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  1. Balances intelligent humor, slapstick, Blighty reserve and Yank spunk along with environmentalism.
  2. Tip-top performances, led by young British thesp Jamie Bell, and a deftly handled tone reflecting all the title teen's confused emotions make Hallam Foe a viewing delight.
  3. It's one girl against the world in Lola Versus, a snappy yet sincere romantic comedy that begins where others end, with the proposal and wedding plans pointing toward happily ever after.
  4. A charmer whose lack of profane language or images renders it unexpectedly viable for general broadcast.
  5. Competently written and skillfully acted, the film seems to be melodrama-bound, when a shocking discovery and the sudden arrival of friends instead send it careening into comedy.
  6. "Escobar” offers an odd mix of action movie, romantic melodrama and cautionary traveler’s tale, which works better than it should thanks to Del Toro’s fascinating performance and Di Stefano’s assured, muscular helming.
  7. A frankly formulaic but raucously entertaining action comedy.
  8. Even if this isn't Schrader's best, it's hardly his worst.
  9. More tightly scripted than Garrel’s usual rambles, the comedy-drama also has an unexpected emotional warmth.
    • 93 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The Servant is for the most part strong dramatic fare, though the atmosphere and tension is not fully sustained to the end.
  10. Loushy skillfully and briskly excerpts the material, although the film falls somewhere on the line between formal documentary and assemblage.
  11. A lighthearted yarn designed to stand out by virtue of its intricate structure and trippy time-travel element. But the fanciful material wears thin pretty quickly, the air leaking out of the balloon long before party's over.
  12. Julian Jarrold’s brightly performed exercise in speculative history scores as a frothier, more feminine bookend to “The King’s Speech” — though it’s no less engaging or accomplished.
  13. The impressive filmmaking craftsmanship and sharp storytelling skills make this two-hour-plus epic fly by.
  14. Slightly surreal psychological portrait keeps things impressively light-footed and heartfelt.
  15. But gripping as the film often is, its unrelenting doom and gloom offers fewer lasting rewards.
  16. This sassy if wildly uneven comedy navigates the treacherous high school jungle that separates cool cliques from wannabes, wading through some nasty behavior before delivering its moral message.
  17. 3 Idiots takes a while to lay out its game plan but pays off emotionally in its second half.
  18. An amiable comedy about young Glaswegian roughnecks discovering the world of whisky, The Angels’ Share finds helmer Ken Loach and long-term screenwriting partner Paul Laverty in better, breezier form than their rebarbative prior effort, “Route Irish.”
  19. After a tedious start building up the boys' lives and friendship, feature bow by Elmar Fischer becomes deeply engrossing in its second half, as the viewer learns of the hero's anguish and doubts.
  20. May not be great cinema, but its broad, crowdpleasing qualities should make it a welcome night out for femmes.
  21. The characters in The Thomas Crown Affair are cool -- too cool, in fact, for the film to develop much of a pulse.
  22. Generally pleasant family-friendly fare.
  23. The fleeting counterbalance of seriousness makes the funny business marginally yet appreciably funnier.
  24. Garcia, co-scenarist Jacques Fieschi and the excellent cast (including a welcome Dominique Sanda as Baptiste’s regal mother) bring a sense of depth and shared history to even those figures we meet just briefly.
  25. Like the lemon meringue pies and shrimp cocktails it features throughout, Brit comedy-drama Toast is tasty, hearty and rather conventional.
  26. Frothy, funny and formulaic, 27 Dresses is a pleasantly predictable romantic comedy that sees Katherine Heigl following “Knocked Up” with smooth moves at the wheel of her first starring vehicle.
  27. A thoroughly entertaining comedy about love, lawyers and fat divorce settlements. While a slight imbalance in the romantic formula stops it just short of truly soaring, the crackling dialogue and buoyant wordplay make this a delightful throwback to classic screwball comedies.
  28. Gerwig, charmingly unflappable in "Greenberg," lets it all hang out here, unafraid to sacrifice likability to over-the-top hysteria as someone who cannot control herself, despite a lingering sense of her own absurdity. Alexander proves a worthily understated foil, his self-deprecatory whimsy recalling that of a young Johnny Depp.
  29. The full warmth and idiosyncrasy of Chabon's original is missed in an adaptation that feels more impersonally observed. But Lawson's pic, (with the director making a left turn from prior feature "Dodgeball," which he says was a money gig undertaken to hasten this dream project) is entertaining and involving enough on its own terms.

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