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8,924 movie reviews
  1. A consistently amusing action romp.
  2. It ends up a grinding, ludicrous depiction of a thuggish Bosnian's abuse of his sister.
  3. Although occasionally witty, even with its abundant lashings of sex, both pic and selfish, narcissistic hero grow tiresome over surprisingly brief running time.
  4. While refraining from excess melodrama or overt preachiness, pic makes no secret of its dismay at this chapter in American history.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Despite its obvious flaws, Barb Wire does what it sets out to do and does it well.
  5. Psychopathia Sexualis exists in the gray area between ponderous stylization and campy affectation.
  6. Sloppy but unconcerned about it, pic offers a trip back in time to a pre-PC and feminist era when men were sexist Neanderthals, women supported them from the sidelines and the guy with the biggest mouth scored.
  7. Far too aggressively seamy (and ferociously foul-mouthed) to please diehard fans of traditional sagebrush sagas, this misfire offers nothing in the way of wit, innovation or even marquee allure to interest auds accustomed to edgier revisionist oaters.
  8. The documentary works best when it simply offers a concise and cogent account of epochal events.
  9. A 23-minute movie dragged out, via some narrative gimmickry, to a punishing hour and a half.
  10. Formulaic gay comedy delivers its share of grins on the way to an (arguably) unexpected ending.
  11. Watching a consummate pro like Turner navigate an uneven script, veering from farcical determination, her cheeks puffed like those of a demented chipmunk, to utter devastation, can be immensely entertaining, particularly when she's backed by an able cast, as she is here.
  12. Less reliant on slow-burn suspense and larded with fake-out jump scares, this is the first sequel in the series that fails to advance the overall mythology in any meaningful way.
  13. Standout perfs by Bernadette Peters as an aging diva and Rachel Brosnahan as her solicitous 15-year-old daughter are the only reasons to see Lisa Albright's Coming Up Roses, a tired '80s-set meller hobbled by lackluster helming and an unconvincing script.
  14. Though this sequel is just as glossy and shallow as its predecessor, the story gets juicier as the four femme friends transform from kittens to lynxes in the wake of boy troubles and corporate takeovers.
  15. Director D.J. Caruso offers a practical solution to the issue of adolescent bullying, as its two young protags respond to a case of vicious hazing not with despair or retaliation, but through teamwork and character-building.
  16. Flu
    The story flatlines as the crisis escalates, falling prey to pedestrian human drama and improbable conspiracy subplots.
  17. Decently crafted but with not quite enough up its narrative sleeve to make a memorable impact, writer-director Craig DiFolco’s debut feature leaves one waiting for explosive revelations that never arrive.
  18. The term “freewheeling” does not begin to describe the slapdash, anything-goes quality of the screenplay co-written by Troma mogul Kaufman.
  19. Solid performances help the dramatic aspects achieve at least some of the gravity aimed for, which in turn helps elevate the proceedings a notch above standard horror suspense until the final reel’s requisite violent payoff.
  20. A mechanically efficient yet soulless dramatization of the U.S. Navy SEALs in action, Act of Valor ultimately misses its target: The hearts and minds of American audiences.
  21. This inane and incredibly tasteless sequel qualifies as an excuse to bring back those hard-working funnymen Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis for another round of amateur-criminal hijinks and semi-improvised vulgarity, jabbing away repeatedly at some elusive comic sweet spot where blatant nastiness and egregious stupidity collide — and very occasionally hitting the mark.
  22. Video Games: The Movie is content to celebrate without much insight.
  23. A picture too simplistic and sentimental for art seekers and too rough for general audiences.
  24. With its belabored gags, misfired pop-culture references and garish visuals crammed together like so many disjointed body parts, this manic kidpic cranks up the annoy-o-meter early on and rarely lets up.
  25. Hands of stone meet heads of air in Here Comes the Boom, a sports story so daffy it may as well star Kevin James.
  26. Pulses are likely to remain level during In the Blood, a serviceable vehicle for MMA champ Gina Carano.
  27. This murky psychological suspenser manages the tricky feat of being as predictable as it is finally preposterous.
  28. Hectic, sketchy and finally dull.
  29. The new outing - which retains the essential twists of the original, a hit overseas that was never released Stateside - has been physically enhanced with American production values and a marquee cast, but much of the earlier film's humanity and mordant humor have been lost in translation

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