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3,249 movie reviews
  1. Robbins' performance as Winston is the best thing in the movie.
  2. Far from redundant. That's because (Kirk) Wong deftly balances the outrageous stunts. [24 April 1998, p. 6E]
  3. Filmmakers must have been tripping pretty badly when they made High School, a flub that's about as lucid as a stoner at a spelling bee.
  4. An American Affair is sordid business blandly portrayed and not worth meddling with.
  5. No comedy this vile should be brazenly foolish enough to give itself this title. [25 November 1998, p. 3D]
  6. Envy is in the unenviable position of saddling two of Hollywood's most talented comic actors with a script that doesn't do them justice.
  7. Doesn't make the movie worth watching -- even if you're monstrously bored.
  8. Life is a crock -- or something like it.
  9. Deception is not the cool, noirish thriller it tries to be. Despite a cast that includes double-crossers Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams caught in the middle, the film is a yawn.
  10. The conclusion is a sweet bit of frosting on an otherwise unremarkable confection.
  11. While compellingly watchable, it's as overheated as Cage-the-actor's 1991 soft-core (and direct-to-video) "Zandalee," also set in New Orleans.
  12. The picture is all Lawrence and Zahn, whose dynamics get something going, though not enough (please!) to spark a buddy sequel.
  13. Director Kevin Smith's tweets, jokes and sharp commentary after being denied a seat aboard a Southwest Airlines flight because of his girth were a lot more engaging than Cop Out, his new movie.
  14. Remarkably, the plot has much in common with "Hellboy II: The Golden Army," yet that bundle of fun has enough vision to make even its Barry Manilow interlude seem appropriate.
  15. It's an unholy mess.
  16. Soon, the audience feels its own sense of despair -- for a movie that might have worked but didn't.
  17. Lurching back and forth through time, Winter's Tale tries to blend the supernatural and the sentimental, with a synchronous nod to elements of New York history. But this would-be magical romance flounders, hitting only dissonant chords.
  18. Slap Happy. [16 February 1996, p.D4]
  19. The screenplay is thin, the dialogue lacks nuance and the acting is often laughable.
  20. Perry must have felt it was high time for him to try his hand at playing a darker role. But starring in this badly directed, suspense-free film with its unintentionally laughable dialogue does Perry no favors.
  21. The dialogue is beyond clichéd, and performances feel cobbled together from other movies.
  22. The Spirit is uneven, but its campy adventure provides some amusing, escapist fun.
  23. Though the tale may fall short on imagination, the principal actors make Over Her Dead Body livelier than one would expect.
  24. Nothing about this rote exercise feels remotely fresh. It's a re-tread of the 2009 original, sans the inspired lunacy.
  25. You don't envy the three soldiers who get shot for desertion, but you do identify with their desire to flee.
  26. The murkiest-looking movie since Ben Affleck's “Daredevil” and about as lacking in charm.
  27. Low on Diesel fuel, though probably amusing enough if you're part of the intended demographic, which appears to be the age group that likes to stick fingers up noses.
  28. Director Christian Duguay's gimmicky "thriller" demonstrates that he has not begun to master the art of suspense.
  29. If you're going because you want to see an entertaining horror movie, good luck.
  30. Geared to 16-year-olds who can't name the governor of their state, this movie ought to be closed down by the health department.
  31. White Noise is the celluloid equivalent of a bad cell phone connection.
  32. Though better than its 2001 predecessor -- and teeming with cute creatures and fast and furious action scenes -- the movie feels excessively formulaic.
  33. One can excuse the movie's missteps and melodramatic moments in the greater interest of the strong statement it makes about our health care system.
  34. If Sandler hopes to win over new fans, he may want to cork the scatological humor and let it age a bit.
  35. A laughably bad horror flick.
  36. A pathetically dumb attempt to string a bunch of second-rate skits together like a garland of rotten cranberries.
  37. Sitting through the teen skateboard comedy Grind is, well, a grind.
  38. Unpleasantness alone doesn't sink a movie. But miserable tidings intensify when there's not only a high ick factor but also floundering storytelling.
  39. Smurfs is utterly kid-friendly.
  40. One of those movies that goes for a jarringly new emotion every 30 seconds or so while the story's foundation is collapsing.
  41. Any civilization that can produce a movie this stupid probably deserves to be hit by famine and pestilence.
  42. The Wal-Mart of cinematic soap operas. One-stop shopping for your emotional movie needs.
  43. There isn't much in the way of plot to get in the way of Sandler's world: There's poo, ripped pants and hot girls falling for fat guys.
  44. Much as they would like it to, basketball can't save the youthful inner-city players here. Nor does the ultra-fast-paced street version of the sport save this movie from predictability and tedium.
  45. Too distinctive-looking to dismiss out of hand, but it would help to be able to look through a magic viewfinder (or maybe magic eraser) and make its script disappear.
  46. What is most troubling is how this film can serve to shape perceptions for impressionable kids. Young girls and boys will think that non-stop make-out sessions is all it takes to sustain "endless love."
  47. In a summer filled with dumb comedies, this might prove to be the dumbest. Think "Road Trip" meets "City Slickers." Then dial the humor down a few notches, and you're left Without a Paddle.
  48. Premonition is both dreary and absurd, suffering from a lack of intrinsic logic and terrible pacing, a one-two punch that kills off any chance of entertainment value.
  49. Anyone who sees this movie is going to be 20 minutes ahead of it, though there won't be that many after Weekend 1. With domestic disturbances, someone calls the cops. With this DOA, someone had better call the coroner.
  50. Too bad first-time director Christopher Erskin, who cut his teeth on music videos and commercials, took so many predictable turns on this Vacation.
  51. To say that New in Town is the worst movie of this fledgling year is to damn it with faint praise. It may be one of the worst movies of any year. Not content to be merely inane and predictable, it is downright insulting, humorlessly deriding those who choose to live in rural America, labor in factories or have a strong Christian faith.
  52. A race-car drama full of flashy but empty images and a soundtrack that makes you feel as if you're being shaken on a motel rumblebed.
  53. Far from being a run-of-the-mill slasher pic.
  54. While the visuals are lovely to behold, this unremarkable version of the classic 18th century Japanese legend is stiff and uninvolving.
  55. Enough low-grade laughs to entertain significantly more than some of the more prestigious year-end releases.
  56. Drippy, derivative stalker flick.
  57. As the couple stand on the bluffs overlooking San Francisco Bay, you may find yourself wishing Forlani would push Prinze in.
  58. All cinematic creativity seems to have focused on devising the most repellent ways to maim and murder.
  59. The jewels in the buried treasure, once sighted, look fake. But the bigger problem is how artificial the whole story feels.
  60. The best that can be said is that the production design is striking. Otherwise, it's a foolish story, marred by a strange blend of overacting and bland, offhand performances.
  61. An occasionally entertaining, always fluffy teen romantic comedy with some moderately funny physical comedy by gadabout star Lindsay Lohan.
  62. The best actor in Snow Dogs is a glowering Siberian husky named Demon. In fact, all the dogs in the movie do a better job than their human counterparts.
  63. No abomination but forgettably mediocre. [19 March 1999, Life, p. 13E]
  64. As the girl fights and rivalry play out, flashes of wit are obscured by the plot's contrivances.
  65. Drawn out and dishonest in equal measure, Sam fights it out with "The Majestic" for the title of worst "important" movie of the year.
  66. The scariest thing about this appalling and seemingly endless movie is that you paid for your ticket and now have to sit through it.
  67. Except for a brief episode in which singer Chris Isaak and Kiefer Sutherland make like an FBI Rocky and Bullwinkle, this is a morbidly joyless affair. You'll feel as drained as one of Cooper's mugs of joe watching homecoming queen Laura drown in a whirlpool of sex and drugs. [31 Aug 1992]
  68. Consider The Other Sister emotional quicksand. [26 February 1999, Life, p.5E]
  69. You'll be checking your watch a lot during Timeline. Though most of the cast is strong and the movie has moments of suspense, ultimately the mystery in this action thriller is so far-fetched it's ludicrous.
  70. This 140-minute I-don't-know-what-it-is unravels like a ball of yarn after a bout with a tiger on Colombian catnip. Lee exhaust me.
  71. Pretty hard to buy into at all.
  72. Not without some stupidly funny moments.
  73. Forced, formulaic and never believable. It's a particularly unholy combination.
  74. Underdrawn and overheated, Cool World will leave you cold. [13 Jul 1992]
  75. What do you have to smoke to understand this?
  76. Allison Janney is tacky incarnate as Barkin's good-time gal pal. When she shows up, Drop Dead Gorgeous comes most to life. [23 July 1999, Life, p.12E]
  77. Who would have thought an animated comedy satirizing the predictable nature of fairy tales could be so grim?
  78. Fun for less than 30 of the 80-minute running time.
  79. A mishmash of horror and history genres that's not as bad as its trailers but ultimately is dragged down by, of all things, its star.
  80. Despite its appealing stars, The Ugly Truth is a charmless romantic comedy.
  81. The best thing about A Good Day to Die Hard is its title.
  82. If you didn't know otherwise, you'd swear that Gentlemen Broncos was made by a disaffected high school student – and not a particularly talented one.
  83. At least the models' avarice and teasing provide a chuckle or two, as their dates line up panting at the door. Purely by default, their contribution makes this a slightly better working-woman romance than "The Wedding Planner."
  84. So imperfect that it may qualify as one of the summer's worst movies.
  85. November is when we eat turkey, and Sweet November is pretty much a fat, juicy gobbler passed off as Valentine's Day date bait.
  86. Now and again, the bizarre occurs, such as when Fred and Barney don showgirl outfits and seem to be doing their version of "The Birdcage." But mundane is more the norm.
  87. Not even Bill Murray could save Garfield. Perhaps the comedian -- so pitch-perfect as the sardonic actor in "Lost in Translation" -- got too deeply into character.
  88. The story is tedious, noisy and banal. It is also rather dark and convoluted for children, though it does have the familiar bombast of a video game.
  89. Not even scaremeister director Wes Craven can awaken this story. Murphy's pale efforts are enough to make one fondly recall Blacula. Now that was one sucker who knew how to make a film that didn't. [27 Oct 1995, p.4D]
  90. Not worth the ride.
  91. An insult to the memory of the cleverly written show and its celebration of friendship, it's a slap in the face for the four gal pals (often photographed at unflattering angles) and an affront to Muslims.
  92. Everything about this fish-out-of-water romp is tired.
  93. Less a movie than a mind-numbingly dull road trip.
  94. Actually is a bit of a hoot.
  95. A pale imitation that challenges credulity and tries too hard to win our hearts with schmaltz.
  96. Hisses for Catwoman. Unfortunately for Oscar winner Halle Berry, this movie belongs in the litter box.
  97. From the embarrassingly over-the-top performance of Ray Liotta as a tough-guy biker to the pratfalls of William H. Macy as a bumbling computer geek, this movie stinks of exhaust and desperation.
  98. Chan has more chemistry with the kids than with Valletta, but the story is so insipid that it's likely to only sadden fans of the martial-arts icon and offer little enjoyment to its young audience.
  99. As shallow as a shot glass.
  100. Defanged and drippy, the remake of 1939's The Women seems to have been made for the dullard granddaughters of the sassy, sharp society matrons in George Cukor's campy original.

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