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  1. This is by far Kaufman's worst outing since becoming a major filmmaker more than a quarter-century ago, and the fact that his only other stinker from this period is 1993's "Rising Sun" means that maybe he ought to stay away from cop melodramas.
  2. It's so derivative, unfunny and thuddingly bad that it's one of the more cringe-inducing movies of a genre chock-full of clunkers.
  3. The concept is unoriginal, the scenarios aren't funny, and its message is banal. Plus, Murphy alternately hams it up and phones it in.
  4. Even by teen gross-out movie standards Van Wilder makes "Sorority Boys" look like "Some Like It Hot."
  5. The 1992 phenomenon was creepy, tense and sexually charged in a bold yet tawdry way. This sequel lacks even a shred of those elements.
  6. The movie's biggest drawback is a failure to deliver what's promised.
  7. This unfunny, über-misogynistic adaptation of Tucker Max's audacious best-seller of the same name is unlikely to please anyone.
  8. Poor Sharon Stone! Poor Sidney Lumet! [22 January 1999, Life, p.11E]
    • USA Today
  9. While this third installment offers a jot more humor (mostly unintentional), the action scenes are disjointed, badly staged and mind-numbing.
  10. Earth to Earth's young director, Mark Piznarksi : It's tough turning straw into gold, isn't it?
    • USA Today
  11. It tries to pass itself off as a film about feistiness, forgiveness and the bonds of motherhood. Instead, it deals lightly and inappropriately with promiscuity, alcoholism, drug abuse, grief and child molestation. Georgia Rule doesn't make you feel good; it makes you queasy.
  12. The bad-taste murder farce is just an excuse for a bunch of actors to go slumming and ride about in - ha, ha - Yugos.
    • USA Today
  13. It's an idea that might have made for a mildly intriguing skit, but blown out into a full-length feature it's at best campy and at worst an amateurish, sentimental schlock-fest.
  14. Friedberg, who previously made Nielsen's golfing video and rental car commercials, knows only the low road -- and gets lost anyway. [24 May 1996, Pg.04.D]
    • USA Today
  15. Mothers deserve a much better break than the hectic, shrill and dismally unpleasant Moms' Night Out.
  16. Desperately conceived by even the most insipid standards of contemporary teen-queen cinema, A Cinderella Story operates under a rotting pumpkin of a supposition.
  17. When the most notable thing a film offers is the sight of Dennis Farina in drag, you can't expect much.
  18. Perhaps there was a clever germ of an idea here, but the five credited writers didn't develop characters, scenarios or rules in this sci-fi world well enough to engage the audience.
  19. A moviegoer's only defense against Jason is to avoid theaters showing this gruesome and derivative movie.
  20. As buddy pics go, this is pretty much not even worth a single look, let alone a double take.
  21. Filled with laughable dialogue, Abduction goes nowhere.
  22. Too much. The hackneyed story about an affluent damsel in distress who decides to fight her bully of a husband is simply too overdone.
  23. Gere has never seemed more squirrelly.
    • USA Today
  24. The cliché-laden dialogue, schlocky special effects and predictable plot are derivative; the movie is overwrought and lacks suspense.
  25. When it comes to being brainless, The Skulls is at the head of the class.
    • USA Today
  26. Bride Wars is about as funny as a cringingly awkward wedding toast.
  27. Someone should have treated See Spot Run like a bone and buried it.
  28. Ultimately the title is most revealing. It's hollow, man.
    • USA Today
  29. Maybe for the next installment, they can go off to college and find something better to do than making these silly movies.
  30. Furry Vengeance is a slapstick stinker, easily the worst movie of the year.

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