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  1. The costumes are gorgeous, the sets are time-period gems, and the actors are among the best.... But the story to which they've been appended is hollow. It's like an exquisitely wrapped empty box.
  2. Neither sitcom nor drama, real-life nor fantasy, Fox's underwhelming Undeclared wanders around in some jumbled, stream-of-consciousness no man's land. Like real college freshmen, the characters seem hastily and inexpertly thrown together -- probably because they were. The producers built the characters around the people they hired, a form of paint-by-actor improv. [25 Sept 2001, p.3D]
    • USA Today
  3. Killer Women is Cagney & Lacey without Lacey and with an all-female criminal cast--along with a higher proportion of saps than the ads would have you believe.
  4. If you can stick with the show past its barrage of one-note eccentrics, a lower-key charm does begin to seep through.
  5. Beyond doubt, great talents and noble ambitions are at play here, but somewhere in the process, those talents seem to have confused "good" with "dull" and "serious" with "tedious.
  6. Ally McBeal has the components of a potential guilty pleasure. Giddily romantic but also sassily sardonic, it merely needs to curb some of its more groaning indulgences. [8 Sep 1997]
    • USA Today
  7. The show does manage to find some humor in the battle between Joel's young teen body and his adult mind. But it doesn't take long for the fix-my-life device to become ponderous, or for the time-travel jokes to ring false. [19 Sept 2002]
    • USA Today
  8. Bynes shows promise, but neither she nor her co-star -- Beverly Hills, 90210's Jennie Garth -- has the skill to pull off physical comedy. They look as if they're being clumsy on purpose -- which defeats the comic purpose. [19 Sept 2002]
    • USA Today
  9. Tucson is sweet and inoffensive -- and almost totally unamusing. The best that can be said for the show is that it's better than the only other Latino show on network TV, ABC's George Lopez...Of course, if that were the standard, WB's sitcoms would all be classics. [19 Sept 2002]
    • USA Today
  10. It's a harmless, standard-issue - cheesy - detective (actually, insurance investigator) series in the vein of Rockford Files-like unwilling heroes. [2 Nov 1988]
    • USA Today
  11. Without Kanye West, and his conveniently timed controversy from the MTV Video Music Awards, NBC's Jay Leno Show premiere Monday would have been even more of a cut-rate, snooze-inducing, rehashed bore. If Leno's desire is to help fans get to sleep earlier, desire satisfied.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Just so he doesn't bumble and fumble in the ''What does it take to be a dad?'' area - because that's been done before and done to death. [28 Feb 1989, p.3D]
    • USA Today
  12. Lacking much in the way of attitude, the show seems obsolete and irrelevant. What it boils down to is that Seinfeld, likable as he may be, is a mayonnaise clown in a world that requires a little horseradish. [31 May 1990, p.3D]
    • USA Today
  13. A homogenous Cosby Show clone with no distinguishable character...It's inoffensive and sometimes affectionate, as when the clan pulls together in the second episode after Harriette loses her job. It might play, then, on ABC's benign made-for-baby-sitters Friday lineup.[21 Sept 1989, p.3D]
    • USA Today
  14. The storytelling is too diffuse. At times, it's a medical mystery, with Matthew Modine the outspoken lead researcher manning an obstacle course of financial and bureaucratic Catch-22s. Other times, it's obvious agitprop targeting an uncaring Reagan administration and, in a devastating character assassination, self-promoting Dr. Robert Gallo (Alan Alda).[10 Sept 1993, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  15. There are two major things you need to know about Night Stalker. One is that it's a third-rate rip-off of a superior series. The other is that the series it's ripping off is The X-Files.
  16. Overagitated and overaggressive, Philipps is in constant motion; her face contorting, body twitching, voice braying. Against all odds, she has taken a show that was merely bad and made it truly unbearable.
  17. There isn't a moment of wonder or suspense in Surface, or a single performance or character that is even remotely involving.
  18. The scene before the opening credits is awful enough all by itself to send you fleeing to any one of the other networks, all of which have something better to offer.
  19. Tawdry, empty and inept, South Beach is UPN's too-late-in-the-game attempt to transfer The O.C. to the other coast.
  20. An abject failure both as sociology and as entertainment, this incompetent update of Black Like Me is no more than a gimmick in search of an idea.
  21. You can think of it as Titus with kids added and talent removed.
  22. The dialogue ranges from ridiculous to tiresome.
  23. Incessantly chatty, incredibly busy and annoyingly pretentious.
  24. Courting Alex is nothing if not dull.
  25. With each misstep, E-Ring becomes more ridiculous.
  26. Cobbled together out of hundreds of undercover/caper movie clich├ęs, Sleeper Cell is so absurdly detached from the real world, it makes 24 look like a documentary.
  27. Seldom has a series expended more energy with less entertaining results.
  28. O'Donnell is humorless, formless and vacant; Goldberg is manic and grating.
  29. Monday's opening monologue, supposedly Leno's strong suit, was tired, lame and unfunny. In other words, typical of the real Leno, rather than the Leno of public-relations imagination.

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