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8,556 movie reviews
  1. Bug
    A ranting, claustrophobic drama that trades in shopworn paranoid notions, William Friedkin's overwrought screen version of Tracy Letts' play assaults the viewer with aggressive thesping and over-the-top notions of shocking incident, all to intensely alienating effect.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The film might have worked if the thoroughly selfish characters were striving after something.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The polished comic vision that gave Twins, Arnold Schwarzenegger's comedy breakthrough, a storybook shine completely eludes director Ivan Reitman here. Result is a mish-mash of violence, psycho-drama and lukewarm kiddie comedy.
  2. Marshall has tried to do too much, dealing with certain subplots too sparingly to deliver on their promise.
  3. Undone by a thorough lack of visual craft.
  4. A dour study of terrorism, 1880s style, The Secret Agent represents an adaptation of Joseph Conrad's only London-based novel, the fidelity of which to the original text does not yield a terrifically exciting film.
  5. Brit filmmaker Sue Clayton's muddled feature bow is full of intriguing ideas and incidental charms that fail to come together into a cohesive whole.
  6. Result is still innocuously mild and inconsequential.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    In an effort to be more 'realistic' Annie winds up exposing just how weak a story it had to start with [stage play book by Thomas Meehan], not helped here by the music [songs by Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin].
  7. A bland, perverse round-robin of teen angst.
  8. Billed as a phantasmagoria rather than a biopic, Klimt falls into the philosophical conundrum it attempts to resurrect -- whether portrait and allegory can coexist. Notwithstanding moments of great beauty, in this case the answer is clearly "no."
  9. Plays more like '70s drive-in fare than a monster mash of recent vintage.
  10. An instantly forgettable trifle.
  11. Bratz’s references and parodies are consistently on-target, if always way too over-the-top. Every line of dialogue could plausibly take an exclamation point.
  12. A virtual template of every imaginable cliche of the musical biopic, picture suffers from a lack of narrative and character focus
  13. Those hoping for feature-length doses of Samberg's "Lazy Sunday" wit will have to settle for just plain lazy, as Hot Rod aims low and still manages to miss its target.
  14. Featuring a strong central perf by Bill Sage, a raincoated detective turn by Roy Scheider and the upscale autumnal serenity of the Hamptons, If I Didn't Care remains a stylistic exercise in elegant gratuitousness.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Something indeed wicked this way comes in a mangled Macbeth set in contempo gangland Melbourne.
  15. The didactic presentation, grim speechifying and tacked-on love story all signify a less-than-healthy regard for the audience's intelligence.
  16. Seriously hampered by glaring inconsistencies of tone and intent, and often feels like a series of highlights carved out of a much longer epic.
  17. Good taste is the first fatality in this gonzo thrill-seeker, sure to offend mainstream dispositions, yet too stylistically audacious to dismiss outright.
  18. There's more genuine humor to be gleaned from saying "Woodcock" over and over again than from watching Mr. Woodcock, a wan comic effort barely elevated a few notches by Billy Bob Thornton's passive-aggressive villainy.
  19. An unappealing, stiff melodrama.
  20. Dane Cook sells out arenas with his stand-up act, and Jessica Alba is, well, Jessica Alba, but once "Chuck" exhausts their devoted bases, this doesn't promise to bring much good luck to Lionsgate.
  21. Trifling time-killer.
  22. A dramatic situation that should be wrenching is mostly tedious in Reservation Road.
  23. Dull casting and cliche-ridden writing drain everyone of vividness.
  24. Without the pleasure of watching Cate Blanchett continue the role that launched her to stardom, there would be little to recommend this latest of many cinematic and television accounts of the celebrated monarch's life.
  25. Alternates between unpleasantness and Hallmark-sweet sappiness.
  26. Amounts to a giant cry of "Americans, get engaged!" wrapped in a star-heavy discourse that uses a lot of words to say nothing new.

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