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3,329 movie reviews
  1. In Roy Orbison terms, enduring this movie is like working for The Man.
  2. It's for people who have always wanted to see Willie Nelson ("Uncle Jesse") lob Molotov cocktails on a freeway and smoke weed with Joe Don Baker, who plays Georgia's governor.
  3. While Basinger admirably invests her role with deep passion and looks splendid in her Kenya khakis, the true story she stars in is disappointingly tame and dramatically inert.
    • USA Today
  4. This junior chick flick merely reinforces superficial clichés one associates with female teens: petty fights, intense highs and lows, and self-absorption.
  5. As far as acting goes, neither Olsen is ready for Euripides' Medea, yet each projects well enough in their shared big scene.
  6. With its excessive sleaze and gross-out gags, Soul Plane overshoots effective spoofery. Mostly it's a foul, eye-rolling experience.
  7. Sleepover might appeal to 11- and 12-year-old fans of slumber parties, but it likely will leave their parents stifling a few dozen yawns.
  8. The tone is consistent, but consistently uneventful. [06 May 1994]
    • USA Today
  9. It plays more like a "21 Jump Street," full of pretty people and a thumping soundtrack but offering little in the way of something to say.
  10. Where it should be light and graceful, Leap Year trips and thuds.
  11. While the film comes to a mildly clever conclusion, it feels like a bottle of vintage champagne that never gets to pop its cork at midnight. All that fizz potential wasted. [26 Feb 1999]
    • USA Today
  12. Trashy and disturbingly violent yet fairly zippy and amusingly cast.
  13. Face it. Parody comedies are no longer a laughing matter. [25 October 1996, p.5D]
    • USA Today
  14. The movie goes wrong from the start.
  15. There's nothing very wise about The Brothers Solomon. It's a moderately funny premise in search of some real laughs.
  16. It's a pretty twisted concept, bordering on offensive. But mostly it's just not funny.
  17. Aspires to be a cinematic "Sex and the City," but it's more like South Park Goes West.
  18. Another invigorating, extremely raunchy sports movie from Ron Shelton .
  19. This remake is shorter than its predecessors, a welcome earthly reward.
    • USA Today
  20. This leaden teen comedy is meant to be lively, but it's curiously bland.
  21. The biggest mystery about Repo! The Genetic Opera is why the grisly Goth-horror musical is opening the week after Halloween. The second-biggest mystery is why this unfunny, unscary, preposterous bloodbath about organ transplants is opening at all.
  22. Stretching what was a cute concept to the breaking point.
  23. Angelina Jolie slums her way through Beyond Borders, a film that telegraphs its plot and then drags ploddingly, its humane spirit obscured by an inane script and Jolie's implausible character.
  24. It's hard to know just who the intended audience is: The movie is too surreal and bawdy for young kids and too silly for anyone older than 25.
  25. Deafening, deadening and about two hours too long, Extinction would mark the weakest installment yet of the 7-year-old Hasbro franchise — if the previous three movies were discernible from one another.
  26. So much luck is pressed with an absurdly overblown finale that 60 seconds will likely be Swordfish's shelf life after a couple of noisy opening weekends.
  27. Though it has some mildly amusing moments (mostly in the visuals accompanying the novel's narration), Alex & Emma is disappointing, neither very romantic nor very comic.
  28. A blah romantic comedy that has the bad taste to force the heavenly Ashley Judd into being an insecure, date-desperate, quirky career gal.
  29. A wan version of the same old tired serial killer story, despite its updated milieu -- cyberspace.
  30. We had hoped for just a funny movie, but instead we get some laughs and plenty of yawns.

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