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494 tv reviews
  1. You're stuck with a dull mush that works neither as drama, comedy or camp trash.
  2. It's all meant to be exciting, but like everything else about The Cleaner, it comes across as almost profoundly silly.
  3. Sons wants us to care about their hopes and struggles, but gives no clue as to why we might do so.
  4. Alas, like most copies, Privileged is a second-rate imitation.
  5. The result is a show that tries to be adult and titillating but just comes across as juvenile and badly paced, as if the cast were waiting for laughs they must realize won't be arriving.
  6. You might be able to forgive the sloppiness of the premise if something else in the episode worked, but it's all a contrived, derivative mess.
  7. Clearly, the show is aiming for urban grit. But that's hard to achieve when you're constantly distracting us with a ludicrous plot.
  8. If you want to get away with being offensive on TV, you have to be awfully funny, and Sit Down gets much closer to "awful" than it ever does to "funny."
  9. Monday's opening monologue, supposedly Leno's strong suit, was tired, lame and unfunny. In other words, typical of the real Leno, rather than the Leno of public-relations imagination.
  10. Practice is still terrible, and I'm still not ready to give up.
  11. Southland is unbearable--a pretentious, foul-mouthed, overly arty chore that will leave you with a headache should you linger too long.
  12. Perhaps Leighton has a huge fan base, but nothing in her cold, starched, tightly stretched rehash of Sydney would explain her appeal to the uninitiated. Still, the apartment complex does look inviting, as do many of the Los Angeles hot spots that are being used as sets.
  13. Bored is TV that's tailor-made for people who hate TV. It won't make you laugh, but it will make you feel hipper than the room, and for some, that will be enough.
  14. There are some remarkably good actors going to waste here, most of whom will no doubt wipe this showoff their résumé the moment they get the chance.
  15. McKellen may be a sublime combo of the Wicked Witch and the Wiz, but Caviezel is no Dorothy. And sadly, this isn't much of a Prisoner.
  16. Honestly, Deep End is the type of high-gloss, dim-bulb broadcast hour that makes you despair for broadcast hours.
  17. What Miami Medical most closely resembles is CBS' equally retro and quickly canceled Three Rivers, right down to the pre-credit scenes that launch the medical story lines.
  18. The show suffers from severe tonal problems as it struggles to balance local eccentricities and strained comedy with an overly graphic approach to its plot-driving crimes.
  19. A ludicrously see-through supernatural crime drama that wastes a perfectly fine performance from Emily Rose as an FBI agent who tracks an escaped convict to a Maine town.
  20. Seldom has the byplay been as idiotic or annoying as it is on Rizzoli.
  21. Without characters to rely on, the show tries to hook us in with legal twists and turns--evidence found, evidence in, evidence out. But even on that level, Truth falters. The only twists you won't see coming are the ones that make no sense
  22. Not a single thing William Shatner's Dad has said in those ubiquitous CBS ads has been even remotely funny, a trend that continues in tonight's premiere.
  23. Bob's isn't nearly funny enough. It just lopes along, stumbling from one tasteless moment to the next.
  24. Sadly, it takes even less time to realize that Map is a near-criminal waste of talent.
  25. If ill-cast, unfunny and thoroughly unoriginal are your ideas of perfection, then Perfect Couples just may be.
  26. There are a few amusing, if not always sensible, twists, and after a rough start, Bower does display some charm and skill as the boy king. But even so, a story meant to sing simply doesn't.
  27. The adventures aren't funny, and the friends aren't believable. But the real flaw is Reiser seems to have missed one of the central points that gives Curb its odd, counterintuitive appeal: David's willingness to paint himself in an unwaveringly horrid light.
  28. Friends was not a shockingly original premise. It's what you do with it that matters, and Caspe and crew do almost nothing that doesn't feel secondhand and artificial.
  29. As oversexed as it is underachieving, Bash is the kind of original programming that makes you reconsider your antipathy toward reruns.
  30. There's not a character you're likely to believe, which is a problem, or one you want to see again, which for a series is a bigger problem.

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