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  1. Not since Demi Moore lived happily ever after in "The Scarlet Letter" has a filmmaker felt so free to fudge a famous plot.
  2. Moviegoers of rarefied sensibilities will easily identify this anti-captain-of-industry as a "typical Eric Stoltz role," just as moviegoers of extremely rarefied sensibilities will pick up on Kicking's "typical Chris Eigeman role." [23 Oct 1995, Pg.06.D]
    • USA Today
  3. It would have worked better if the silly premise had been played for farcical satire, rather than following the cookie-cutter rules of the romantic comedy playbook.
  4. The result is passably speedy on the level of other TV retreads that seem miscast on the big screen.
  5. Though better than its 2001 predecessor -- and teeming with cute creatures and fast and furious action scenes -- the movie feels excessively formulaic.
  6. Ice Harvest's plot sounds like an antidote to the season's holiday sweetness. And it's being touted as this year's Bad Santa. But the only similarities are the holiday season, the criminal milieu and Thornton.
  7. The movie tries to capture the crushing weight of loss, but between the insipid pop tunes and the repetitive shots cutting away to a lighthouse on a scenic outcropping, it feels more like a film version of a condolence card.
  8. It tries to be a moody thriller, but cliched dialogue and too many coincidences make for a predictable and hackneyed film.
  9. Never recovers from its failure to grip or engage in the early going.
  10. This is the kind of movie in which even the sex scenes are soulless.
    • USA Today
  11. Wilts under a weak, formulaic story.
  12. Makes one long for Martin's edgy work in films such as "The Spanish Prisoner."
  13. Yet, when it all clicks, Ephron is able to make the familiar sparkle anew. [25 Jun 1993 Pg. 01.D]
    • USA Today
  14. Hollywood's oddest movie in a while, which means that however insignificant this primer in flight-attendant training is, causing boredom isn't one of its transgressions.
  15. Between the dogged efforts of the kids to save strays and the antics of the dogs, it's hard to resist this lively, though predictable, family movie.
  16. Regrettably, it's the movie version of John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a book still thumping its chest on the hardback best-seller list after more than three years.
    • USA Today
  17. Quvenzhané Wallis is adorably plucky as the lead in Annie. She and Jamie Foxx as the newfangled Daddy Warbucks character have an appealing chemistry and their songs together are the best moments in the movie. But the rest of Annie is banal, shallow and markedly cynical.
  18. It feels like a wan version of the show -- one that has lost its otherworldly edge.
  19. Audiences could use a wise and probing movie about the meaning of our increasingly digital, techno-juiced lives.Men, Women & Children is about half that movie.
  20. Each twist and turn is so telegraphed and expected that the story feels wan and the comedy feeble.
  21. Never enough goodies to keep the two-hour running time from seeming like three.
  22. Seems like a work in progress.
  23. Despite an unlikely setting and a moderately intriguing premise, Chernobyl Diaries proves to be a generic horror flick where young tourists are systematically victimized in unoriginal and not terribly scary ways.
  24. Annabelle invites unflattering comparisons with scary movies that came before, but its disparate parts never coalesce into a genuinely fearsome thriller.
  25. Do yourself a favor and rent the 1996 original from Japan instead.
  26. Doesn't make the movie worth watching -- even if you're monstrously bored.
  27. Long, lumbering, pretentious and for some a possible laff riot. [23 Dec 1994]
    • USA Today
  28. Moore and Ford rise above the hackneyed story, infusing the proceedings with their own chemistry and appeal. If only the adults responsible for this film could learn how to deal.
  29. Someone has seen "Trainspotting" too many times, and it's writer/director Justin Kerrigan.
    • USA Today
  30. God may forgive you for seeing this needlessly brutal film. But you won't forgive yourself.

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