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  1. This is one House call worth making.
  2. What the cuts can't remove is the chemistry between Cavanagh and Bowen. They're a lovably winning couple in a completely winning new show. [6 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • USA Today
  3. The tone can be darkly comic, even nasty, also sweetly sentimental, even corny. Picket Fences is idiosyncratic, unpredictable and fun fun fun to watch. Our Town gone ga-ga. Put it this way: When in Rome ... sit back and enjoy. [18 Sept 1992, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  4. What matters more is the way Morgan uses events--as small as Elizabeth's choice of a personal secretary and as large as her struggle to preserve the monarchy against duplicitous officials and her sister's need to "shine"--to illuminate Elizabeth and the country she rules. Those events may sometimes play out a bit slowly, but they're usually fascinating and they're never dull.
  5. With a sure and witty touch, Will captures the way gay men and their straight female friends make an asset of their gender differences and romantic similarities. [21 Sep 1998]
    • USA Today
  6. Yet for every misstep, there’s a moment from Graham or Bledel that makes you laugh or breaks your heart, or that cuts through the cuteness to ring absolutely true. And even at its most exasperating (as with those infamous “final four words”), there is so much talent and charm on display, you’re likely to be in a forgiving mood.
  7. We could all use a good summer TV diversion around now, and if tonight's entertaining, intriguing premiere turns out to be a fair guide, Dome could be just what we've needed.
  8. Like all of Burns' work, Jackie is beautifully done and blessedly free of the shoddy re-creations that slip into so many documentaries these days.
  9. Feud's focus seldom wavers from Lange and Sarandon, and rightly so. Neither woman really looks or sounds much like the person she’s playing, but that doesn’t matter: You accept the Davis and Crawford you’re seeing.
  10. Speechless [is] easily the best of the new network sitcoms. ... It's a sweet, skillful and sometimes poignant performance [from Micah Fowler, who plays J.J.]. ... Driver shines, charms and appropriately horrifies.
  11. [A] compelling, smartly acted new co-production from AMC and Britain's Channel 4 that explores who we are and how fragile our own grip on humanity can be.
  12. So far, though, it keeps the techno-babble to a manageable level, and if it seems to owe more to other movies and shows than it does to real life, at least it's paying its debt in an entertaining fashion.
  13. What's missing, unfortunately, is any attempt to explain that music--to tell us what made Smith stand out, to examine her impact on other singers, and to give us a sense of the extent of her popularity. And yet, while those flaws are not unimportant, they're also unlikely to be what you'll remember most. No, that will be Latifah, glowing with pleasure after a song well sung, screaming with agony after another betrayal, risking and exposing everything as a performer. She's a star, born yet again.
  14. Those [recurrent technical glitche] may be the inevitable by-product of an effort to do a live show this complex. And when it comes to live musicals, this one may be hard to beat.
  15. Credit Samberg with choosing a solid concept, a Barney Miller-type cop comedy from Parks and Recreation's Dan Goor and Michael Schur, and surrounding himself with a great supporting cast led by Andre Braugher as the squad's captain.
  16. Pulsing with life and fun, sparked by energetic dances and colorful costumes, and driven by Charles Smalls's still sturdy score, NBC's The Wiz Live! Thursday night was charmed from start to finish. And were that not enough, viewers got to witness the launch of a scintillating new performer in Shanice Williams.
  17. If any show deserves your patience, it’s Legion. Rewards await.
  18. True Blood is worth the work, particularly since the main plot (Sookie's search for her kidnapped vampire lover Bill) is pretty much a self-starter.
  19. Witty, earnest, intelligent, overdone, overly ambitious, wildly entertaining and superbly cast.
  20. There are touches in Spy that seem rather needlessly gothic and unnecessarily grim, but they're more than redeemed by its sustained sense of place and by wonderful performances from Whishaw, Broadbent and, in smaller roles, Holcroft and Charlotte Rampling. And unlike so many modern projects, it seems to be exactly the length it should be, with pauses in the action there to draw us into the characters rather than just as padding.
  21. The best of the bunch, and the best new series of the fall, comes first.
  22. Malcolm recalls Roseanne's maternal drive, The Simpsons' cartoon exaggerations, and a blue-collar sensibility and emotional honesty common to both. And if tonight's outstanding premiere tries too hard for its own good to stand out, even that flaw subsides in later episodes. [7 Jan 2000]
    • USA Today
  23. The script is humorous, though not hilarious, and the show boasts a fine cast that could, with time, jell into a great one.
    • USA Today
  24. Yet another terrifically offbeat and off-the-beaten-path comedy, sparked by another great, career-shifting central performance--this time from Gael Garcia Bernal as the charismatic new conductor of the fictional New York Symphony.
  25. There is no new show more likable, but that affection may waver if Betty can't give Ferrera the scripts and support she deserves.
  26. It's not perfect, but in a sea of procedural conformity, Glee is its own weird, often enchanting little island escape.
  27. Though the treatment of the younger characters is a bit heavy-handed, the four main adults are beautifully drawn and played.
  28. Granted, this new Andy may not be as inventive or subversive as Universe, but it is just as funny and probably a bit more accessible.
  29. There's something terribly real and awfully funny about this engaging little sitcom, which takes the sweetness of Parenthood and adds its own slightly bitter touch.
  30. You may appreciate the flair and poignancy Elementary brings to the crowded procedural field, and the energy, wit and sex appeal Miller brings to his role.

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