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Highest review score: 100 The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat)
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7,975 movie reviews
  1. Defiantly uncommunicative picture.
  2. This tale of mismatched lovebirds begins with considerable charm but eventually loses its winning ways with an excess of ridiculous elements.
  3. Tries to salvage its dopey premise with frantic final-reel plot contortions.
  4. Sloppy and dull in equal measures.
  5. On just about every level -- as a thriller, as a romance and as a character study of a complicated man nearing the end of his professional life -- the film fails, and the meandering, sub-Cassavetes approach is likely to be a turnoff for all but the most indulgent viewers.
  6. A valiant but seriously flawed attempt to belie the notion that if you remember what you did in the '60s, you weren't there.
  7. There is no one to become attached to in The Four Feathers, no interest or sympathies appealed to or engaged.
  8. At best routinely assembled -- at worst barely competent. The slapstick is labored, and the bigger setpieces flat.
  9. A remarkably boring comedy.
  10. This is a dark, vulgar, brooding turnoff of a movie, minus the steady laugh quotient needed to appease Sandler's core constituency.
  11. Utterly lacking the drive and roller-coaster energy expected of top action pics, this latest try at repackaging "Speed" is a Kmart version of a Jerry Bruckheimer production.
  12. Mixes a rites-of-passage story with political and sexual elements to solid but finally uninvolving results.
  13. A repetitious, borderline-silly vanity project.
  14. 8MM
    A movie that keeps jumping the gate and finally unravels all over the floor.
  15. Curtis and Pacula are thoroughly convincing in thinly written roles.
  16. Overlong and unwieldy grab-bag of vintage monster-movie elements starts intriguingly as a snowbound deep-woods chiller, but gradually dissolves into a mess of other-worldly invasion and military counter-offensive.
  17. Supposedly, Pokemon can't be killed, but Pokemon 4Ever practically assures that the pocket monster movie franchise is nearly ready to keel over.
  18. As weak and banal as its thoroughly uninvolving central character.
  19. A mildly entertaining but dramatically messy kidpic.
  20. The novelty value is completely gone the second time around.
  21. A wannabe romantic comedy with miscast leads and a script in desperate need of a good editor.
  22. Little more than an overworked exercise in jostling red herrings, and not particularly fresh herrings at that.
  23. There seems to be no bottom to Going Down, a lame also-ran in the rapidly declining teen gross-out comedy genre.
  24. Further proof that titular antagonist Jason Voorhes is ready for retirement -- to videostore shelves.
  25. Its politics and dramatic line are familiar and far from convincing.
  26. A frenetically junky action adventure that will quickly dribble off to vid stores after a token fast break in theatrical release.
  27. Grim in theme yet seldom effective or convincing in execution.
  28. Pic has a stagy, boxed-in feel. Both visually and energetically, it suggests something that has been done onstage to the point of mechanized repetition. And even though Whaley is supposed to be playing a disillusioned character, it's the actor himself who seems fatigued and over-rehearsed.
  29. Just compare their superficiality to the complex characters in "From Here to Eternity" and what's missing here becomes terribly clear.
    • 21 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Formulaic, humdrum and sometimes unintentionally laughable.

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