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  1. Terriers has license to entertain, and this fall, that's saying something.
  2. In these quieter moments, Dead reinforces its claim as TV's greatest horror drama by making us care so desperately about the characters' humanity.
  3. A smartly conceived and well executed legal drama with a strong star (Julianna Margulies) at its core and, even better, a terrifically timely hook.
  4. The plot is as stubbornly slow-burning as Hoffman's sharply reined-in performance and ultimately far less inspired.
  5. Well, Talking Funny is certainly addictive.
  6. Silverman performs her proudly raunchy set before an intimate 39-seat audience, which is only fitting for someone who is so defiantly in-your-face.
  7. Their [Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston's] scenes are enjoyable enough, but pale next to the wine-sodden antics of Jules' circle of friends as they play a hilarious "movie mash-up" drinking game that Jules somehow can't get the hang of. Cougar Town developed in its first season from a crude and rather desperate sex farce to a terrifically enjoyable ensemble piece that doesn't need big guest stars to zing. (Although if it brings more eyeballs to the show, all the better.)
  8. The satire is vicious, the behaviors of all parties reprehensible, which makes for a bracingly unsavory series but also one that's ultimately sour and predictable.
  9. This could be the start of something great. In just a handful of episodes, it's already powerfully terrific.
  10. It's the absurdly over-the-top machismo of countless firefights and explosions and high-body-count carnage that makes Strike Back such a cheese-tastic guilty pleasure.
  11. Richly plotted and totally absorbing, one of summer TV's best surprises.
  12. Director Kenneth Branagh's culture-clash gimmick doesn't get in the way of the play's many intoxicating pleasures. This isn't samurai Shakespeare.
  13. In its mix of the caustic and the compassionate, Jackie is as electrifying as its star.
  14. Fringe returns in fine form for its second season.
  15. Like many HBO half-hours, this is a slow, slow burn to get to a payoff. The smiles here are of recognition that even the most ordinary families can have wonderfully strange roots.
  16. I wish I were as invested in Amy's journey as she is, but as she blathers on about being an agent of change at her uncaring corporation, I find myself restless to change the channel to something that's actually entertaining or, yes, enlightening.
  17. True Blood is well on its way to staking its claim yet again as the summer guilty pleasure with TV's bawdiest bite.
  18. If the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot is a bit of a slow-burner, not so much a "wow" as a "hmmmm" as it assembles its team of head-turning secret agents--they're the heroes behind the superheroes, operating in the shadows as the more famous good guys reap the headlines--the potential is sky's-the-limit huge for this clever action romp.
  19. The humor isn't exactly subtle, but much of it rings true.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The result is a combustible cocktail of explosive action and sly intrigue, which provides an ingenious showcase for Spader to work his inscrutably enigmatic magic.
    • TV Guide
  20. As Carrie ruthlessly, recklessly pursues answers to how they got into this mess, at peace only when she's at war, Homeland regains much of its dramatic power by taking us far from home and making us wonder that if someone like Carrie is our best hope, should we just abandon hope?
  21. An electrifying military-gone-amok thriller that bridges the macho hardware of Tom Clancy with the suspense of paranoid Cold War classics from the '60s like Fail Safe and Seven Days in May.
  22. With its scenic photography, slick editing and relentless pop-rock soundtrack, Carrier has the feel of a movie, or maybe the world's longest recruitment video. It's also an engrossing, rewarding and addictive study of personal endurance and sacrifice.
  23. With only three hours to develop character and story, it can't help but suffer by comparison to the Emmy-winning '70s series that helped put Masterpiece Theater on the map, as well as to the recent Masterpiece triumph of the similarly themed Downton Abbey. But there are considerable pleasures.
  24. Inside Amy Schumer is triumphantly raunchy as it toggles between stand-up vignettes, person-on-the-street interviews and barbed sketches with a gamy sting.
  25. True Blood is a much guiltier, trashier pleasure than the monumental Thrones, but I wouldn't miss it for all the hush puppies in Louisiana.
  26. Klondike delivers its dramatic bounty more effectively and compactly [than Black Sails], capitalizing on some of Discovery's favorite obsessions: dangerous vocations, gold prospecting and harsh Alaska-adjacent terrain, in a fictionalized account of the 1897 gold rush.
  27. This show lives up to its franchise's reputation for suspenseful action.
  28. What feels so tightly focused and earned in Breaking Bad too often comes off as forced and unconvincing in the land of the soulful bikers.... Still, Sons has a propulsive allure as it dramatizes Jax's attempts to take the gang legit (though he still condones murder when it's convenient) while battle lines continue to be drawn between the show's ferociously impressive leading ladies.
  29. HBO's punchy, pungent but ultimately facile Cinema Verite dramatizes the making of 1973's revolutionary PBS (!) docu-series An American Family, a precursor to today's exhibitionistic "reality" freak shows.

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