is enjoyable, but it's hard to know where it's heading.
  12. [A] lavishly entertaining but hopelessly convoluted new supernatural thriller.
  13. So far, so good.
    • TV Guide
  14. There are worse ideas. And far worse shows this fall.
  15. It’s all very sweet and tuneful, and took me back to my days as a Hayley Mills groupie.
  16. This may not be Peabody material, but if you like a show that's not afraid to go bananas, this might just be your type of low-hanging fruit.
  17. Watching Jackie go back on the drugs, lying to her support group as well as her current better-than-she-deserves cop boyfriend Frank (Adam Ferrara), you can't help but get a dispiriting feeling of been-there, snorted-that. Bright spots include Emmy winner Merritt Wever as the irrepressible nurse Zoey.... and the arrival of the terrific Julie White.
  18. Is Conan the sort of show that's going to revolutionize TV? Probably not. But Conan O'Brien remains a singularly appealing and wonderfully silly voice in the crowded clamor of late night, and it's good to see him back where he belongs.
  19. Hostages piles on twists upon complications upon secrets with enough breathless zeal to keep us wondering what will happen next, even when it challenges our disbelief.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    It's not a bad sitcom, just a bit ordinary given the company it's keeping.
  20. Less lurid than HBO's Rome, yet still quite the pageant of pomp and friskiness, it's a throwback to the old-fashioned miniseries of yore, spiced with pay-cable frankness.
  21. It may be a cliche to say that New York is an essential character and component of the Law & Order brand, but it's true. The distinctive grit and energy of the urban metropolis are lacking in the sprawl of L.A., which is also so overexposed on TV in its sun-drenched glamour that LOLA feels old hat before it even arrives.
  22. [Touch is] emotionally compelling but wildly fantastical and undeniably manipulative.
  23. It's like the biggest-budget USA Network show you ever saw, fun to watch but rather forgettable, because the stakes just don't feel all that high. Still, for those who've had their fill of dark drama, Undercovers may be just the ticket for a good snuggle.
  24. While sporadically and quietly amusing, the entire enterprise has the whiff of an in-joke vanity production.
  25. Graphically sexy and scary, and often wildly funny, True Blood, from Six Feet Under’s Alan Ball, turns Charlaine Harris’ rollicking mystery novels into a broadly entertaining, deliciously twisted slice of modern Southern Gothic.
  26. As a pitiless, biting satire of the debauched state of American big business, it's no lie to call this one of the smartest, funniest shows of the new year.
  27. The Newsroom returns for a truncated six-episode final season, it appears that less may be more--as in, more absorbing and more entertaining, with less irritation from slapstick rom-com subplots that tend to make smart people (especially the women) look insultingly stupid.
  28. A high-concept guilty pleasure that comes as a bit of a creative relief after a dreary season of derivative spin-offs, reboots and retreads.
  29. Darwinians, take note. Even the fittest don’t have it easy on this show, which is down-to-earth sci-fi at its gritty best.

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