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  1. Mel's eccentric independence is admirable and more often than not amusing--which isn't always the case for the show, which uses gentle but forced whimsy to deliver treacly life lessons from the perspective of preteen son Henry (Eli Baker).
  2. Some of the randy dialogue strains a bit too hard to be provocative ("My vagina is not dead, it was just in a coma"), but what's truly shocking is how harsh and unforgiving the domestic blow-ups can be, as Abby and Jake survey the wreckage of their life together. The best parts of Divorce are those that remind us how messy and panicky such a dissolution can be for all involved.
  3. [John Malkovich] makes this cartoonish romp a lot more fun than Starz's Black Sails--which admittedly isn't saying much.
  4. This much more conventional biopic is a grittier, drabber journey from crime-spree joyride to high-stakes manhunt as their crimes and the ensuing fallout escalate in grim intensity.
  5. Think "Ally McCouric" in a bubbly slapstick trifle that plays like David E. Kelley lite: less offensive, also less original.
    • TV Guide
  6. It’s painfully derivative, but we’ve seen worse.
    • TV Guide
  7. The chats are amusing, quirky and strangely obsessed with monkeys (which, granted, is always a funny topic), but the illustrations tend to overemphasize the throwaway moments, draining them of spontaneity and often of their original humor.
  8. One thing's for sure: Raines is weird.
  9. The characters and situations may be different, but creator/executive producer Cherry's signature tone of arch cattiness leavened with sentimental schmaltz is unmistakable.
  10. My Boys can overdo the voiceover sports metaphors, but at least it's agreeable.
  11. Mostly overcomes its contrived premise and clichéd courtroom theatrics with well-played characters you might actually root for.
    • TV Guide
  12. Not quite as riveting as some of Tyra Banks' Top Model panels, but the prospect of Naomi getting in her rivals' faces to save her girls should entice the Bad Girls audience to give it a look.
  13. Banshee is a mangy mutt of a TV show and doesn't care if you know it.
  14. Handsomely produced, diversely cast, and fresh in its approach, A.D. deserves to be called inspired. [23 Mar - 5 Apr 2015, p.15]
    • TV Guide
  15. With most of The Closer's original crew staying on, it's almost business as usual--though with Sedgwick no longer at the center, replaced by Mary McDonnell's inscrutably smug and unsympathetic Capt. Sharon Raydor, the franchise can't help but be diminished.
  16. As a weekly series, this predictable but agreeable comedy-soap about spurned Hollywood wife Molly (Debra Messing, her neurotic sitcom mojo intact) is less heavy-handed than the starter miniseries.
  17. More of a curiosity than a necessity.
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  18. Ultimately, this is an easier show to admire than it is to recommend.
  19. Even though many will find this brand of overripe melodrama as silly as the indelible "Death of Mary Queen of Scots" sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus, I can't help but root a little for such a zany risk.
  20. This nearly six-hour adaptation is an over-indulgently languid showcase for Winslet to shine as the iconic and ultimate Mother Martyr.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    It's not a bad sitcom, just a bit ordinary given the company it's keeping.
  21. The lavishly produced, and reportedly mega-expensive, Marco Polo can be a feast for the eyes, even when the overripe dialogue ("Treachery grows well in the fertile soil of contempt I tilled") and uneven performances feel dramatically undernourished.
  22. The show almost lost me early on with a clumsy gag when Molly's workout routine is upstaged by mom and sis eating chocolate cake right in front of her. (Who would do that?) But it gets better from there, although the whole enterprise seems like a lot of empty (for now) calories.
  23. The plot is as stubbornly slow-burning as Hoffman's sharply reined-in performance and ultimately far less inspired.
  24. The episodes play out in a series of uneven vignettes: droll, ironic and twisted. It's great to see Kudrow back on TV, but this visually static and comically stunted gimmick wears thin pretty quickly.
  25. The skating is slow and rarely pretty, and it’s not live.
    • TV Guide
  26. The broad comedy in 1600 Penn derives from familiar sitcom clichés being magnified by the Oval Office fishbowl. It's a gimmick that may have trouble holding up to a second term, though the cast is certainly game.
  27. Though punishingly overlong and occasionally flat-footed, NBC's Thursday broadcast of Peter Pan Live! was another honorably ambitious and sporadically enjoyable attempt to bring the thrill of musical theater into America's living rooms.
  28. Making things more intriguing this time, Spartacus' main adversary as the series builds toward its final showdown isn't the usual sniveling, craven, oversexed patsy.
  29. On the glossy surface, it’s an earnestly predictable but impeccably produced soap opera. [13 Sep 2006]

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