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  1. What you're getting here is a factory-made retread that is less MacGyver than MacGyver: Impossible, with the title character now just one member of an impossible mission team. ... The show does, however, have two saving graces beyond the easygoing charm of its stars. For one, the original was hardly holy writ, and tampering with it doesn't count as a sin. And for another, weightless may be just what you want on a Friday night.
  2. Mistaking cynicism for sense and creepy for sexy, Notorious just might have been able to yank yet one more thread out of the social fabric--were it not, almost thankfully, so numbingly lazy, stupid and inadequate.
  3. The first [strike] is that Pitch is virtually surprise-free, save for a twist that feels more like a gimmick, and a dead-end one at that. The other is that while the writers no doubt have more stories to tell, you can't help wondering whether they've already told the most interesting one.
  4. With a little humor to lighten the tension, some well-placed quiet moments to keep the show grounded and a fast pace that keeps any seams from showing, Designated arrives as the most satisfying opening hour of any new broadcast drama.
  5. Wayans doesn’t yet have the gravity Glover brought to Murtaugh, but he compensates with his own polished skills as an actor and comic--getting every ounce of comedy out of the script without endangering Murtaugh’s believability as a cop. And while Crawford may not be the poster boy Gibson was in his youth, he gives the character a more subtle touch of humor and a more grounded poignancy.
  6. Speechless [is] easily the best of the new network sitcoms. ... It's a sweet, skillful and sometimes poignant performance [from Micah Fowler, who plays J.J.]. ... Driver shines, charms and appropriately horrifies.
  7. There’s hardly a moment that’s believable, or an actor who isn’t wasted.
  8. There's a great deal of humor and heart on display here, and a sense of empathy that draws you into all of the characters. You also get a wide range of fine performances, from Metz’s humor-tinged refusal to give in to self-pity to Brown’s expertly played conflict over how to deal with his father.
  9. The larger issue here is that James and Hayes are pretty much all Kevin has.
  10. Schur has created a wonderfully full-bodied fantasy universe, complete with any number of witty flourishes. ... Unfortunately, little of it seems to stick. With each episode, it becomes harder to root for Eleanor, a fairly terrible person on earth who seems likely to destroy the afterlife for everyone around her, Michael included.
  11. There are moments where Sugar's twists are too easily spotted, but there are far more times when the show, and the spirit, soar.
  12. Driven by Glover’s charm and throwaway wit, Atlanta both compels and mystifies.
  13. Some will grow bored with the style when the substance falters, but others are likely to be enchanted--particularly those who feel it's time hip-hop finally got its own cinematic celebration.
  14. Anything even marginally appealing about Vice Principals is overwhelmed by the witless ugliness, rampant stupidity and utter cluelessness about the times in which we live.
  15. If only it all felt just a bit faster.
  16. There are times, it's true, when a little more narrative urgency might have been nice. Still, in a summer where few series seem to have captured the viewing public’s imagination, speed may not be too much to sacrifice. So go slow. This Night is worth it.
  17. The idea and many of the pieces have promise, but as a whole, BrainDead just seems to have gotten away from them.
  18. It's a tossup as to what exactly about Beast you may find least bearable. For some, it will be the mix of crime-show melodrama, cheap cynicism and soap-opera theatrics. For others, it will be the sad fact that no one involved seems to have ever heard an actual human being speak.
  19. A few of the bits were funny: Short reviving his fatuous interviewer Jiminy Glick, with David; Rudolph as the Civil War’s worst letter writer. Others, in that time-honored, SNL tradition, fell flat or went nowhere.
  20. There are a few clumsy spills into melodrama, but overall this eight-hour effort is rousing, funny, frightening and heartbreaking--an affirmation of life and a condemnation of racism in all its ancient and surviving forms.
  21. Like many shows these days, Preacher is not for everyone, nor is it trying to be. But it will almost certainly work for some viewers, and it seems to have a good idea of who those viewers are and what they want.
  22. Rather than humorously highlighting her attempts at education, the pre-taped bits that showed Handler learning about topics such as comic books and telenovelas came across as condescending at best and insulting at worst.
  23. As a cop show, it gets down with all the gamy fervor you'd expect from Bochco. ... But as a rock musical, it reeks - of awkwardness, to be sure, but also of an audacious recklessness, at its best exploring a fresh canvas of raucous absurdism or emotionalism. It challenges and sometimes violates your expectations, but more important, it entertains. [26 Sep 1990, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  24. Unfortunately, the mix for Doyle too often also includes “dim-witted,” thanks to the script, and “lethargic,” thanks to an unenthusiastic performance from the usually more animated Mangan.
  25. Although Containment may be convincing, it isn’t particularly compelling, because the characters seldom register as anything other than pawns--most of them sacrificial.
  26. The Night Manager overcomes cliches, objections and a few wobbly American accents, in large part thanks to the combined appeal and talents of Hiddleston, Colman, Laurie and Hollander. Together, they prove that action TV can be made at a high level of quality, and quality TV can be entertaining.
  27. There is nothing about Confirmation that's transformative, but it’s solid work about an important moment in our history. And for TV purposes, it’s a work that allows Washington to show what a fine actor she can be.
  28. The twists hold some interest, as plot mechanics often do; the characters, less so. No one’s behavior makes much sense, and no one’s relationship ever rings true.
  29. Like all of Burns' work, Jackie is beautifully done and blessedly free of the shoddy re-creations that slip into so many documentaries these days.
  30. A dispiriting, derivative buddy-cop comedy.

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