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  1. If you've resisted Kaling's charms up to now, nothing that happens tonight is likely to change your mind.
  2. Too much simply rings forced and phony, from the dialogue to the plot to the characters.
  3. Seldom has a set of characters worn out their welcome more quickly.
  4. It's TV at its least challenging, but it has an incredibly gorgeous setting, a pre-sold concept, a cushy time slot, a solid supporting cast and a starmaking turn by Caan.
  5. In short, it's a good thing they've been friends since childhood, because nothing in their personalities would lead you to believe they'd even be civil to each other if they met as adults. That's a problem for a sitcom about friendship.
  6. At a minimum, wait until Monday when the series airs a second episode that's a marginal improvement on Sunday’s dispiriting premiere.... Things do get better in Monday’s episode, which dumps the mythology for stand-alone horror, and with next week’s comic outing as the series continues its tradition of mixing in the three forms. But “better” is not “good”--and nothing shakes the depressing sense that time has passed the series and the characters by.
  7. The main joy it offers is familiarity, done with CSI's customary polish and general competence.... Unfortunately, the one new card Cyber has to play is an ugly one: paranoia.
  8. Considering his talents, Danson should be the show's biggest asset, and yet his character has become its biggest problem.
  9. There are some humorous moments and decent lines. But overall, the joke has such a nasty, frantic edge, it's hard to care which way the punch line lands.
  10. Fun is notably absent from Side Order, which strains to be both quippy and profound.
  11. Despite some fine individual performances, the actors never collectively project a sense of family.
  12. Simultaneously overdone and underproduced, the movie jerks its way from point to point without bothering to explain the characters' behavior or inject any life into its musical numbers.
  13. What you're getting here is a factory-made retread that is less MacGyver than MacGyver: Impossible, with the title character now just one member of an impossible mission team. ... The show does, however, have two saving graces beyond the easygoing charm of its stars. For one, the original was hardly holy writ, and tampering with it doesn't count as a sin. And for another, weightless may be just what you want on a Friday night.
  14. Too many of the lines are witlessly vulgar (A "mug of butt"? Really?), and too few are funny.
  15. Though there is great appeal in the idea of a selfish man suddenly seeing beyond himself to the suffering around him, there is also more than a whiff of Rudyard Kipling's "white man's burden" in the way the story is told.
  16. The show, which glides past its mythology Monday, eventually gets bogged down in it--particularly in a silly B-story built around the Angel Amenadiel’s (D.B. Woodside) attempts to use Lucifer’s bodyguard (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and therapist (Rachael Harris) to lure Lucifer back to hell. Lucifer begins to feel mortal, which is dull, and begins to cross that thin line between amusing and annoying, which is worse.
  17. Even if The Evidence were the first show of its kind, it would still be mediocre.
  18. What you're left with is a series that, while less repellent than the even-more-misogynistic Dads, is equally dull.
  19. Like so many networks shows this season, it asks us to settle for "not bad" when what we want is "good."
  20. Suburbia isn't the worst show you've ever seen. It may not even be the worst show you could watch tonight in this time slot. But it is among the least-memorable.
  21. The problem is that for all its talk of Washington and Redcoats and all its shots of British warships in New York Harbor, nothing in Turn ever leaves you with any true feel for the period.
  22. In the end, you may not be able to escape the feeling that the material, worthy and well-presented though it may be, is being forced into a format for which it's unsuited.
  23. Doubtless this kind of death-walking sentimentality has its fans. And most of those fans probably won't even wonder why some of the dead are stuck in the clothes in which they died, while others get to rent tuxedos.
  24. The trouble for Becky and her show is that she really knows nothing, which vitiates what could have been an interesting concept.
  25. Him Tarzan, me bored. [3 Oct 2003, p.11E]
    • USA Today
  26. Enjoy Colors for what it’s worth--for the message, the music and Parton's benevolent spirit. Just know there must be a better movie to be made about her life than NBC is offering.
  27. [Underwood's] limitations as an actor were particularly obvious when she was sharing scenes with the show's two best assets: Tony winners Audra McDonald as the Mother Abbess and Laura Benanti as the Baroness.
  28. Spend two hours tonight with this murky, muddled serial, and you may already feel as if you've been trapped in this day for an eternity.
  29. Underneath all the excess and that premium-cable drive to be more-clever-and-shocking-than-thou, there is a core of truth in the story of a mother desperate to reconnect with--and actually raise--her son before she dies. Give us that show, and we might be willing to accept the wacky-but-wise neighbor and the tough fat girl with the soft heart. You brought a great actor to TV, Big C. Use her or lose her.
  30. As the show moves past the setup and into its first caper, the extended introductory episode does improve. And then it hits a final twist that would be tiresome even if you believed Graceland was equipped to explore it properly. Had Elvis ever actually entered the building, this would be the point where he left. Follow suit.

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