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  1. As this year's literary adaptations go, Horses comes a lot closer to being a truly bad movie than "The Perfect Storm" did, yet it would be hard to argue that the two are not the year's most disappointing in terms of trampled hopes.
  2. Never recovers from its failure to grip or engage in the early going.
  3. The D Train is long on high-concept comedy, then runs out of steam and becomes a forced and far-fetched drama.
  4. Home could have fashioned a more original story, dug deeper into a theme of cultural understanding and jettisoned the toilet humor.
  5. So much effort seems to have gone into the eye-popping production design, swooping camera work and anachronistic musical score that the result is hyper-active cacophony rather than enthralling entertainment.
  6. Higher Learning: John Singleton's ambitious potpourri of on-campus tensions - date rape, black power, white supremacy - all too quickly lapses into pandering preachiness. [17 Feb 1995, p.4D]
    • USA Today
  7. There's a fine line between darkness and glumness, one that "Spider-Man" bounced off buildings to avoid. The Hulk lumbers across it.
  8. A handsome but riotously cluttered melodrama with maybe 145 subplots, it's the latest and least in a soulless string of preordained multiplex hits from the John Grisham warehouse. [24Jul1996 Pg. 10.B]
    • USA Today
  9. Has a three-way split personality, which happily includes an action-packed middle to ease the pain of its early protracted exposition and later action so slow that you'll be asking "Gotta match?" to the person next to you.
  10. Though Imagine That's message is benign, its adult focus is off-base, and every move feels too familiar, formulaic and telegraphed.
  11. By trying to combine fantasy and romance with goofy humor, globe-trotting adventure and feel-good inspiration, Stiller has made Mitty a mixed bag of clashing tones and facile redemption.
  12. Leaden, non-involving and filled with mind-numbing computer-generated effects.
  13. Those who adore horror movies so much that they crave Count Chocula cereal may be amused. The rest can skip this walk on the Darkside. [07 May 1990, p.4D]
    • USA Today
  14. What was blandly charming on stage — characters addressing the audience, ultra-broad jokes and showbiz patter — feels contrived, cheesy and cliched onscreen.
  15. An hour into Earth and we're waiting for the film to end, not just the planet.
  16. Even though the film can’t focus on one subject, Hands of Stone does boast notable performances from its leads, especially Ramirez.
  17. The more real Friday gets, the better it is. [26 Apr 1995]
    • USA Today
  18. With almost as many subplots as corpses, the movie maintains its mild watchability only because the Ripper saga still engrosses.
  19. There's definitely some paradiso in watching Malena walking, but not enough to sustain almost two hours of cinema.
  20. It's nowhere near as funny or incisive as the South Park movies, and it has a much crazier style. Imagine Abraham Lincoln chatting up a giant milkshake and discussing slavery, and you get the picture.
  21. The Magnificent Seven is like a long-fused stick of dynamite: It takes forever to get interesting but does at least unleash an explosive finale.
  22. Copycat, despite two tough-babe leads to kill for, flies in more directions than scattered kitty litter. [27 Oct 1995, pg.02D]
    • USA Today
  23. Despite the hype, this horror story can't shake its run-of-the-mill storytelling.
  24. Thomas' easygoing warmth helps to melt Stiles' icy veneer, and one of Dance's few pleasures is an extended musical segment where she tries to ape his homeboy posturings.
  25. It has a few moments of fun and whimsy, but it lacks the joyous spirit and intelligent humor of the children's novel on which it's based.
  26. That Mrs. Doubtfire, a Tootsie Poppins for our times, misfires in the plausibility department and mis-aims its well-meaning if muddled messages about divorce doesn't matter. [24 Nov 1993 Pg. 01.D]
    • USA Today
  27. The inspiring story of surfer and shark attack victim Bethany Hamilton deserves a better dramatization.
  28. Nancy Drew is 16, dresses like she's 12 and acts like she's about 45. And therein lies the problem with this adaptation of the beloved book series. The movie can't quite decide how old it wants to be -- or who it's for.
  29. Robert De Niro has made several unwise choices in roles recently, and his belligerent wannabe writer in Being Flynn definitely adds to that list.
  30. Despite gripping chase sequences and a few awe-inspiring fiery explosions, gaping holes in the convoluted plot make Shooter heavier on style than substance.

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