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  1. Grier plays the part of the pompous patrician with superb finesse and dry wit, easily the movie's highlight.
  2. The fantasy-tinged narrative of Wonderstruck, which Brian Selznick adapted from his novel, is where the movie sorely lacks emotional connection.
  3. At its best, the movie is coldly clever with a few brilliant warmer moments - as when someone drops an Alka Seltzer into the tank to soothe the Brain. [14 Dec 1995]
    • USA Today
  4. Can't seem to decide whether it wants to be an edge-of-the-seat action thriller or a more contemplative and intellectual drama about religion and terrorism. Somehow, in trying to have it both ways, it doesn't completely succeed at either.
  5. It's not that it's a bad film. But the bar is high, and it's lackluster and predictable, missing that alchemic blend of humor, pathos and indelible characters that give Pixar movies their brilliant shine.
  6. Wedding feels a bit anachronistic. Still, not every low-budget movie must be quirky or bleak, and a happy ending is no cinematic sin.
  7. Its strongest asset is the stunningly poetic cinematography by Thierry Arbogast.
  8. Lethal Weapon 2 is bang-bang and brain-dead in roughly equal measure. If there's an advantage this time out, it's that the film seems to play the action (and its lead character's psychoses) more for laughs. [7 Jul 1989, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  9. The humor, mainly of the raunchy and older-parents-having-sex variety, lands in hilarious fashion only some of the time.
  10. The end result, while entertaining, is the kind of unruly mess you can't imagine the indomitable Nanny McPhee tolerating.
  11. Noah is no by-the-book Bible story. Think of it as a visually mesmerizing sci-fi adventure saga loosely based on the book of Genesis.
  12. Tolerance for this movie will likely depend on tolerance for melodramatic, over-the-top finales, especially ones with otherworldly twists.
  13. Dog lovers will instantly warm to the handsome stray collie mix, but they may struggle to fully embrace the amiable but toothless adult story surrounding him.
  14. The film is beautifully shot, with vivid production design. But because of the tale's lack of cohesion, it doesn't carry enough emotional heft.
  15. The action scenes in Vertical Limit take cliffhanging to the highest peaks of excitement. It's a shame the story keeps dragging us down to sea level.
  16. One of the film's strengths is that nobody -- male, female, gay, straight or Jewish mother -- is reduced to stereotype.
    • USA Today
  17. "It's a mess" is the campaign slogan of Marty Huggins, played by Galifianakis. He's referring to the state of government. But he might as well be describing the movie in which he co-stars.
  18. Not too many R-rated revenge pics depend on "Uptown Girls'" Dakota Fanning for the stronger scenes. Yet once the 10-year-old star exits the picture, Man on Fire starts blowing a lot of smoke.
  19. Coach Torn adds to a palpably violent undertone by heaving wrenches at their heads and crotches, making The Three Stooges' poking and slapping look downright tame.
  20. It's unfortunate that the filmmakers juxtapose those striking visuals with a warlike anthropomorphizing element.
  21. The movie's pleasures extend even to the visuals, which are more lustrous than in any other Altman movie.
  22. No, it isn't the slick and unfocused "Anywhere but Here," where mom and daughter choose Beverly Hills. Instead, it's the more modest and in most cases preferable Tumbleweeds.
  23. 27 Dresses is like one of the many bridesmaid dresses featured in the film: frothy, predictable and over the top.
  24. This is one of those moderately engrossing movies that seems to collapse all at once during the wrap-up, yet it's well-acted all around.
  25. Untantalizingly reverent remake. [7 December 1998, p.4D]
    • USA Today
  26. Boorman's troubles usually come from going over the top (atop Exorcist II, there's always Zardoz). But this is one of his few misfires that almost anyone would call tepid.
  27. Ali
    Ali is no disgrace, but it's not much of a performer, especially considering that it is one of the few hyped year-end releases that coulda been a contender.
  28. It's a case of laughing at Brooks but not necessarily with him.
  29. Though energetic, daring and gorgeous to behold, this re-imagining of Tolstoy's classic tale lacks a viable sense of passion, holding the characters at arm's length and glossing over social issues.
  30. Linney remains a full-blooded character so memorable that she's worth watching - even in a less-than-memorable movie.

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