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10506 movie reviews
    • 45 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    An overproduced, disappointing shaggy dog comedy.
  1. Reasonably slick but empty, Eloise is no “Session 9” as far as haunted-former-mental-hospital horrors go. Heck, it’s not even a “Grave Encounters 2.”
  2. A chiller resolutely without chills, in which even the pool water always seems heated. And inasmuch as the pic never owns up to its own trashiness, it's not even enjoyable camp.
  3. Has the distinction of being a major motion picture that's far less imaginative, and quite a bit more stupid, than the interactive game it's based on.
  4. Shrill, undermotivated, feature-length catfight.
  5. Given the fine past work of its many parents, there was clearly potential here, but as delivered, Seventh Son amounts to nothing short of a creative miscarriage.
  6. Slipping from fantasy to soap opera without any authorial control, pic's best hope is to be recognized as some kind of cult movie of badness.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    There's not much kick in this cocktail, despite its mix of quality ingredients. Casually glamorous South Bay is the setting for a story of little substance as writer-director Robert Towne attempts a study of friendship and trust but gets lost in a clutter of drug dealings and police operations.
  7. This extremely plot-thickened tale finally offers little more than the usual genre elements pushed to the kind of extremes that recall the acrid "The Way of the Gun."
    • Variety
  8. Flubs nearly every opportunity to be the comedy it wanted to be.
  9. A valiant but seriously flawed attempt to belie the notion that if you remember what you did in the '60s, you weren't there.
  10. A queasy but strangely gutless exploitation pic.
  11. The most resounding thuds in From Justin to Kelly, however, come from the musical numbers.
  12. Shrouded by memories of better times and better movies, Frank Gorshin and Rodney Dangerfield's final screen appearances are unfortunately in the thoroughly hapless and embarrassing comedy, Angels With Angles.
  13. The documentary envisions the groundbreaking visionary as a voracious polymath (true) while giving shockingly short shrift to the man as artist.
  14. The movie simply doesn't deliver -- living hard, selling hard and, before it's over, finally dying hard.
  15. Evan M. Wiener’s screenplay throws in too many disparate elements without developing any of them very effectively, while Grau’s direction is slick but unable to provide the tension or consistency needed.
  16. Though the film ultimately hinges on a “forbidden” Muslim-Christian romance, almost nothing is made of the enormous hurdles that would be present in this time and place.
  17. It ends up a grinding, ludicrous depiction of a thuggish Bosnian's abuse of his sister.
  18. The film enunciates its raw themes — punk means individuality! the aliens are all about conformity! — but never begins to figure out how to embody those themes in a narrative that could lure in the audience.
  19. Wallow in Hollywood hipster self-absorption.
  20. This transparent piece of propaganda blatantly overplays its hand.
  21. Feels larger in scope yet sorely lacking in originality.
  22. As it stands, there are only enough comic ideas here, most of them bad ones, to reach 82 minutes; the other 11 are taken up by a postscript scene, a blooper, and closing credits that move, in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, as slow as molasses in January.
  23. [A] misbegotten mess.
  24. Manages the curious feat of being at once relentlessly energetic and almost continually uninvolving; the title more or less sums up the amount of pleasure to be had here.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Tied together with some humdrum animated sequences, three vignettes on offer obviously were produced on the absolute cheap, and are deficient in imagination and scare quotient.
    • Variety
  25. This is by any measure a dreadful movie, a chintzy, CG-encrusted eyesore that oozes stupidity and self-indulgence from every pore. Yet damned if Proyas doesn’t put it all out there with a lunatic conviction you can’t help but admire.
  26. An aggravating romance that runs only 78 minutes but ends not a moment too soon.
  27. The film’s muted yet still rather flamboyant terribleness derives from the fact that it seems to be juggling three or four borderline schlock genres at once.

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