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8,205 movie reviews
  1. Depressingly thin and exhaustingly contrived. Only masochistic moviegoers need apply.
  2. Looking good but lacking much in the way of personality or gray matter -- rather like its characters -- Valentine is a straightforward slasher pic that's acceptably scary until a weak finale.
  3. A shamelessly manipulative commercial on behalf of national health insurance.
    • 13 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Something oddly appealing about this mushy romantic tale, but first-time feature writer-director Kris Isacsson doesn't have the skills to raise it far above its formulaic foundation.
  4. As dull and arid as a hike through the desert.
    • 19 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Tumbles off the sick-but-sweet balance beam.
  5. A thick slice of bogus inspirational cheese that only makes itself look bad by recycling so many golden movie memories.
  6. Vehicle for Dana Carvey as a chameleonic crime-fighting imbecile is noisy, colorful and fart-gag-filled enough to amuse undiscriminating auds under the age of 10.
  7. A relatively pain-free, if brain-free, diversion.
  8. They ought to be a whole lot scarier than they are in this tepid genre offering from director Robert Harmon, whose debut film "The Hitcher" set a high bar for screen terror in the 1980s. Pic looks like a holiday gobbler.
  9. A nail in the coffin if not the heart of teen comedies.
  10. Misses with its blowhard treatment of a silly, obvious script. Results might hazard "Battlefield Earth" comparison if new pic were a tad more fun.
  11. A lark gone utterly awry.
  12. A few minutes of good snowboarding footage -- all in the first reel, alas -- after which it's strictly downhill, bunny-slope style.
  13. Dismally unfunny cross-cultural farce posits stupidity as the universal language.
  14. Johnny Depp's impersonation of the Thompson figure is effective up to a point, but it's hard to imagine any segment of the public embracing this off-putting, unrewarding slog through the depths of the drug culture.
  15. This artless, unpolished venture adds a heavy sex-and-skin factor to a poorly defined game show, lurching awkwardly between exploitative voyeurism, maudlin confessions and self-consciously risque titillation.
  16. May not quite gain entry to the hallowed pantheon of interstellar cheese of a "Battlefield Earth," but it's not far behind.
  17. Fails on almost every level…the film only succeeds in trivializing this shameful era.
  18. An unsavory and unsatisfying blend of dumb plotting, leering lasciviousness and full-bore gore, pic should warp-speed to video shelves.
  19. Falls short on nearly every level, from production values to an inexplicable cameo by Whoopi Goldberg.
  20. Loosely plotted and wildly uneven farce.
  21. An almost mirth-free, poorly conceived comedy destined to offer Ben Affleck bashers satchels full of new ammunition.
  22. Newman's charismatic, multishaded performance elevates the hodgepodge caper comedy a couple of notches above its preposterous plotting and self-consciously movieish texture.
  23. Emerges as a formulaic thriller that plays more like direct-to-video fare than a megaplex-worthy feature.
  24. An odd case of filmmaking with a crystal-clear subject but no guiding dramatic premise.
  25. Banal and trite where it could have been insightful and emotionally truthful, this Fox release is also notable for featuring the first disappointing performance by teen star Natalie Portman.
  26. The sight and sound of Lawrence in fat-lady drag remains engaging throughout; script may often let him down, forcing him to keep things afloat almost single-handedly.
  27. Even dumb farce has to be built on logic, but that crumbles in the face of a set of tired routines playing off of stock types.
  28. By turns laughably simplistic and confoundingly muddled as it charts the "final battle" between good and evil.

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