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5,161 movie reviews
  1. Utterly amateurish.
  2. Only die-hard and undemanding Chan fans need apply.
  3. The truth of the matter is that, given the thoroughly manipulative, red-herring plot twists that get her to the happy ending, most audience members will have ceased to care about whether she lives or dies long before the matter is settled onscreen.
  4. Juvenile and pointless.
  5. The gags are familiar collegiate stuff, involving horny young men, horny old whores -- horny young tramps -- silly foreigners, uptight authority figures, homosexuals and sassy fat women.
  6. Formulaic hodge-podge that trades on a certain demographic's affection for the bogeymen of their formative years.
  7. As bad as the title, and much longer.
  8. Is there anything so painful as a comedy whose every gag falls flat and then lies there, flopping like a dying flounder?
  9. Muddled tale of demonic hijinks and devil worship. It's terrible.
  10. That rare, unfortunate thing, a total misfire of a movie.
  11. Director Jesse Peretz, onetime bassist for The Lemonheads, cut his teeth on music videos and appears to have embraced the austere aesthetics of Dogme 95 filmmakers without comprehending that an interesting story and well-developed characters are supposed to be part of the package.
  12. It takes perverse genius to make an action film this stupid.
    • 32 Metascore
    • 20 Reviewed by
      Ken Fox
    While the homeless, the mentally ill and the generally downtrodden are scattered about like so much shabby furniture, Rifkin has no qualms about wallowing in their filth, but he misses the tragedy of their lives -- just as he misses everything else.
  13. Not funny at all.
  14. Its misogyny, homophobia and overall grossness undermine the tired gags, and its relentless portrayal of African-American women as money-grubbing hootchie mamas (the sole exception is, of course, Dre's mom) would be wholly unacceptable if a white filmmaker had been at the helm.
  15. The pacing is slack, the comedy has an oddly sour tone and frankly, no matter how hard the script tries to paint Sean as a petty martinet with a stick up his butt, it's hard not to sympathize with him.
  16. Puerile, gross and pandering to the lowest impulses of teenage boys.
  17. The annoying Reg Rogers, on the other hand, who plays Little Caesar creator Raoul Berman, delivers his lines like a stoned Pee-wee Herman, and the scene in which Billy Crystal mutters and drools in a restaurant is just disturbing for anyone who admired his work in the past.
  18. The story's broad strokes are painfully clichéd and its details make no sense at all.
  19. Despite the futuristic setting, which relies so heavily on GGI effects that it looks like a feature-length production concept painting, this film is painfully predictable.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    While Lynch ladles on the random weirdness around the edges, it is Lee who keeps the film centered, with a harrowing but poignantly sympathetic portrait of a woman's descent into horror and madness.
  20. The air of low-budget Eurotrash is unmistakable. Almost everybody has an unidentifiable accent.
  21. The film's only mildly appealing character is the "Big A" store clerk (Brian Posehn) who refuses to be amused by Lloyd and Harry's moronic antics; sadly, even he eventually succumbs to the film's relentless and overarching stupidity.
    • 29 Metascore
    • 20 Reviewed by
      Ken Fox
    Garish, animated junk.
  22. It's hard to overstate just how awful this movie is, despite the efforts of the appealing cast.
  23. An unintentionally surreal kid's picture.
  24. Director Jamie Blanks "Urban Legend" appears to be carving himself a career making slasher movies for a new generation; unfortunately, he's in no way improving on the originals.
  25. A butt-numbing exercise in tedium, sporadically redeemed by moments of unintentional hilarity.
  26. It's hard to imagine who would find this funny.
  27. The film's one saving grace is 18-year-old Ellen Muth, who gives one of the screen's most natural, non-Hollywood portrayals of a child.

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