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  1. The plots of the two episodes available for review were standard and sometimes underdeveloped soap staples, but they're well handled by the attractive cast. [28 Jun 2000]
    • USA Today
  2. Practice is the kind of show that will probably appeal to those who like their comedy theatrical.
  3. What King adds is better writing (particularly in next week's funnier episode), a better cast and a more affectionate tone. The only real false notes are struck by Doug's friends, a standard-issue gang of fools and louts who could have dropped in from any sitcom. [21 Sept 1998, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  4. Cougar tends to start out big and a bit nasty, then pull back for a gentler finish. The problem may be that many viewers pull out before it gets there.
  5. The old plot was better than the new ones and that Broadchurch worked much better as a mystery than as a courtroom drama.... The cast, with new members Charlotte Rampling, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, James D'Arcy and Eve Myles, is still wonderful, and the series still has much to offer.
  6. FlashForward may not keep you hooked for years or even months, but chances are good tonight's episode will bring you back next week. For now, that's as far forward as we need to flash.
  7. This is a series where surface is substance, and surfaces don't come much dreamier than in this beautifully realized flight fantasy, from its lovely, terror-free airport to its even lovelier cast.
  8. Though he's playing a smarter, wittier, more self aware character than he did in The Office, Gervais displays the same gift for the social faux pas, and the same inability to extract himself from increasingly improper conversations.
  9. Curb is an experiment in free-form TV, one that is just as happy to make you cringe in embarrassment as make you laugh, and even happier just to dawdle along provoking no response at all. [13 Oct 2000]
    • USA Today
  10. Ted, like most such single-camera sitcoms, is just too mannered and cold, though warming signs do appear in later episodes. Happily, despite its flaws, it's well-cast and reasonably entertaining.
  11. A strong cast and that things-that-go-bump-in-the-night shooting style so far keep the show on course.
  12. It can all be a bit much: Elizabeth needs to be wrong now and then. Still, against considerable odds, Leoni sells it, conveying the brains and toughness Elizabeth needs to be successful in her job and the warmth, vulnerability and sometimes prickly humor she needs to be successful at home.
  13. Certainly, anyone looking for fast-paced, neon-lit entertainment will find Las Vegas one of the season's surprisingly better bets.
  14. For now, let's leave concerns for the future to Eli. In the present, things are looking good.
  15. Arnett is a master of fluster, and Bridges is befuddled charm personified. The revelation, though, for those who only know her from her Emmy-winning dramatic work, is Martindale, whose comic timing rivals the best in the business.
  16. There are times when the show feels both weightless and way too precious (that title), but those are counterbalanced by the charm and skill of the cast.
  17. The cases he tackles are intriguing, if wildly complicated and too often sustained by that peculiar TV mystery mix of intuitive leaps and bad basic police work....Yet as with all such shows, it's the main character who provides the main reason for watching, as the long-suffering Wallander struggles to solve the crimes and put his life back in order.
  18. This is a show with many virtues. Now, if Huff can just learn the virtue of restraint, Showtime may finally have the hit it has been working so hard to find.
  19. Startling incidents, odd coincidences and sudden turns of fate abound, sometimes to a ridiculous extent.
  20. A few minutes in, and you can sense a promise of sex, surprises, and a healthy dose of fun. And so far, the show delivers.
  21. Even when the guests and plots falter, the regular cast keeps the hour in painless motion.
  22. Whatever one thought of Practice last season, Boston Legal is a separate show -- and it should be viewed with a clean slate. Taken on its own purposely outrageous terms, Boston succeeds as a decent legal comedy led by two broadly amusing characters. [1 Oct 2004]
    • USA Today
  23. What matters is Atwell's ability to project both Peggy's sense of loss and her determination, and the show's skill at highlighting the problems women faced while still retaining the pleasures of a comic-book pulp adventure.
  24. Arrested remains a bracingly clever but emotionally cold intellectual exercise of a comedy, one that revels in puns, double entendres, intricately structured set pieces, astonishingly inappropriate jokes, asides, callbacks, flashbacks and, less propitiously, its own inaccessibility.
  25. Tonight's premiere rises and falls with Davis, and she's completely in command. We'll just have to hope the rest of the show falls in line behind her.
  26. Nothing about this cookie-cutter courtroom drama is really up to Woods' talent, but given his head and a lot of room, he makes it work.
  27. None of the episodes is likely to keep you up at night puzzling out the intricacies of the mystery, but they won't bore you or insult your intelligence. Castle exists to exploit the appeal of its stars and the amusing byplay between their characters, and it does that with admirable efficiency.
  28. It gets better, digs deeper and reaches farther than anyone might have predicted.
  29. They need to put a bit more thought into the mysteries themselves, which lean toward the clunky. But the appeal of the stars and the premise should buy them some time.
  30. They [the Scorpion team] may be absurd, but they're enjoyable as long as you don't think about them too deeply. (Or, in the case of a final stunt with a car and an airplane, at all.)

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