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Highest review score: 100 Boyhood
Lowest review score: 0 Idle Hands
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3764 movie reviews
  1. One of those movies that goes for a jarringly new emotion every 30 seconds or so while the story's foundation is collapsing.
  2. Gere has never seemed more squirrelly.
    • USA Today
  3. This quirky, winning sleeper from first-time director Jenniphr Goodman has its pokey moments, but it's no insult to say that it is as pleasantly easygoing as its slacker hero.
  4. Though not quite up to "The Full Monty" or "Waking Ned Devine," there's just enough left in that overseas whimsy stockpile to generate good buzz (the word-of-mouth moviegoer kind).
  5. Preposterous to the extreme.
  6. As shallow as a shot glass.
  7. Ultimately the title is most revealing. It's hollow, man.
    • USA Today
  8. When have we seen the same performer playing both parts in a sexual situation? It happens here, not once but twice.
  9. Paradis is a most striking subject, but the movie is a winner as well, starting with a story full of black-comic possibilities exploited fully by the great French director Patrice Leconte.
    • USA Today
  10. If Wonderland is difficult to embrace, it is easy to admire.
  11. What do you call a filmmaker who thinks imitating a screen benchmark can make up for emotions that are evading her actors -- Clueless.
  12. A largely irresistible puff piece.
    • USA Today
  13. Never reaches much beyond the surface, and what lies there is all too predictable.
  14. What do you have to smoke to understand this?
  15. The five stories in The Five Senses flawlessly and even artfully create a unified mood.
    • USA Today
  16. Missing are well-choreographed action scenes, likable characters and involving plot twists.
  17. Its premise is so promising that you long for more than Arteta's low-key approach can deliver.
    • USA Today
  18. This boomer-coddling comic fantasy, in which a callous adult on the brink of 40 has a chance encounter with his pudgy, lisping 8-year-old self, is an iffier what-if.
  19. Maybe I'm just too old to appreciate the startling sight of a phallus jammed into someone's ear.
  20. So much water. Such a dramatic washout.
  21. Pure nonsense is hard to sustain for an entire feature-length movie.
    • USA Today
  22. Eventually evolves into a murder mystery that isn't very compelling.
  23. Emmerich might have had a masterpiece, but he'll have to settle for what comes close to being a must-see movie today.
  24. It's not dumb-good. It's dumb-stupid.
    • USA Today
  25. A little slapstick, a little action, rich characters and a whopping serving of wit. All baked to near-perfection.
    • USA Today
  26. Visually impressive but woefully dumbed-down.
  27. It's fast, easy on the eyes, full of funny putdowns and cast well enough to have two memorable villains.
  28. As the couple stand on the bluffs overlooking San Francisco Bay, you may find yourself wishing Forlani would push Prinze in.
    • USA Today
  29. This movie doesn't make you think you are watching art. It's closer to a high-end TV movie with lots of familiar faces.
  30. Even at its best, the movie plays like a clip reel.

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