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  1. 2-1/4 hours of MTV-produced tough love, with a dance break and pool party to relieve -- momentarily -- a series of motivational rants from lead Samuel L. Jackson.
  2. A little of this will go a long way.
  3. One hesitates to call David Cronenberg's movie of David Henry Hwang's Tony-winning play conventional or tame, but certainly it is zestless given a filmmaker whose last three outings have been "The Fly," "Dead Ringers" and "Naked Lunch." [01 Oct 1993]
    • USA Today
  4. Never works as a gum-snapper concert movie and does provide a glimpse into instant stardom in the Twitter generation.
  5. Though the blending of archival footage into a faux documentary is occasionally clever, ultimately it's banal and unconvincing.
  6. Put to the sequel litmus test, queasily spectacular Vengeance would only rate a footnote without a strong original to exploit - or a protracted telephone-terrorist subplot to steal from Dirty Harry 1. [19May1995 Pg.01.D]
    • USA Today
  7. Just be the most wildly derivative animated movie in ages.
  8. Though the premise is clever -- everything comes to life at night in New York City's Natural History Museum -- this movie doesn't make the best comic use of the concept.
  9. It isn't really dull (only dulled), and the leads are remarkable; one could, in fact, lavish a lot more praise if this labor of love weren't burdened by the year's dopiest movie wrap-up. [23 Nov 1990]
    • USA Today
    • 47 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    There are some laughs, Murphy is appealing and the ancient theme of love conquering all is beguiling. But America's mean-spiritedness lingers after its pastel-pretty ending.
    • USA Today
  10. Plausibility aside, the key to making the scenario work is comedy. Much can be forgiven if it delivers enough laughs. That's the main problem here. It's short on clever humor and big on convention and formula.
  11. The D Train is long on high-concept comedy, then runs out of steam and becomes a forced and far-fetched drama.
  12. A ceramic gnome by any other name is still a kitschy little figure.
  13. Peter Pan is the boy who wouldn't grow up, and Hook is the movie that grows unbearable once a grown-up Peter arrives in Neverland with a merciless 90 minutes to go. [11 Dec. 1991, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  14. Those who adore horror movies so much that they crave Count Chocula cereal may be amused. The rest can skip this walk on the Darkside. [07 May 1990, p.4D]
    • USA Today
  15. Even at its best, the movie plays like a clip reel.
  16. Though the picture falls apart whenever the two leads aren't on screen together, you can argue that That isn't that inferior to its predecessor.
  17. It's just too soon after those silly talking dinosaurs to put up with any movie about a talking horse.
  18. It plays more like a "21 Jump Street," full of pretty people and a thumping soundtrack but offering little in the way of something to say.
  19. Nancy Drew is 16, dresses like she's 12 and acts like she's about 45. And therein lies the problem with this adaptation of the beloved book series. The movie can't quite decide how old it wants to be -- or who it's for.
  20. Transforms Charles Dickens into a Chuck. Ground Chuck, unfortunately. [30 January 1998, p. 7D]
    • USA Today
  21. It's all fast and furious up to its draggy finale, and yes, it could spark a sequel. Prepare yourself for coming dread in 18 months: "A Man Together."
  22. One thing it doesn't do is offer a revealing look at the mercurial entrepreneur. The movie that bears his name settles on a blandly superficial treatment of a deeply complex man.
  23. After "Monsters, Inc.," this movie may be a bit of a letdown, but there are some scenes that will delight elementary-school-age children and older preschoolers -- notably the gross-out moments.
  24. Higher Learning: John Singleton's ambitious potpourri of on-campus tensions - date rape, black power, white supremacy - all too quickly lapses into pandering preachiness. [17 Feb 1995, p.4D]
    • USA Today
  25. Not so admirably, the film feels at times like a giant commercial for Universal Studios.
  26. The movie, which has a rusty photographic veneer, is monotonous and drags toward the end.
  27. While Kristen Wiig fully commits to her bizarre, mentally ill character in Welcome to Me, the result still feels more like an extended sketch than a movie.
  28. The civilized running time and breezy editing between scattershot plot threads keep the attention in a superficial way, and it would be misstating the case to deny that the movie has some chuckles (the kind that don't linger).
  29. The more real Friday gets, the better it is. [26 Apr 1995]
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