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8,239 movie reviews
  1. Simple tale is made unnecessarily complex by script's desire to give everything a metaphysical flavor, characters are across-the-board disagreeable and portentous art-school atmospherics are barely redeemed by occasionally good dialogue and a strong visual sense.
  2. Pity the children for whom this is their intro to the world of Grimm, for while pic stays to basic outline of the original story in opening and closing sections, the large middle is stuffed with badly staged slapstick and painful stabs at hip dialogue in an arch attempt to cater to modern kids.
  3. Exuberantly rude and crude, but generally more frantic than genuinely funny.
  4. A very earthbound comic fantasy, a racially flip-flopped "Heaven Can Wait" redo stuck in a purgatory with just enough meager laughs to keep it from a more fiery fate.
  5. A consistently silly, occasionally funny but mostly forced account of how a mild-mannered teacher from Connecticut unwittingly triggered the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
  6. This deliberately pre-'90s slice of rock 'n' roll-tinged sci-fi horror, decorated with anything but the latest in special effects, seems particularly grungy and marginal.
  7. A perfectly dreadful film.
  8. Lacks sufficient appeal beyond niche aficionados of its featured performers.
  9. A sign that the Sandler comedy empire is expanding and reaching new depths of pure gross-out stupidity.
  10. Much like a botched souffle that fails to rise, Simply Irresistible is a bland confection that remains doggedly earthbound while attempting flights of romantic fantasy.
  11. Feels entirely a part of an already faded go-go era. Pic is too late by a mile and rightly dumped in a few theaters by Fox, which will doubtless send it to video bins faster than you can say gigabyte.
  12. Sadly symbolizes the decline of the Western. The 36th bigscreen version of the exploits of the James-Younger Gang is one of the least convincing.
  13. A comedy in the last century and a drama in the new one. At least, that's the dumbfounding impression left by writer-director Oliver Parker's utterly miscalculated film adaptation of Wilde's play.
  14. Yet the overall look, though derivative ("The Matrix," "Blade Runner," "Waterworld," etc.), rates as Battlefield's one non-guilty pleasure.
  15. A lineup of comic actors running on empty long before the dust settles.
  16. There's an appalling amount of talent at waste up on the screen, starting with Jackson and Carlyle whose tall/short, silent/motormouth double act never clicks.
  17. Over-long, under-written and needlessly obscure instead of genuinely atmospheric.
  18. Remote, non-involving and finally incomprehensible.
  19. Has the stench less of rotting flesh than the whiff of a thoughtless quickie.
  20. Though Muniz and Bynes make a somewhat likable team, their funniest skills are dampened by the material's insistent stupidity.
  21. For auds unwilling or unable to grapple with the subtle nuances of "Scooby Doo," Warners now gives us Kangaroo Jack, a shrill and silly farce.
  22. Surely one of the most frantic, virulent and foul-natured Christmas season pic ever delivered by a Hollywood studio.
  23. A boner-headed comedy whose sense of gross-out humor is calculated rather than inspired.
  24. There's no particular reason to see this disappointingly trivial picture on the bigscreen.
  25. Amateurish, undramatic and bereft of any sense of pacing.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Perfectly dreadful in every respect.
  26. A romantic comedy as lamely generic as its title.
  27. Animation is dull and characterless, and vocal talent has evidently received blanket direction to, when in doubt, shout.
  28. The clear ambition here is to recapture the raw, explosively violent atmosphere of such hallmark 1970s shockers as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Hills Have Eyes." Nice try, but no cigar.
  29. Depressingly thin and exhaustingly contrived. Only masochistic moviegoers need apply.

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