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3621 movie reviews
  1. This Christmas Carol seems like a pale ghost of Dickens' magical Christmas classic.
  2. It seems as if no professional actors were hired in the making of this motion picture.
  3. Sometimes the most compelling real-life stories make better documentaries than dramas. Such would seem to be the case with The Children of Huang Shi.
  4. So much effort seems to have gone into the eye-popping production design, swooping camera work and anachronistic musical score that the result is hyper-active cacophony rather than enthralling entertainment.
  5. The film is one long Costco joke - but the punch line is never all that funny.
  6. Déjà Vu cannot escape the weight of its murky science, action-film formula and preposterous ending.
  7. A classic example of a second-rate courtroom drama.
  8. A flimsy, occasionally spooky demon tale.
  9. Lucky Numbers is anything but lucky for stars John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow.
  10. Ryder's commitment is impressive. If her movie only had her courage.
  11. The movie establishes good will (or even great will) in the initial scenes because it's so gorgeous, but the rest is such a slog.
  12. Tolerably tepid.
  13. The tone is consistent, but consistently uneventful. [06 May 1994]
    • USA Today
  14. What undercuts sharper than Poseidon's trident is a script that sees its characters as cardboard, not flesh and blood. For a film meant to be spectacle over substance, it's not a fatal blow. But it is a mortal wound.
  15. As the couple stand on the bluffs overlooking San Francisco Bay, you may find yourself wishing Forlani would push Prinze in.
    • USA Today
  16. Even in the junky potboilers that John Travolta has persisted in making since his "Pulp Fiction" comeback (all 5,000 of them), you usually get the sense that he's acting in his bailiwick.
  17. While the film comes to a mildly clever conclusion, it feels like a bottle of vintage champagne that never gets to pop its cork at midnight. All that fizz potential wasted. [26 Feb 1999]
    • USA Today
  18. Despite an 87-minute running time, the movie takes a long time to get rolling, and even fellow Leigh enthusiasts may wonder whether the payoff is worth it, though reaction could well divide along sexual lines. [7 Aug 1997, p.3D]
    • USA Today
  19. In its third go-round, the Lethal Weapon arsenal is running out of ammunition. [15 May 1992]
    • USA Today
  20. Machete Kills dulls more than anything. It's not that Robert Rodriguez's sequel lacks any of the camp or exploitative violence of the 2010 original. The mayhem has just become boring.
  21. Were some group to launch a rival to the Oscars called The Wackys, it could do worse than make crazed Crazy its first recipient.
    • USA Today
  22. Nearly everyone in this film is unlikeable, their actions inexplicable. And the pace is so lugubrious that it's hard not to succumb to Justine's glum mood.
  23. Watching the Pulitzer-prize winning novel by E. Annie Proulx on the big screen is like being on an ocean liner stuck on a glacier.
    • USA Today
  24. It's all very slight and only sporadically amusing, and it makes Allen's "Celebrity" from last year look even more underrated than it already is.
  25. Shyamalan's style is so exaggerated, with its long pauses and exacting rhythms of sound- vs.- silence, that it easily can engender eye-rolling and snickers.
  26. Works best as a ponderous metaphor for life's uncertainties. As a lighthearted comedy, the force, alas, is not with it. [19 March 1999, Life, p.13E]
    • USA Today
  27. To cut Noe a break, it does become evident that he has a viable narrative concept. Told backward, á la "Memento."
  28. SpongeBob barely rates as OK when compared with "The Incredibles."
  29. Isn't tough to take as long as you've paid a matinee price.
  30. It does survive its 40-minute test drive before turning into a lemon.

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