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3621 movie reviews
  1. Resembles an enthusiastic but undisciplined child running amok through an exhibit.
  2. For a movie about dancing, Step Up is pretty clumsy on its feet.
  3. Too distinctive-looking to dismiss out of hand, but it would help to be able to look through a magic viewfinder (or maybe magic eraser) and make its script disappear.
  4. In dashing Indiana Jones style, Eckhart gets to be a hero.
  5. Maze Runner feels only partially formed.
  6. Genial and well-intentioned, but tepid.
  7. The only death at this funeral was that of a good movie.
  8. A badly constructed, blood-spattered caper that comes unglued early on.
  9. While it looks great with its gorgeous computer-generated foliage and realistic animals, the story focuses too much on its stiff hero and a one-note villain rather than the big-picture ideas it raises in passing.
  10. It may sound like a Peter Pan spinoff, and Dear Wendy does involve lost boys in a stagey setting, but the film is closer to "A Clockwork Orange" than a tale of lasting youth.
  11. When it comes to comedies about pregnancy, "Knocked Up" and "Baby Mama" delivered more. This sitcom style exercise in planned parenthood is blandly predictable. If it were a cheese, it would be Velveeta.
  12. In the canon of comic-book movies, it's not as campy bad as the "Batman" starring George Clooney, but nowhere near the caliber of the Spider-Man movies or "The Dark Knight." It may have more style, but it's only a jot more entertaining than "Catwoman."
  13. The ending stinks.
    • USA Today
  14. It's tough to think of another child-adult pairing in a long screen tradition with so little emotional kick.
  15. Casting, in fact, is Rob Roy's dominant virtue, a hedge against its overlong 2 1/4-hour running time and some initial reluctance to get rolling. [7 Apr 1995, p.01.D]
    • USA Today
  16. Has less substance and depth than its title.
    • USA Today
  17. True-blue Ford keeps 'Clear' out of danger. [3 August 1994, p.D1]
    • USA Today
  18. This B-list thriller portrays air crews as inept, at best, and callous and cruel at worst.
  19. A little bit of charm is precisely what this movie has to offer. A small dose is better than none, but you can't help wishing there was more to go around.
  20. Circle has a wit and warmth that makes something as glibly contemporary as Reality Bites seem trite and toothless. [15 Mar 1995, Pg.06.D]
    • USA Today
  21. Turns out to be a tepid thriller that promises more than it delivers.
  22. A soulless spectacle.
  23. The dialogue is clichéd and laughable. It's a film far more concerned with style - architectural, vehicular and wardrobe-related - than substance.
  24. A darkly disturbing melodrama anchored by some powerful performances.
  25. The flashbacks, functional at best, aren't really the problem. Interminable one-on-one dialogues between the two male leads are. [7 Apr 1995, p.03.D]
    • USA Today
  26. Moviegoers are stuck with this sci-fi thriller's bland story, murky cinematography and frenetic special effects.
  27. The movie is a by-the-numbers action film that's not nearly as strong as its Damon-led predecessors.
  28. It's made expressly for fans of unmitigated gore.
  29. Proudly stupid, silly and gory.
    • USA Today
  30. After "Chocolat" and this, how about a moratorium on candy-centered comedies?

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