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  1. Three Rivers tries to work around the failings of its script through quick cuts and colored gels, but they're a vain attempt to build excitement where none exists.
  2. Relentlessly mediocre.
  3. In the end, this dreary British import proves that the only thing more boring than agitprop drama is someone else's agitprop drama.
  4. Harsh Realm plays like a bald reworking of "The Matrix", complete with allusions to a coming savior, but without that film's exciting special effects or logical, unifying conceit. [8 Oct 1999, p.13E]
    • USA Today
  5. As much as CBS may yearn for the days of J.R. and Bobby Ewing, those days have passed, and you certainly can't bring then back with a show that feels more dated than "Dallas."
  6. Even at its sporadic best, In Treatment comes across as no more than an actor's exercise, one likely to be best remembered for providing future acting students with a large supply of two-character scenes for class projects.
  7. Keep your eyes on Thornton and the shading he brings to his work--because most everything else in Goliath, the title included, is so on-the-nose it could make you cringe.
  8. What you get from this sometimes outlandish family comedy is a sweet Ride, but one that is neither funny nor believable enough to command your loyalty.
  9. Templar is done in by being both too late and too long. At two hours it might have worked.
  10. One hopes, [Katie is] bringing us deeper and more interesting topics than first guest Jessica Simpson's current preference for chocolate over chips or tips for losing her baby weight.... Couric retains an ability to connect with the people she interviews; to seem constantly intrigued and engaged.
  11. Despite the show's constant insistence that Joe and Louis are lifelong best friends, you struggle to spot what exactly Joe and Louis see in each other.
  12. Enlisted may feel curiously dated and dangerously slight, but it's not offensive (a low bar many Fox comedies fail to reach) and it's not cynical. If nothing else, this is clearly a show with heart. Now if only it would show some sign of brains.
  13. While talent is crucial, talent alone is not enough. And there's only so much bad material, and so many bad choices, talent can surmount.
  14. It has an appealing cast (here's hoping, in particular, that this is not the last we've seen of Kumbhani), and there are moments when actors and material mesh, as in a gleeful group attempt to lip-read a wedding. But then those moments pass, and the show falls back on jokes that are either creaky (could we please have an overweight character who isn't bitter or blissfully stupid?) or cruel.
  15. Rather than balance, what you get from Filth is a gratingly smug superiority that mocks both sides while failing to make any point of its own.
  16. Extending for five hours over three weekly segments, this luxuriously produced miniseries is so gorgeous, even in its re-creation of the Depression, that it practically shimmers. It's also slow to the point where "languid" doesn't even begin to do it justice.
  17. Unfortunately, none of the characters is interesting enough to paper over the holes in the plot.
  18. Timecop doesn't boggle the mind. It's merely a bog. You could write this adventure yourself. [22 Sept 1997, p.3D]
    • USA Today
  19. This reduction of a serious, debilitating illness to a personality quirk would be as unwatchable as it is insulting were it not for one thing: an appealingly disheveled star turn from Will & Grace's Eric McCormack as Daniel.
  20. "Mad Men" is the genre's gold standard, and the inevitable thematic comparisons just accentuates Trust Me's flaws, making the show seem even more dispensable.
  21. It faces the standard problem of all anthologies, which have to interest us in new characters each week. But it also ties those stories to two recurring characters who are better off avoided, leaving you torn between the ones you don't know and the ones you don't like.
  22. The episode is clearly constructed as a showcase for Laurie--who is seemingly incapable of a boring performance--but the writers really haven't done him much of a favor. There are too many beats that refuse to be reconciled; too many times when House is forced to behave absurdly badly to get what he wants, just to backtrack when he gets it.
  23. If Oil isn't explosive, it also isn't repulsive.
  24. Alas, the trip turns out to be unacceptably bumpy. [27 Sept 2002, p.17D]
    • USA Today
  25. There's nothing particularly special about Zoo, but were we back in the days when books like this became self-contained miniseries, it would be easy enough to recommend as a non-taxing summer potboiler.
  26. Passmore and Szostak give fine performances, and many viewers will no doubt appreciate having a drama that's designed to reflect modern life, without a crime or a medical crisis as a catalyst. They just might appreciate it more if it were a bit less grim and if the big plot twists felt a lot more organic.
  27. If Powerless intends to be an actual comedy, as opposed to a harmless way to wile away a half-hour, it needs to give them [cast] something to do that counts as funny. So far, whatever powers this NBC sitcom has on display, the power to make us laugh isn’t one of them.
  28. Like the Vatican itself, Pope is beautiful, lush and carefully, formally composed. It’s also oddly airless and cold, more a series of striking pictures than a living and breathing slice of life, one that leaves you with no way in and little reason to care. Style doesn't just trump substance here; it's the only substance The Young Pope has. And that seems wrong.
  29. If you like Family Guy, you'll probably like American Dad. The problem is, if you've seen Family Guy, you've already seen American Dad. [4 Feb 2005]
    • USA Today
  30. It's better-acted than some shows, less grating than others. Its greatest flaw is it's too familiar and predictable.

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