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8,834 movie reviews
  1. A string of scenes in search of a movie.
  2. Would have worked better with a few more ersatz coming-attraction trailers and considerably less filler. More than likely, it would have worked best of all as an hourlong special on Comedy Central.
  3. Played flatly head-on with some poetic pretensions, the concept never becomes particularly credible or appealing.
  4. Abundantly goofy, but atmospheric only in spots, this flat-affect screwballer has its moments, and may attract a minor cult.
  5. The helmer's blockbuster ambitions, striving to make every move a money shot, relegate human drama to the backseat.
  6. A curiously bland drama that fails to fulfill the promise of its early scenes.
  7. Though conceived in whimsy, Minoes generally lacks imagination; once the premise is established, familiar plot conventions reign.
  8. The flatness of several of the key performances badly lets down this promising material.
  9. A slick, disposable soap opera.
  10. Spielberg is such a talented director it’s a shame to see him lose all sense of subtlety and nuance.
  11. A stale overprotective-dad story set within a location that could easily house a more inspired mix of characters and events.
  12. Uninspired star turns from Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman suggest something less than full belief in this quickly forgettable thriller.
  13. Muppets Most Wanted looks and sounds eager to please but immediately feels like a more slapdash, aimless affair, trying — and mostly failing — to turn its stalled creativity into some sort of self-referential joke.
  14. A handsomely made but dramatically inert and not very scary sequel.
  15. Tautou is fine but clearly typecast as another whimsical pixie with strong melancholy undercurrents.
  16. The film is ultimately an untenable muddle.
  17. This is really a shaggy devil story whose giddy, ironic tone may throw viewers expecting a scary movie.
  18. Relative to the major brands, the intimate, handcrafted approach should yield more flavor. Instead, Drinking Buddies offers mostly froth.
  19. A classically low-tech monster mash.
  20. Soapy melodrama and a small-screen cast undermine the first-time director's efforts.
  21. Whereas Japanese horror movies have been criticized for not making sense, The Unborn errs on the opposite extreme, coming off all the more ridiculous for over-explaining itself.
  22. The documentary offers little genuine information and no investigative research, adopting a style even more polemical than Stone's earlier docus on Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat.
  23. Plays like a mercilessly extended version of an uninspired "Saturday Night Live" sketch.
  24. Bids to whip homoerotic iconography into something palatable for those suspicious of the cuisine.
  25. Undone by a thorough lack of visual craft.
  26. Dull casting and cliche-ridden writing drain everyone of vividness.
  27. P2
    What "Psycho" did for the shower, P2 tries very hard to do for the parking garage, spending most of its time below ground, and below an adequate level of convincing dread.
  28. Could use a little extra comic poundage. The Farrelly brothers' latest sees the team tapping a sweeter, milder vein of humor than their outrageous norm.
  29. The latest and most calculated re-do on the formulaic fantasy of an innocent conquering Gotham.
  30. If you're going to ask an audience to sit through a three-hour, nine-minute rendition of an oft-told story, it would help to have a strong point of view on your material and an urgent reason to relate it. Such is not the case with Wyatt Earp, a handsome, grandiose gentleman's Western that tries to tell evenhandedly more about the famous Tombstone lawman than has ever before been put onscreen.

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