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  1. Fargo's compelling, powerfully entertaining story is as strong as its great performances.
  2. Sherlock is the rare reinvention that's likely to enchant purists as well as those yearning for a new look at an old favorite. Should you bookmark it now on your DVR? The answer, my dear reader and viewer, is elementary.
  3. You're The Worst finds hilarity in Season 3 in the unstable fault lines of [Gretchen's] passionate but perversely ambivalent relationship with struggling author Jimmy. [22 Aug - 4 Sep 2016, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  4. The Knick teems with forbidden passions and lives of unquiet desperation. [26 Oct - 8 Nov 2015, p.14]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  5. Engrossing six-hour docudrama.... Nick's decline, grounded in a somber, unflashy realism by director Paul Haggis plays out within a parable of race and class schisms, wit serialized subplots humanizing the disadvantaged citizens from the projects. [10-23 Aug 2015, p.12]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  6. Simply put, the journey of Battlestar Galactica is one long, exhilarating headtrip.
  7. By the end of the second episode of Better Call Saul's very slow-burning sophomore season, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) finally gets a call reminding us of the Saul Goodman he'll eventually, and regretfully becomes. [15-28 Feb 2016, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  8. A treat for armchair travelers.
  9. The circuitous plot is challenging, but the true glory of Deadwood is in its vivid creation of a volatile world where scoundrels, wretches and tormented heroes coexist in an unvarnished time capsule of Wild West history.
  10. Nothing about the seventh and final season of The Shield feels like a show running out of gas.
  11. ABC has done well in filling the time period with a show that's both sassy and smart, singing a tune we can name in three words: It's a winner.
  12. Dear White People balances satirical irony and deep-seated rage to tell its richly entertaining, wildly funny yet deadly serious character-driven story of identity politics. [1-14 May 2017, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  13. An excellent eight-part British mystery reminiscent of The Killing and Broadchurch in its brooding anguish.
  14. For those of us who hungered for a year to witness these new chapters, the appetite is insatiable.
  15. Teeming with anger, sorrow, passion and purpose, this powerful and harrowing movie is part tragic love story in plague times, part agitprop manifesto and tribute to tireless activism.
  16. As unnerving as it is erotic, The Affair promises to be a show to remember.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    It's clear that the editors have plenty to choose from for each 30-minute episode, judging by the plethora of deleted scenes included in this four-disc set. Other highlights include bloopers (yay!) and Michael and Dwight's rap-inspired "Lazy Scranton" video.
  17. While prolonging the inevitable, and potentially blunting whatever narrative momentum still exists in a most inelegant and desperate-seeming way, it's no wonder the often dazzling opening episode--titled Time Zones, in a nod to the firm's now-bicoastal focus--is so preoccupied with time.
  18. Lapine uses a half-dozen of Sondheim's most notable songs as a springboard for a biographical study that's contemplative, analytical and transcendentally emotional.
  19. American Crime unfolds its troubling and gripping story over a broad urban canvas of racial disharmony, class animosity and familial dysfunction. [2 Mar 2015, p.12]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  20. Broadchurch sets a high bar for the British mystery, sustaining its mournful suspense over eight hours without ever lapsing into cheap sensation or shock. [26 Jun - 9 Jul 2017, p.12]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  21. Powerful new season. [4-17 Jan 2015, p.15]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  22. The Killing is deliberately paced, but creepily engrossing in a way that may take the audience by surprise.
  23. Its third macabre season magnifies every succulent image and sound to its creepiest potential. [1 Jun 2015, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  24. Will Antoine achieve his musical dream? How long can Ladonna hold onto her business when her husband and sons (and now mother) live long distance in Baton Rouge? Theirs are among the myriad stories swirling in the funky gumbo of this one-of-a-kind drama.
  25. Unavoidably stagey in director's Richard Eyre's intimate adaptation, this tour de force is an ode to the actor's art and the sacrifice it entails. [23 May-3 Jun 2016, p.15]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  26. Exasperating but fascinating.
  27. While things invariably and hilariously go wrong, Party Down’s appeal comes from the interplay of these endearingly delusional wannabes—now including Megan Mullally, replacing the irreplaceable Jane Lynch as a perky single-mom new recruit.
  28. Insecure is brazenly confident in its comic, profane authenticity. [3-9 Oct 2016, p.23]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  29. There are myriad pleasures to be had on the grace notes. [5-18 Dec 2016, p.22]
    • TV Guide Magazine

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