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  1. Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva are terrific. But the performances by the older actors are largely forgettable.
  2. You're more likely to roll your eyes than swoon over this slow-moving and far-fetched love story.
  3. Drab as it is, the movie is not impossible to endure -- in part because the concept has a timeless appeal.
  4. The latest picture to give you the sense that Hollywood filmmakers simply plucked another old pop-tune title ripe for ripping off, then were shaken by the rude reality of coming up with a script to jerry-build around it.
  5. If one of its points is to show that underused thirtyish actresses still are attractive, it succeeds with Leigh and Cates -- and Jennifer Beals, who also provides a flashback feeling playing Cummings' ex-squeeze.
    • USA Today
  6. While it's intriguing to learn about all the players involved in creating a fashion line, there's too much minutiae to keep the attention of those who are not obsessed with design trends.
  7. Pretty hard to buy into at all.
  8. A few bits are filler, albeit funny filler. But those who would rather laugh than cry at weddings ( will say "I do'' to Bride. [20 Dec 1991, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  9. Despite Murphy's campaigning, Gentleman deserves a veto. [04 Dec 1992]
    • USA Today
  10. Sex Drive does not fully satisfy our comic desires.
  11. An hour into Earth and we're waiting for the film to end, not just the planet.
  12. This follow-up seems so similar to the 1953 Disney classic that it makes one long for a geriatric Peter.
  13. Monte Carlo is a wish-fulfillment fantasy. (What luck! The heiress' clothes fit all three girls like a glove!)
  14. Movie stardom is seductive, but 50 Cent and his fans will be best served if he sticks to to his day job.
  15. Somewhere within all of this there really is a homicide -- a hip-hop industry rub-out that may someday make this movie half of a passable DVD double feature with Nick Broomfield's documentary Biggie and Tupac.
  16. It says something that during a scene in which nude chorines are turned into a fleshy backdrop, you spend as much time looking at your watch as what's on screen.
  17. The cartoonish mayhem in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For aims for a film noir sensibility, but too frequently the script simply resorts to anachronistic scenes of Jessica Alba twerking.
  18. De Niro's widely praised performance is like the rest of the film: competent, a product of hard work and borderline mechanical. I like much of Awakenings, including several supporting performances - but like Big, it left me just a little cold. [20 Dec 1990, p.5D]
    • USA Today
  19. The whole journey feels like a rich girl gone slumming. And for those of us along for the ride, it's a bit of a slog.
  20. An ambitious hodgepodge that is all bang and bluster.
  21. Portentous and dull, the film features one of the worst over-the-top performances by Dennis Hopper, who plays an abusive father.
  22. What was blandly charming on stage — characters addressing the audience, ultra-broad jokes and showbiz patter — feels contrived, cheesy and cliched onscreen.
  23. The story is corny and predictable, but Carlyle's subtle, nuanced performance saves the movie from drowning in sentimentality.
  24. Sports-satire misfire. [31 July 1998, p. 2E]
    • USA Today
  25. Victoria Tennant's iciness has been well-utilized on screen occasionally, but not this time. [8 Feb 1991, p.D4]
    • USA Today
  26. The movie's soap opera quality undermines its efforts to tell a family saga with much believability.
  27. By its conclusion the story has worked so hard to be twisting and clever that it runs out of steam and becomes outlandish, marked by a surplus of violence — too often casual and gratuitous — for what essentially is a buddy cop movie.
  28. It's an odd blend - a sentimental story in a futuristic world of brutal machine-maneuvered fights. There are some ringside thrills, but it's not a seamless mesh.
  29. The movie feels more like a slightly longer episode of Disney's old "Winnie the Pooh" television series.
  30. No abomination but forgettably mediocre. [19 March 1999, Life, p. 13E]
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